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Kansas Historical Notes - November 1934

 (Vol. 3, No. 4), pages 411 to 412

Transcribed by Lynn Nelson; HTML editing by Tod Roberts;
digitized with permission of the Kansas Historical Society.

A Pony Express marker, erected in the city park at Hanover, was dedicated August 22, 1934, as a feature of the Hanover "Days of '49" celebration.

Desire Tobey Sears chapter, D. A. R., of Jewell county, has erected a memorial in the city park at Jewell commemorating the establishment of Fort Jewell and honoring the pioneer settlers. A bronze plate on the marker bears the inscription, "Fort Jewell, Built May 13-14, 1870."

At the twentieth annual reunion of the surviving members of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Kansas regiments, held in Topeka September 12, 1934, Frank M. Stahl was reelected president; John McBee was elected first vice president; H. L. Burgess was reelected second vice president, and Mrs. Ella Shaul was reelected secretary-treasurer.

The Kansas state chapter of the United Daughters of 1812 dedicated the two rooms which have been assigned to it at the Shawnee Methodist Indian mission at ceremonies held at the mission September 19, 1934. The dedication furniture was a walnut bedroom suite which had belonged to the family of Mrs. S. H. Kilgore, second state president of the Kansas chapter.

At the annual meeting of the Riley County Historical Society held in Manhattan on October 1, 1934, the following officers were elected: C. M. Correll, president; Mrs. Caroline A. Smith, vice president; Mrs. Gertrude B. Failyer, secretary; Mrs. John Flick, treasurer; G. H. Failyer, historian and custodian, and Mrs. C. A. Smith, assistant custodian. Directors of the Society who were elected are: W. D. Haines, chairman, Mrs. Caroline A. Smith, Mrs. Medora Flick, Mrs. C. B. Daughters, Mrs. F. L. Murdock, Mrs. Ida Warner, G. H. Failyer, C. W. Emmons, and C. M. Correll.

W. B. Trembly, of Kansas City, was elected president of the Twentieth Kansas infantry at the thirty-fourth annual reunion held in Topeka, October 8, 1934. Other officers are: Fred A. Recob, Topeka, vice president, and Jerry C. Springstead, Topeka, secretary and treasurer.

A temporary sign was recently placed west of Ingalls, in Gray county, marking the old Cimarron crossing of the Arkansas river on the Santa Fe trail.


Many Kansas cities and towns annually sponsor pioneer meetings or old-settler reunions. Newspapers in some of these localities issued historical editions in conjunction with these meetings which are mentioned elsewhere in these notes. In other localities historical facts brought out in the newspapers, which, although not listed in separate paragraphs, are of sufficient importance to be catalogued here; consequently, a list of communities sponsoring meetings, and the dates, are appended for reference: Wabaunsee, May 30; Hazelton, June 1; Wichita, June 2; Cameron, June 3; Scott City, June 12; Shields, June 13, 14; Garden Plain, July 22; Downs, July 25; Quenemo, July 26, 27 ; Wilson, July 26-28 ; Nickerson, August 2, 3 ; Lebanon, August 2-4; Halstead, August 8, 9; Baldwin, August 10, October 9; Jewell, August 10, 11; Leoti, August 13, 14; Lakin, Selden, August 16; Hanover, August 21-23; Russell, August 22-24; Melvern, August 23, 24; Sparks, August 23-26; Colby, August 24; Oskaloosa, August 24, 25; Americus, Mulvane, Spring Hill, White Rock, August 30 ; Holton, August 31; Drury, Severy, Syracuse, September 3; Thayer, September 5-7; Solomon, Stafford, September 6; Reading, September 7; Cimarron, Uniontown, September 8; Topeka, September 10; Neosho Falls, September 12-14; Marion, September 13; Howard, Lawrence, Pratt, September 14; Toronto, September 16; Humboldt, September 17-22; Oakley, September 18; Fontana, September 20; Herington, September 21; Weir, September 22, 23; Cherryvale, Smith Center, September 26; Pike-Pawnee park celebration, September 27-29; Fall River, September 29; Stockton, October 2; Ford, October 5; Bennington, Olathe, Sedan, October 6; Rush Center, October 10; Mt. Hope, October 11; Dwight, Manhattan, October 13; Oswego, October 20, and Paola, October 26-31.