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Harvest Tales - Saline County 01

Harvest stories submitted by Kansans for the online exhibit, Wheat People.
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Clayton Short

Selecting Wheat Varieties

The rule of thumb is you try to get varieties that have different maturities. . . . That spreads it out just a little bit at harvest . . . [and] problems that occur, like a freeze, aren't going to kill all your wheat. It may hurt the early variety, but it's not going to hurt everything. . . . A lot of times, the lower yielding wheats are tough, and they'll yield lower, but in a bad year they'll be the best wheats around. . . .

I was going to plant Jagger . . . but everybody's planting Jagger. It's going to be on 50% of the acres around here, and when you get wheat that's on that many acres, it makes me nervous because if there's a disease that it's susceptible to, that disease will be able to move throughout the state, just jumping from field to field. . . . I didn't throw it out because it wasn't a good yielder. I got rid of it because it's everywhere.

"Harvest Tales" is part of the online exhibit, Wheat People:  Celebrating Kansas Harvest.