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Kansas Civil War Militia Index

Samuel Reader of Indianola, member of the Kansas Militia from 1856 through the end of the Civil War.During the Civil War, the Kansas State Militia were mainly called upon to help repel Price's Raid on the Kansas-Missouri border in October 1864. Volumes 1 through 10 of the muster rolls cover those volunteers. The dates covered by the other volumes are: 11 (1861-1864), 12 (1863), 13 (1863-1864), 14 (1863-1864) and 15 (1863-1864). See a list of all of the Kansas Civil War Militia units by volume. Militia members are not listed in The Kansas Adjutant General's Report, 1861-1865.

To find the soldier's name in an actual muster roll, use the link in the right column to go to the images on Kansas Memory. Within each volume the regiments are arranged by number; within the regiment the companies are listed alphabetically, then within each company the officers are listed first by rank, followed by the privates listed alphabetically. (The page numbers are slightly different in the online version). This index, created by volunteer Darrell Schmitz, incorporates the entries from the Adjutant General's rosters with additions and corrections from the actual muster rolls.

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