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Kansas Historical Notes - Summer 1976

Summer 1976 (Vol. 42, No. 2), pages 220 to 224
Transcribed by Tod Roberts; digitized with permission of
the Kansas Historical Society.

Current officers of the Clay County Historical Society include: Russell Green, president; Ray Booth, vice- president; Mrs. Helen Ross, secretary; Laurence Smith, treasurer; Mrs. Floyd Nelson, chairman, museum committee; and Milo Meek, membership chairman. The society is converting a former hospital building into a county historical museum.

Elected to the board of directors of the Scott County Historical Society at the society's annual meeting early in 1976 were: J. Arthur Bryan, Clarence Bryant, and D. Van Antwerp. Officers of the society for 1976 include: Mrs. Lowell Rudolph, president; Norman Harper, first vice-president; Mrs. Edith Haverfield, second vice-president; Mrs. Kenneth Marcy, secretary; Irene Zane, corresponding secretary; and Mrs. Eugene Hutchins, treasurer.

Officers of the Barton County Historical Society for 1976 are: George Schultz, president; Rory Curtis, first vice- president; Vera Campbell, second vice-president; Helen Hans, secretary; Marie Staerkel, corresponding secretary; William Wells, treasurer; Carolee Rowlette, historian; Erna Mausolf, reporter; and Flossie Kapelle, cheer chairman. Ray Schulz was the retiring president. The society is currently developing plans for a museum.

Officers elected by the Smith County Historical Society at a reorganizational meeting of the group in Smith Center, January 21, 1976, were: Jim Bush, president; Connie Lull, vice-president; Lucille Figg, secretary; and Virgil L. Caldwell, treasurer.

Kelsey Petro was elected president of the Shawnee County Historical Society at a meeting of the board of directors in Topeka, January 23, 1976. Other officers named were: Joseph Snell, vice-president; Dorothy Huggins, recording secretary; Camilla Maichel, business secretary; and Sims Firestone, Jr., treasurer. New board members are: Miss Maichel, Dr. Joe Casper, Jean Reeves, Cynthia Wahle, Mrs. Eugene Bowers, Mrs. Robert Service, Dr. James Nelson, John Salisbury, Bruce Hurd, and K. E. Rector. Pauline Beatty was the retiring president.

William K. Jones, Abilene, was named sheriff of the Kansas Corral of the Westerners at a meeting of the corral in Abilene, January 24, 1976. Other officers elected were: Esta Lou Riley, deputy sheriff; Nancy K. Sherbert, recorder of marks and brands; Charles Wilhelm, trail boss; Homer Socolofsky, judge; Joseph Snell, corral representative; and William Webster, Abilene, Tim Zwink, Hays, Charles Hall, Manhattan, John Redjinski and Robert Menninger, Topeka, and William Ellington, Jr., Wichita, local wranglers. Gerald Shannon, Lindsborg, was the retiring sheriff.

All officers and directors of the Mitchell County Historical Society were reelected at a January 25, 1976, meeting of the society at the museum. Tom Conroy, Beloit, is president of the group; Mrs. Maurice Wiles, Hunter, vice-president; Mrs. Myron Chapman, Beloit, secretary; Mrs. Inez Ernzen, Beloit, treasurer; and Howard Abernathy, Scottsville, Mrs. Geraldine Garrett, Cawker City, and Mrs. Victor Palen, Tipton, directors. Officers of the society's auxiliary for 1976 are: Annabelle Wiles, president; Laura Wickham, vice-president; Helen Schneider, secretary; and Ursula Bollman, treasurer.

An election of officers was held at the January 26, 1976, meeting of the Rice County Historical Society in Lyons. Warren Kailer was named president; Mrs. Carrie Fulkerson, first vice-president; Mrs. Florence Kloxin, second vice-president; Pearl Metcalf, secretary; Arthur Harvey, treasurer; and Ansel Ellis, trustee. Ellis was the retiring president.

Helen McVay was named president of the Augusta Historical Society at a meeting of the membership at the museum, January 27, 1976. Dean Skaer was elected vice-president; Kristen Walker, secretary; and Burl Allison, treasurer. Austin Phillips was the retiring president.

