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Diary of a Dodge City Buffalo Hunter


Winter 1965 (Vol. 31, No. 4), pages 345 to 395

Edited by Joseph W. Snell


IN JULY, 1931, the Kansas State Historical Society received from Henry H. Raymond of Dombey, Okla., a copy of a diary which he kept in 1827-1873 “in Dodge City & out on the surrounding plains which was then inhabited only by Indians, buffalo, antelops, wolves & other species of wild life.  .  .  . “ Commenting on the diary Mr. Raymond apologized for the poor quality of the entries and spelling, and added, “I trust you will be convinced it is N[o] G[ood].”

Mr. Raymond was unduly modest.  His diary is an excellent record of the first year of Dodge City’s history.  It also is the only known source of early information on three of the West’s most renowned gun fighters, Bat, Ed, and Jim Masterson.  Finally, it is an accurate description of a bygone occupation—buffalo hunting and skinning.

The copy sent by Mr. Raymond had been typed by the secretary of Stuart N. Lake, author of Wyatt Earp, Frontier Marshal, in 1929.  Some entries were annotated in Raymond’s hand—spellings corrected and additional information included, for “I notice many mistakes,” he wrote.

In 1962 a second typed copy of the diary was received from Heinie Schmidt of Dodge City.  A comparison of the two revealed many discrepancies which could be resolved only by checking the original.  A search was made and the diary was located in the home of Raymond’s daughter, Mrs. Jessie Raymond Blake of Wichita.  Mrs. Blake kindly lent the original to the Society, where it was microfilmed.  In addition she sent many letters and notes which amplified the short entries.

Henry Hubert Raymond was born near Carlinville, Ill., February 21, 1848, the son of Charles and Harriet (Nickerson) Raymond.

JOSEPH W. SNELL, head of the manuscript division of the Kansas State Historical Society, is coauthor of Why the West Was Wild (Topeka, 1963.) 



Three brothers, Seth L., Theodore D., and Charles were older; a sister, Harriet, died in childhood.

According to Mr. and Mrs. Blake, Henry journeyed to Kansas to meet Theodore who, with Bat and Ed Masterson, had a grading subcontract for the Santa Fe railroad near Dodge City.  Theodore had met Thomas Masterson, the father, in St. Louis probably in December, 1870.  Masterson described his new Kansas homestead in glowing terms and Theodore decided to have a look himself.  Apparently the land was to his liking for in 1871 he filed on a quarter section in Grant township, Sedgwick county, near the Masterson place.  The Masterson family moved to their new home on June 6, 1871; Theodore arrived later.  Here he and the Masterson boys became friends and as such borrowed father Masterson’s team and wagon and took the grading job in the summer of 1872.  1

Why Henry waited until November to join his brother is not known.  He later attributed his decision to move to Horace Greeley who elaborated on John B. L. Soule by saying “Go West, young man, and grow up with the country.”   According to the Blakes, Henry first went to the Masterson place expecting to find his brother, but on learning he was in Dodge City left immediately, as the diary shows, for that new-born frontier village.

Having purchased his little pocket diary in Sedgwick, Henry entered notes back to the day he left home in Carlinville and continued thereafter a daily account of his doings.  Thus we know he arrived in Dodge City at 6:55 on the morning of November 16, 1872.

“It was just showing signs of the arrival of a new day,” he wrote years later, “and, seeing a light across the street—there was but one street [Front street, along the Santa Fe tracks] open on one side—I wended my way to this light.  In entering there appeared a card-table with men around it; and on the table were stacks of poker chips and piles of money indicating that the game had perhaps been going on all night.  The man with his back to me as I entered wore a blouse and protruding below it were the barrels of two large revolvers.  I learned later this was Bill Brooks.  Quite an unusual sight for a tenderfoot!”

Raymond then walked a quarter mile west to the sod house of Thomas C. Nixon, “as soon as the day was far enough advanced.”

“Mrs. Nixon, on learning my identity, kindly suggested that, since


I was just from “The States’ the town would be rather rough place for me; and if I wished, might remain there until my brother came in, as he was camped with her husband, hunting buffalo.”  2

From this point the diary tells its own story.

