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Harvest Tales - Ottawa County 04

Harvest stories submitted by Kansans for the online exhibit, Wheat People.
Submit your own at kshs.kansasmuseum@ks.gov.

Jagger Family

1980s Photos of Combines & the Family Eating Dinner

John Jagger submitted the following reminiscence about harvest:

My earliest memories of harvest are of going to the fields with Mother to take lunch to the crew. Dad and my Uncle Sid cut with an orange Allis-Chalmers combine with a 6' header pulled by a red Farmall tractor. To me they were huge (not really) and noisy and dusty (really) and, although not quite the state of the art in the early 50's, our rig got the crop in quite nicely. I soon took a more active part in the harvest, riding in the bin of the combine, handing Dad wrenches and going to the elevator in the grain truck. By the time I was 10, I was operating our new self-propelled Gleaner combine and when I got a license at 14, I started driving the truck to town. Harvest always was a special time for me.


Jagger family in wheat field

Family members pose for the photographer in their wheat field near Minneapolis.

Dinner in the field

The Jagger family breaks for lunch in the field.

Jagger family on their combine

From left: John, Joe, Margaret, Craig, and Jim.

Jagger family on their combine

The Jagger family and their combine in 1983.

"Harvest Tales" is part of the online exhibit, Wheat People:  Celebrating Kansas Harvest.