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Kansas Historical Notes - November 1933

November 1933 (Vol. 2, No. 4), pages 400 to 402.
Transcribed by lhn;
digitized with permission of the Kansas Historical Society.

Kansas newspaper personalities, past and present, have been a weekly broadcast feature of radio station KSAC, Manhattan, for several months. Dr. C. E. Rogers, professor and head of the department of journalism of Kansas State College, prepared and delivered the series.

At a meeting of the McPherson County Historical Society, July 10, 1933, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year: J. A. Spillman, of Roxbury, president; Alfred Bergin, Lindsborg, first vice president; Warren Knaus, McPherson, second vice president; Edna Nyquist, McPherson, secretary and treasurer; P. P. Wedel, C. E. Lindell, J. J. Yoder, Carl Lindholm, Emil 0. Deere and Mrs. F. J. Ehman, members of the board of directors.

White Rock community historical articles, written by Ella Morlan Warren and published in the Belleville Telescope during the past year, were recently collected and republished as a 45-page booklet entitled White Rock Sketches.

At an old settlers' picnic conducted by the Kiowa County Historical Society August 18, 1933, the following officers were elected for the coming year: J. A. Sherer, president, Mullinville; W. A. Woodard, first vice president, Haviland; W. L. Fleener, Sr., second vice president, Greensburg; B. Frank McQuey, third vice president, Belvidere; Mrs. Benjamin 0. Weaver, secretary, Mullinville, and Mrs. Charles T. Johnson, treasurer, Greensburg.

The memorial monument and tablet honoring Frederick Brown, who was killed August 30, 1856, in the battle of Osawatomie, were unveiled at the place of his death August 30, 1933. The tablet was a bequest of Mrs. Charles S. Adair.

A monument dedicated to pioneer women was unveiled at the Mt. Hope cemetery, Ellis, September 10, 1933. The memorial was a gift of the Pioneer Woman's Association of Ellis.

The nineteenth annual reunion of the surviving members of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Kansas Volunteer cavalry was held in Topeka September 13, 1933. Officers of the organization are: Frank M. Stahl, Burlingame, president; F. C. Munson, Savannah, Mo., first vice president; H. L. Burgess, Olathe, second vice president, and Mrs. Ella D. Shaul, Topeka, secretary-treasurer.



Dedication services were held at the Vermillion river crossing near Barren, September 24, 1933, for an Oregon-trail marker erected by the Arthur Barren chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. R. M. Montgomery, Marysville, made the dedicatory address.

Plans for enlarging and improving the Pike-Pawnee Indian village site into a national park were presented to representatives of the federal government at ceremonies held in the park September 29, 1933. Speakers of state and national note participated in the varied program commemorating the lowering of the Spanish flag and the raising of the United States flag by Lieut. Zebulon Montgomery Pike in 1806.

A Sherman County Historical Association was organized recently with the election of Jesse L. Teeters as president, and Dillman W. Blackburn, as secretary-treasurer.

Numerous community picnics and old settlers' reunions have been held in various parts of the state in recent months. Newspapers in some of these localities issued special historical editions in conjunction with these meetings which warranted mention elsewhere in these notes. Limited space, however, does not permit separate entries for the majority a list of communities sponsoring meetings, and the dates, are appended for reference: Hazelton, June 2; Wichita, June 3; Kinsley, June 8, 9; Manhattan, July 1; Green, July 27-29; Baldwin, August 3; Arcadia, August 3-5; Dighton, August 5; Topeka, August 5, September 11; Halstead, August 9, 10; Lebanon, August 10-12; Jewell City, August 11, 12; Bunkerhill, August 14-16; Leoti, August 15; Haskell-Finney counties, August 16, 17; Clyde, August 17; Deerfield, August 17; Nickerson, August 17, 18; Brookwood Park, Decatur county, August 18; Belvidere, August 18; Mantey, August 19; Ottawa, August 20; Geuda Springs, August 20; McPherson, August 23; Dispatch, August 23; Bucklin, August 25; Sparks, August 25, 26; Oskaloosa, August 25, 26; Wabaunsee, August 27; Holton, August 30; Benedict, August 30, 31; White Rock, August 31; Mulvane, August 31; Meade, August 31; Howard, August 31; Columbus, September 1; Macksville, September 1; Ford, September 1; Olathe, September 2; Uniontown, September 2; Drury, September 4; Hanover, September 6, 7; Ashland, September 7; Cherokee, September 7-9; Marion, September 14; Lawrence, September 14; Enterprise, September 14; Stockton, Sep-


tember 14; Pratt, September 14; Oakley, September 15; Ohio township, Saline county, September 17; Grainfield, September 20; Cherryvale, September 21; Fontana, September 21; Cimarron, September 23; Fall River, September 23; Norway, September 24; Dodge City, September 27; Smith Center, September 27; Coffeyville, September 27; Potwin, September 28; Sedan, October 7, and Weir, October 7.