Gen. Bernard W. Rogers, native of Fairview, was the principal speaker at the annual dinner meeting of the Native Sons and Daughters of Kansas in Topeka, January 28, 1976. Nyle H. Miller, a native of Anthony and executive director of the Kansas Historical Society, was named Kansan of the Year. At the election of officers Anderson Chandler, Topeka, and Mrs. Don Hall, Oakley, were named presidents of the Sons and Daughters respectively. Other officers of the Native Sons are: Sen. J. C. Tillotson, Norton, vice-president; Roger Franzke, Topeka, secretary; and Harold Wiebe, Hillsboro, treasurer. Other Native Daughters officers are: Mary E. Turkington, Topeka, vice-president; Mrs. William Bealle, Clay Center, secretary; and Mrs. Dorothy Armstrong, Topeka, treasurer. Retiring presidents were Sen. John Crofoot, Cedar Point, and Mrs. Henry Knouft, Topeka.

The Wilson County Historical Society met at the museum in Fredonia, January 29, 1976, for the election of officers and other business. Mrs. Harvey Maxwell was reelected president; Mrs. Leslie Frankenbery was chosen vice-president; Mrs. William Hansen, secretary; Mike Jeffers, treasurer; Mrs. Alice Knickerbocker, membership chairman; Mrs. Arlo Sharp, parliamentarian; Mrs. Leslie York, nominating committee member; and Vernon Coleman and Leo Condon, directors. Officers were elected for two years; directors six years.

The annual Cheyenne County Kansas Day festival was held January 29, 1976, in Bird City. Roscoe Shay was elected president and LaVern Munyon vice-president of the association which sponsors the festival. Vivien Seymour was the retiring president.

All officers of the Butler County Historical Society were reelected at a meeting of the society's board of trustees, February 3, 1976. They are: Rolla Clymer, president; Charles E. Heilmann, vice-president; Wayne Livingston, secretary; and Clifford Stone, treasurer. Construction of a new museum building was reported under way.

The Baxter Springs Historical Society met February 17, 1976, at the high school for the election of officers. Bob Abbott was chosen president, succeeding Leroy Brunson who served three years. Mrs. Mary McNaughton was named vice-president; Mrs. Lucille Brown, secretary; Mrs. Katherine Brewster, treasurer; and Bob Halligan, trustee. The society is currently engaged in a fund drive for a new museum building.

The Nemaha County Historical Society was organized at a meeting in Seneca, February 19, 1976. Amelia Sudbeck was chairman of the historical committee instrumental in completing the organization. Allen L. Holeman is acting secretary of the new society. Several rooms have been made available in the Seneca city hall for the display of historic items.

Mrs. Ruth Harper was reelected president; Mrs. James Hart, treasurer; and Kenneth Strader, board member, of the Argonia Historical Society at the annual meeting of the organization, February 21, 1976. Other officers are: Mrs. Harley Pearce, vice-president; Mrs. Grace Handy, secretary; and Leo Droubard and Orie Cleous, board members.

The third annual meeting of the Everest Community Historical Society was held at the museum, February 24, 1976. The following persons were elected to the board of directors: Mrs. Harold Conroy, William Irsik, Father Augustine Rottering, Charles Scalapino, Mrs. Mildred Simpson, and William Bunck. After the meeting, the directors met and named Scalapino president; Irsik, vice-president; Mrs. Lenore Munsey, secretary; and Mrs. Conroy, treasurer. Robert D. Ruth was the retiring president.

All officers of the Ellsworth County Historical Society were reelected at the annual meeting of the organization February 26, 1976, in Ellsworth. Francis Wilson, Ellsworth, is president; Lew McAtee, Ellsworth, vice-president; Mrs. Glenn Rathbun, Ellsworth, secretary; and Helen Silverwood, Ellsworth, treasurer. Directors chosen were: Mrs. Paul Peters, Lorraine; Dwayne Hand, Kanopolis; Mrs. Martha Andrews, Ellsworth; and Ed Armbrust, Ellsworth.

