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Kansas Historical Notes - May 1936

May 1936 (vol. 5, no. 2, pages 213 to 224
Transcribed by lhn; additional HTML by Susan Stafford
digitized with permission of the Kansas Historical Society.

The federal government is sponsoring several projects in the historical field of interest to Kansans. In addition to local projects under the Works Progress Administration and the National Youth Administration operating under the sponsorship of the Kansas Historical Society at the Society's rooms in Topeka are three of state-wide and national scope. The American Guide Manual, a writers' project of the WPA, is employing persons in all sections of the state to prepare material for the Kansas section of a manual to be published in five regional volumes. The topics to be included in the manual are: Topography, fauna, flora, history, Indian tribes and reservations, folks, monuments, literature, music, art, education, religion, libraries, museums, health and social work, recreation, transportation, hotels, industries, products, markets, organizations, waterways and conservation. A Historical Records Survey, to include city, county and state archives, was recently instituted by the Kansas WPA. Work is also progressing in several cities of the state on a Federal Archives survey. It is planned under the latter organizations to compile a catalogue showing the nature and location of documents and historical material throughout the state. Other projects of a local historical nature are being sponsored in several Kansas communities. A local project to index the contents of all Russell county newspaper files was recently started under the supervision of Judge J. C. Ruppenthal, of Russell. The Fort Hays Kansas State College library is also working on an index of several western Kansas newspapers, files of which are preserved at Hays.