It is evident throughout Henry’s little journal that he had a passion for music. It may be noted that his first purchase mentioned in the diary was a violin.  He later explained that frequent trips were made to Dodge City dance halls to hear the music for these were the only places then possessing that cultural influence.  At the Nixon soddie he had access to both a “violin and an accordion that he [Nixon] kept in a bureau drawer and I used these at my pleasure.”  3

Raymond was the first to admit that his diary did not fulfill scholarly standards.  The entries were “carelessly jotted down, .  .  .  poorly written and poorly composed.  .  .  . “  At times lack of ink caused Henry to mix gunpowder with water in order to keep the journal current.  “I had no thought at the time of it being of any interest to others; but thought I should like it myself to recall incidents of the times.”  4

The diary is presented here with only a few changes made for clarity.  Proper nouns have been capitalized while all other incorrect capital letters have been lowered.  Periods have been added at the ends of sentences.  Spellings and abbreviations have been left as Henry wrote them.

In addition to the assistance of Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. C. Blake, aid was received from H. J. Raymond, Turpin, Okla., R. C. and Leland Raymond, Bentley, Kan., and W. E. Koop, Wichita.  Dr. Vernon M. French and Dr. William Langdon, both of Washburn University, Topeka, translated the German passages.


NOV.  MONDAY 11.  1872.                                                            

Started to Kansas [from Carlinville, Ill.].  bought violin, in St. Louis.  left there at 11 oclock at night for Kansas City.

NOV.  TUESDAY 12.  1872.

At Kansas City.  bought violin string, E.  left there at 5 oclock and 15 min. pm for Topeka.


NOV.  WEDNESDAY 13,  1872.

Left Topeka for Sedgewic at one o’clock, a.m.  Staid at Sedgewick house.  in morn went to Mastisons.  terrible cold and windy.  walked out, 10 miles.

NOV.  THURSDAY 14.  1872.

West to Mastisons.  Staid all night.  5

NOV.  FRIDAY 15.  1872.

Came back to Sedgewick.  started to Newton at 8 ½ oclock, pm.  from there to Dodge City.  got pair boots $6.50.  Stoped at Newton for express train.  got shaved.  got cakes & box prize candy.

NOV.  SATURDAY 16.  1872.

got to Dodge City at 6:55 A.M.  stoped at Nixons.  6  Wrote to Seth.  7  Bought soldier overcoat this evening, paid five dollars.

NOV.  SUNDAY 17.  1872.

down at town; got box of boot grease, 50 cts.  crackers and cheese.  left shirt to get washed at dug out.  terrible cold and windy.  bought pistol scabbard for 50 cts.

NOV.  MONDAY 18.  1872.

Went to Fort Dodge with teamster, to get load wood for Mrs. Nixon; found The 8 when come back; him and I got dinner at resteurant.  The and I went to the dance house at night; one of the fair Dolcinas  9 sat by me, and invited met to dance.

NOV.  TUESDAY 19.  1872.

cold and windy.  went to town, went out into river with The, helped him to get wagon out, 10  put bottom in wagon box for him,  Nixon came home, all went to town, at night; started to write to L.


NOV.  WEDNESDAY 20.  1872.

In town.  went to Fort Dodge with The and got corn and oats.  crossed river.  stayed at Myeres’ 11 corrall, all night.

NOV.  THURSDAY 21.  1872

started for Chiwa camp. 12  camped out on prairie.  saw antelopes and kyotes.  shot at kiotes with pistol in morning.  very cold at night.

NOV.  FRIDAY 22.  1872.

mistake.  started for Chiwa on Friday.  at Nixons camp.  saw Bat 13  kill 4 buffalos.

NOV.  SATURDAY 23.  1872.

went out, helped skin 17 buffaloes.  very warm and pleasant.  The killed 5 of them.  Abe Mayhue 14  came in, saw badger and prairie dogs.

NOV.  SUNDAY 24.  1852.

killed two buffaloes myself.  helped skin 4  Very windy.

NOV.  MONDAY 25.  1872.

Abe and Bat started for Dodge City this morning.  Ed 15  killed 19 buffalos.  Skinned 15 of them.  I killed one at night.  Saw jack rabbit.  Saw pack of wolves.  Sent for pants and over alls, and cup and camphor gum, by Bat.  made ring of hoof.

NOV.  TUESDAY 26.  1872.

killed and skinned 20 buffalos.  I killed 3 of them.  beautiful day until night, turned very cold and windy.


NOV.  WEDNESDAY 27.  1872.

Cold day.  The and me skinned 14 buffalo.  Steve and Jim fixed shanty.  16  Ed killed wild turky.  saw village of prairie dogs.

NOV.  THURSDAY 28.  1872.

Killed and skinned  7 buffalos.  Abe and Bat got back, also all of Nixons camp returned.

NOV.  FRIDAY 29.  1872.

killed and skinned 13 buffalo.  I killed one.  The sick.  Abe and Steve went to town, or rather started.

NOV.  SATURDAY 30.  1872.

