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Kansas Historical Collections - Volume XIII

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1913-1914 - Volume XIII

Morgan, Perl Wilbur. "George Washington Martin." 13 (1914): 1-18. Biographical sketch of Martin (1841-1914), an early settler, journalist, and secretary of State Historical Society.

Gleed, Charles Sumner. "Eugene Fitch Ware." 13 (1914): 19-71. Followed by additional comments by W. E. Connelley, C. E. Cory, and J. S. West on life and work of Fort Scott author, journalist, and politician.

Wynkoop, Edward E. "Edward Wanshear Wynkoop." 13 (1914): 71-79. Civil War service in Kansas and Colorado, and subsequent career as Indian agent to Cheyennes and Araphaoes.

Johnston, George Whittier. "Biographical Sketch of John Nelson Holloway." 13 (1914): 80-90. A teacher who removed to Kansas in 1866 and wrote one of the early state histories.

Austin, Edwin A. "The Supreme Court of the State of Kansas." 13 (1914): 95-125. Includes biographical sketches of many early justices.

Topeka Movement." 13 (1914): 125-249. Reprints many documents, speeches, and official records of this free-state movement, 1855-1857.

Sanborn, Franklin B. "Some Notes on the Territorial History of Kansas." 13 (1914): 249-265. Comments on papers of Thomas Wentworth Higginson, free-state leader, followed by letters of T. J. Marsh, pertaining to territorial election of 1857, and Col. James Montgomery.

Connelley, William E. "The Lane Trail." 13 (1914): 268-279. Route to Kansas through Iowa and Nebraska established by James Lane in 1856 for free-state settlers, with detailed maps.

Dickson, Charles Howard. "The True Story of the Branson Rescue." 13 (1914): 280-298. Jacob Branson, a free-state settler of Douglas County, was arrested by Sheriff Jones in November 1855; his rescuers included S. N. Wood and J. B. Abbott.

Rice, Cyrus R. "Experiences of a Pioneer Missionary." 13 (1914): 298-318. Author recounts his work and acquaintances in Kansas Territory while serving as Methodist Episcopal missionary to Pottawatomies, 1855-1860.

Stone, Rev. Hiram. "Memoirs of a Pioneer Missionary and Chaplain in the United States Army." 13 (1914): 319-344. Protestant Episcopal missionary in and around Leavenworth, 1856-1868.

Spear, Stephen Jackson. "Reminiscences of the Early Settlement of Dragoon Creek, Wabaunsee County." 13 (1914): 345-363. Removed from Iowa to establish Kansas farm in September 1857.

Laurent, Louis Charles. "Reminiscences by the Son of a French Pioneer." 13 (1914): 364-373. As a small boy in 1859, author settled with his family in Topeka, where his father, a French immigrant, established a store; followed by biographical sketch of Abram B. Burnett (ca. 1811-1870), Pottawatomie chief who died near Topeka.

King, Joseph B. "The Ottawa Indians in Kansas and Oklahoma." 13 (1914): 373-378. Author raised among Ottawas (removed to Kansas in 1836) where his father, of French-Chippewa descent, was an interpreter.

Ellis, Aderson Nelson. "Some Reminiscences of the Frontier." 13 (1914): 379-392. Army surgeon on Kansas frontier, 1868-1873; followed by Ellis' account of interview with Cochise, famous Apache chief.

Stillwell, Leander. "Woodson County Courthouse." 13 (1914): 408-415. Comments on early history of county.

Connelley, William E. "National Aspects of the Old Oregon Trail." 13 (1914): 415-423. Impact of trail on nation's development.

Villard, Oswald Garrison. "Historical Verity." 13 (1914): 423-429. On interpreting early history of Kansas.

Greene, Albert R. "What I Saw of the Quantrill Raid." 13 (1914): 430-451. Author was with a company of 9th Kansas Cavalry which ineptly pursued guerillas after Lawrence raid.

Gleed, Charles Sumner. "The Rehabilitation of the Santa Fe Railway System." 13 (1914): 451-468. Brief history of AT&SF from 1893-1912.

Swehla, Francis J. "Bohemians in Central Kansas." 13 (1914): 469-512. Author immigrated to U.S. as small boy in 1854 and ultimately helped settle Bohemians in Wilson Township, Ellsworth County, in the 1870s.

Ruppenthal, Jacob C. "The German Element in Central Kansas." 13 (1914): 513-533.

Burgess, Henderson L. "The Eighteenth Kansas Volunteer Cavalry and Some Incidents Connected with its Service on the Plains." 13 (1914): 534-538. Burgess, a 19-year-old Olathe resident, joined 18th Kansas for service against Plains Indians in July 1867.

Walker, George M. "Reminiscences of an Old Civil Engineer." 13 (1914): 539-544. Walker moved to Kansas in 1857 where he did work for a number of railroad companies.