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Kansas Historical Notes - August 1936

(vol. 5, no. 4, pages 419 to 433

Transcribed by Tod Roberts and Susan Stafford;
digitized with permission of the Kansas Historical Society.

The Kansas Editorial Association held its annual meeting in Topeka, June 19 and 20, 1936. Tom A. McNeal, veteran Kansas editor, was honored with a testimonial banquet at the evening session on June 19. John Redmond, publisher of The Daily Republican, of Burlington, one of the speakers on the afternoon program, urged editors of Kansas "to pay more attention to the recording of current history as well as that of pioneer days." Newspapers should "contain the complete history week by week of the community and its institutions," he said. "Kansas newspapers always have cooperated with the State Historical Society to the extent of sending copies of each paper issued, but should send in all printed matter of historical nature which might be of value now or in future years."

Chase County Historical Society officers were reelected at the annual meeting held in Cottonwood Falls, September 5, 1936. C. W. Hawkins, of Clements, continues as president; C. A. Sayre, of Cottonwood Falls, as vice-president; Henry Rogler, of Matfield Green, as secretary, and S. H. Baker, of Cottonwood Falls, as treasurer. Historians of the Society are preparing copy for the first volume of Chase county history which is to be published soon.

Forty-eight Kansas chapters of the Daughters of the American Revolution were represented in the organization's fourth annual pilgrimage to the Rev. Thomas Johnson hall at Shawnee mission, September 16, 1936. Mr. S. B. Haskin, of Olathe, was the principal speaker.

Bronze markers to be placed at the entrance of the old Indian mission burial ground east of Ottawa were dedicated at Ottawa, September 29, 1936, by the Gen. Edward Hand chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Mrs. C. A. Gibson presided at the dedicatory program. Dr. S. P. Fogdall and Grace Meeker were the speakers. The inscriptions on the tablets read: "1845-1936. The Ottawa Indian Mission Burying Ground, graves of J. Meeker, founder, Chief Comechau and Notino, the Medicine Man. J. T. Jones, founder of O.U." "1845-1936. Jotham Meeker, first printer and publisher in Indian Territory (Kansas) at Shawnee 1833. moved his press here 1849. Edward Hand Chapter D.A.R. 1936."


Several historic points in Douglas county were visited by members of the Douglas County Historical Society in two tours conducted by the Society on October 3 and 4, 1936.

Officers of the Riley County Historical Society were reelected at the annual meeting held October 5, 1936. They are: C. M. Correll, president; Grace Givin, vice-president; Mrs. G. H. Failyer, secretary, and Mrs. John Flick, treasurer. On the new board of directors are: Mr. Correll, Mrs. E. M. Irish, Miss Givin, Charles Emmons, Mrs. Flick, Mrs. Failyer, Mrs. F. L. Murdock, Mrs. C. B. Daughters, Mrs. J. B. Mudge and Ada Billings.

The annual meeting for the election of officers of the Hodgeman County Historical Society was held at Jetmore, October 9, 1936. The officers are: L. W. Hubbell, president; E. W. Harlan, secretary; Mrs. Ora L. Teed, treasurer; Mrs. Leigh Newport, Lee Jackson, L. W. Hubbell, directors; Mrs. Margaret Raser, historian.

At a meeting of the Twentieth Kansas regiment association in Topeka, October 12, 1936, George Helwig was elected president and Frank Dodds, vice-president. Harry W. Brent was reappointed secretary-treasurer.

Four Centuries in Kansas, a new Kansas history by Bliss Isely, Wichita newspaperman, and W. M. Richards, Emporia educator, was published this summer by the McCormick-Mathers Company of Wichita. Designed for use in the public school system, the book is written in a straightforward and interesting style. It not only reviews Kansas' eventful past but describes the present-day resources and industries of the state. The 344-page book, attractively arranged, illustrated and printed, is a credit to its authors and publisher, and a worthwhile contribution to Kansas literature.

The Alumni Association of the University of Kansas has announced the issuance of a second and revised edition of Kate Stephens' book, Life at Laurel Town. The book, which presents a colorful picture of the people of Lawrence in the period following the Civil War, was first published in 1920. The second edition has some slight additions and carries real names of certain persons instead of the fictitious names used in the first edition. Miss Stephens has presented the edition to the Alumni Association. All income from sales goes to further the work of the association on behalf of the university. The book is priced at $2.50 a copy, postage paid. Address Alumni Association of the University of Kansas, Lawrence.


Western Kansas history has been recorded in Floyd B. Streeter's Prairie Trails and Cow Towns, recently published by the Mount Vernon Press, of Boston, Mass. Mr. Streeter, who is librarian of the Fort Hays Kansas State College, has made an extensive study of contemporaneous documents. His 236-page illustrated book represents a collection of several score subjects dealing with incidents occurring along the old wagon and cattle trails, life in the famous cattle-shipping centers of the early days and tales from the buffalo range.

Pioneer meetings or old-settler reunions are sponsored annually by citizens of many Kansas cities and towns. Most newspapers publish historical data contemporaneous with the gatherings in their individual localities. Following is a partial list of communities and dates of the meetings: Leavenworth "Pioneer Days," May 22-24, 1936; Hazelton, June 5; Wichita, June 6, October 10; Beloit, Ulysses, June 17; Gridley, June 20; Kingery township (Thomas county), June 21; Protection, July 4; Garden Plain (held at Wichita), July 19; Green, July 23-25; Nickerson, July 30, 31; Axtell, August 3-5; Jewell, Leoti, August 4, 5; St. Paul, August 6-8; Halstead, August 12, 13; Clyde, Cottonwood Falls, August 14; Baldwin, August 14, October 13; Larned, August 18, 19; Hanover "Days of '49," August 18-20; Finney and Haskell counties (held north of Sublette), August 19, 20; Deerfield, Ford, August 20; Belvidere, August 21; Oskaloosa, August 21, 22; Vermillion, August 25; Concordia, Lovewell, Mulvane, August 27; Sparks, August 27-30; Holton, August 28; Wabaunsee, August 30; Kensington, Gove City, September 2; Olathe, September 4, 5; Caldwell, September 7; Brookwood Park, September 12; Lawrence, September 14; Humboldt, September 14-19; Topeka, September 14, October 10; Fontana, Marion, Stafford, September 17; Weir, September 18, 19; Potwin, Pratt, September 24; Dodge City, September 26; Smith Center, September 30; Kirwin, October 6; Cherryvale, October 7; Mt. Hope, October 8; Fredonia, October 10; Herington, October 14; Horton, Rush Center, October 15; Clay Center, Howard, October 16, and Wilsey, October 22.