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Kansas Historical Collections - Volume VII

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1901-1902, Volume VII


Haskell, John G. "The Passing of Slavery in Western Missouri." 7 (1902): 28-39.

Wright, R. M. "Personal Reminiscences of Frontier Life in Southwest Kansas." 7 (1902): 47-83.

Haworth, Erasmus. "Historic Sketch of the Gypsum, Cement and Plaster Industry in Kansas." 7 (1902): 84-90. Covers period 1859 to 1901.

McNeal, T. A. "Southwestern Kansas." 7 (1902): 90-95. Concentrates on county-seat projects.

Lowe, Percival G. "Recollections of Fort Riley." 7 (1902): 101-113. Recounts very early post history with occasional later personal remembrances.

Betton, Frank H. "The Genesis of a State's Metropolis." 7 (1902): 114-120. Kansas City.

Costigan, W. J. "Lorenzo D. Lewelling." 7 (1902): 121-126. Biographical sketch of the state's eleventh governor, a Populist elected in 1892.

Scott, Charles F. "The Discovery and Development of Natural Gas in Kansas." 7 (1902): 126-128. About Iola and environs.

Foote, C. E. "Captain Henry Kuhn." 7 (1902): 129-130. Concentrates on the widespread Kansas enterprises of Kuhn (1830-1900).

Perdue, Rose M. "The Sources of the Constitutions of Kansas." 7 (1902): 130-151. Evaluates role of various delegates and their ties to earlier states of residence and compares constitutions.

Francis, John. "An Incident of the War, In 1862." 7 (1902): 161-167. With a detachment of the Fifth Kansas Cavalry after the Battle of Pea Ridge.

Walters, J. D. "The Kansas State Agricultural College." 7 (1902): 167-188. An early history, through 1877.

Chase, Julia A. "Mother Bickerdyke." 7 (1902): 189-198. Biographical sketch of Mary A. Ball Bickerdyke (1817-1901).

Bertram, G. Webb. "Reminiscences of Northwest Kansas." 7 (1902): 198-202. Personal recollections from 1867-1878.

Manning, E. C. "In at the Birth, And --." 7 (1902): 202-205. The Kansas scene around January 29, 1861, the first day of statehood.

Bullard, Cora Wellhouse. "Horticulture in Kansas." 7 (1902): 206-211. Includes experiences of Kansas horticulturalists at international, national, and regional fairs.

Johnson, W. A. "Early Life of Quantrill in Kansas." 7 (1902): 212-229. The recollections collected by Johnson of seven Mound City and Lawrence residents.

Cory, C. E. "Slavery in Kansas." 7 (1902): 229-242. Discusses legal status of slavery and provides accounts of individual slaves.

Stone, Irene G. "The Lead and Zinc Field of Kansas." 7 (1902): 243-260. Describes developments in the Cherokee County fields.

Johnson, C. W. "Survey of the Northern Boundary Line of Kansas." 7 (1902): 318-322. Per instructions of the surveyor-general and carried out in 1854 and 1855.

Coffin, William H. "Settlement of the Friends in Kansas." 7 (1902): 322-361. Concentrates on the territorial period.

Martin, George W. "The Territorial and Military Combine at Fort Riley." 7 (1902): 361-390. Fort Riley and environs, 1852-1890s.

Hutchinson, William. "Sketches of Kansas Pioneer Experience." 7 (1902): 390-410. Concentrates on territorial experiences.

Vandegrift, F. L. "Noble L. Prentis." 7 (1902): 410-417. Tribute to Prentis.

Botkin, Theodosius. "Among the Sovereign Squats." 7 (1902): 418-441. Recollections primarily of early Linn County.

Dallas, E. J. "Early-Day Post-Offices in Kansas." 7 (1902): 441-446. Lists of offices established before 1856 and categorizes other developments through 1879.

Moore, Ely. "The Lecompton Party Which Located Denver." 7 (1902): 446-452. Account of organizational meetings and individual participants who located, founded, and named the townsite that became Colorado's capital city (1857-1858).

Butterfield, J. Ware. "The Legislative War of 1893; Inside, Outside and Back Again." 7 (1902): 453-458. A newspaper correspondent's personal observations.

Tisdale, Henry. "Travel by Stage in the Early Days." 7 (1902): 459-464. Experiences in eastern Kansas, 1857-1869.

"Sketch of E. L. Ackley." 7 (1902): 465-466. Ackley (1863-1901) was a lawyer at Concordia.

Rice, John H. "Capt. Charles N. Hamelton." 7 (1902): 466-467. Brief sketch of the perpetrator of the Marais des Cygnes Massacre.

Mead, Andrew J. "Reminiscences of Kansas." 7 (1902): 467-470. Mead came to Manhattan with the Cincinnati company and served as the community's first mayor.

Rees, D. S. "An Indian Fight on the Solomon." 7 (1902): 471-472. Between a small Delaware party and a much larger Cheyenne group in southwest Cloud County, November 1863.

"Origin of County Names." 7 (1902): 472-474. Compiled by the Kansas State Historical Society.

"Origin of City Names." 7 (1902): 475-486. Prepared by the Society for the geographer of the United States Geological Survey.

Connelley, William E. "Col. Richard J. Hinton." 7 (1902): 488-493. Hinton (1830-1901) spent much time in Kansas from 1856 to 1862.

Speer, John. "Patriotism and Education in the Methodist Church." 7 (1902): 494-500. Accounts of early Methodist contacts in the Kansas area.

Whipple, Henry B. "John Hutchinson In Memoriam." 7 (1902): 500-501. Hutchinson (1830-1887) was the elected speaker of the house of representatives established under the Topeka constitution.

Martin, George W. "The College of Emporia, Andrew Carnegie, and John Byars Anderson." 7 (1902): 502-520. Shows Anderson's influence on Carnegie and his library philanthropy.

Elliott, R. G. "The Events of 1856. The Twenty-first of May." 7 (1902): 521-536. Analyzes "slave extensionists" plot to control Kansas Territory and "the [sheriff] Jones invasion" of Lawrence.

"Lincoln in Kansas." 7 (1901-1902): 536-552. Accounts of December 1859 visit as printed in Elwood Free Press,, Leavenworth Times, and elsewhere; with "synopsis of Lincoln's speech at Leavenworth."

Huron, George A. "Ernest Valeton Bazaar." 7(1902): 552-564. Bazaar (1810-1894) was the founder of Silkville.

Martin, George W. "The Kansas State Historical Society." 7 (1902): 564-572. Comments on the value of the society from its inception in 1875.