Edward J. Chapman, Jr., was named president of the Leavenworth County Historical Society at the annual meeting of the group in March, 1976. Other officers elected included: Col. William Pipkin, first vice-president; Mrs. Henry Springe, second vice-president; Sister Thomas Aquinas, recording secretary; Marvin Groebe, treasurer; and Eric E. Snodgrass, Ltc. Jack Nixon, Mrs. Kenneth Harmon, and Mrs. Charles Warnsley, directors. John Tillotson was the retiring president.

Members of the Arkansas City Historical Society, meeting March 5, 1976, elected Mrs. Robert Warren, president; Mrs. Lyle Eaton, first vice-president; John Ramsey, second vice-president; Mrs. Earl Roach, secretary; and Mrs. Ira Hinsey, treasurer. Mrs. Paul M. Johnson was the retiring president. Dr. Andre DuChateau spoke to the group on "The Creek Indians on the Eve of the Civil War."

Robert Enright was named president of the Olathe Historical Society at the society's second annual meeting, March 25, 1976. Pat Davis was elected first vice-president; Robert Hague, treasurer; and Billie Compton, Marlene Natoli, and Rollin Gilliland, directors. Lewis S. McGee was the retiring president.

The first annual meeting of the newly organized Sheridan County Historical Society was held in Hoxie, March 31, 1976. Officers and directors for the year ending March, 1977, are: Mrs. Jewell Walden, president, Mrs. Marvin Richter, vice-president; Mrs. Ward Andregg, secretary; Willard Morgan, treasurer; and Mrs. Ad Smith, David Leopold, Mrs. Willis Toothaker, Mrs. A. M. Shatzell, and Vernon Mickey, directors.

Duane Kusy was reelected president of the Clifton Community Historical Society at the annual meeting of the society April 1, 1976. Bill Reichert was chosen vice-president; E. Neil Carson, secretary; Mrs. Alice Berner, treasurer; and LaVern Turner, Dewey Hultquist, Sandy Van Campen, Jane Ross, and Annette Parker, directors.

The 50th annual meeting of the Kansas History Teachers Association was held April 2 and 3, 1976, at Baker University, Baldwin. Dudley T. Cornish, Kansas State College of Pittsburg, addressed the dinner meeting the opening day, on "Kansas Celebrates the Nation's Bicentennial," and following the dinner Trevor Colbourn, San Diego (Calif.) State University, spoke on "History and the American Revolution." On April 3, papers presented pertaining to Kansas included: "The Silence of the Good Northern Churchmen and Black People in Kansas Territory," by Richard M. Lawless, Ottawa; "Free to Buy: American World War I Financing and the Mennonite Response," by Margaret Entz, Bethel College, North Newton; and "Kansans on Kansas: An Inquiry Into Values" by George Kren, Kansas State University, Manhattan, and Jani Sherrard, Manhattan. At the business session, Leo Oliva, Fort Hays Kansas State College, Hays, was named president, and Marilyn Wichers, Washburn University, Topeka, vice-president. Henry Kirk, Baker University, was the retiring president.

At a meeting on April 5, 1976, the Coffeyville Historical Society, reelected officers and board members. Charles Clough is president of the society; J. B. Kloehr, vice-president; R. M. Seaton, secretary; C. Robert Belt, treasurer; and Jack Brooks, Lawrence Smith, Floyd Rinkenbaugh, Dr. Warren Thomas, Gary Misch, and Albert Liebert, directors.

One hundred and sixty persons attended the annual banquet and business meeting of the Finney County Historical Society, April 13, 1976, in Garden City. The following members were elected to the board of directors: Clifford Hope, Jr.; M. M. Etrick, Mrs. J. O. Carter, Lester McCoy, Fred Brown, Charles Drew, Mrs. Harry Roenfeldt, Mrs. Merrill Renick, Mrs. John Oringderff, William Saunders, Mrs. Howard Smith, Mrs. Porter Powell, and Roy King. Mrs. Roenfeldt is president of the society. Mrs. Frank Hefner, Quinter, showed a film of the annual covered wagon trips over the Smoky Hill trail.