Ed and Bat and me killed and butchered 17 buffalos.  Jim pegged.  17

DEC.  SUNDAY 1.  1872.

Ed and me butchered 10 bulls.  Jim pegged.  Indians at camp.

DEC.  MONDAY 2.  1872.

Hunted with Nixons outfit.  Butchered 23 today.  Jim and me 13.

DEC.  TUESDAY 3.  1872.

Butchered 17 buffalo, The, Ed and me.  Abe got back, bot ein gallon Schnaps mit gebraucht [brought a gallon of whisky along].  Nixons teams came back.

DEC.  WEDNESDAY 4.  1872.

Butchered 20 buffalos, The, Bat, Ed and me.  three Indians in camp today.

DEC.  THURSDAY 5.  1872.

butchered 19 buffalos, Ed, The, Bat and me.  Abe loaded and started for Dodge City.  Three Indians in camp today.

DEC.  FRIDAY 6.  1872.

butchered 12 buffalo, The, Ed, Bat, and me.  I shot some wounded ones.  Spring day.  Some little rain at evening, turned cold and clear.  went  to Yahoo’s camp at night, The, Nixon, Hunt, and me. 

DEC.  SATURDAY 7.  1872.

Skinned 26 buffalo.  Nixen moved camp today.

DEC.  SUNDAY 8.  1872.

Shaved with pocket knife.  Ed Jim and me went to Indian village.  Saw the squaws tanning robes.  Arapaho tribe.


DEC.  MONDAY 9.  1872.

Skinned 30 buffalo.  Very cold a[ll] d[ay].  Cloudy and windy at night.  I killed 3 of buffalo.

DEC.  TUESDAY 10.  1872.

first snow, last night.  warm today.  wounded buffalo this morning.  Big John here.  Jim and I went aft turkys.  Abe came at night brought [word illegible] letter from Liza Lane [?].

DEC.  WEDNESDAY 11.  1872.

Bat, Abe, Ed, Jim, Rigny 18  and me went to Indian camp to trade.  The went to Dodge with Nixen.  Killed my first grouse today.  Saw Indians eating lice.  19

DEC.  THURSDAY 12.  1872.

Sat up nearly all night last night.  So cold did not work.  hauled load wood, went to Yahoos camp at eve.

DEC.  FRIDAY 13.  1872.

butchered 4 buffalos.  Snow on ground.  quail hunting.  Abe tried to kill some.  I shot a kyote on run, grazed his back.

DEC.  SATURDAY  14.  1872.

terrible windy and cold.  did not work, only pegged a few hides.  The came in at night.

DEC.  SUNDAY 15.  1872.

did not work, went to Big Johns camp to take saddle and ammunition.  bought Navy pistol of Big John for five dollars.  two strange Indians in camp to day.  Jim Barber here.  went to Yahoo camp at night.  Abe and Ed started to Dodge.

DEC.  MONDAY 16.  1872.

The, Bat, and me butchered 6 buffalos, Cold in fore[noon].  three Indians in camp today.

DEC.  TUESDAY 17.  1872.

Jim and I went to East Chiwa to kill turkeys, had Dutch Freds gun.  got ball fast [?].  killed grouse,  didn’t work.


DEC.  WEDNESDAY 18.  1872.

Staid in camp.  Yahoos hunted with our boys today.  I thawed and pegged hydes.  Rigney here in morn.  boys killed 12 buff (thire part).  wrote to Seth.

DEC.  THURSDAY 19.  1872.

terrible wind and snow storm last night and this morning.  bull train came last night.  borrowed flour of Yahoos.  cold day.

DEC.  FRIDAY 20.  1872.

very cold day.  Shook snow off hydes.  The and Bat went to Big Johns.  Started to town.  4 bull whackers here to spend eve.  Sang songs and played violin.  Snowed.

DEC.  SATURDAY 21.  1872.

Jim and I at camp alone.  Shot a grouse.  came near shooting Moore.  Jim Barber here after shovel.  boys did not come.

DEC.  SUNDAY 22.  1872.

went to other creek to hunt turkeys.  all gone.  beautiful day.  boys didnt come.  Borrowed flour of Yahoos.

DEC.  MONDAY 23.  1872.

terrible cold and windy all night and to day.  Wright Moore 20  called on his way to Nixens.  boys did not come.

DEC.  TUESDAY 24.  1872.

cold day.  two of Yahoos here.  Moore here aft[er] yeast pwd [powder].  Abe and Ed came at night.  Ed brought pair gloves $3.00.  got letter from Seth.

DEC.  WEDNESDAY 25.  1872.

Christmas day.  Shot at mark to see whos treat.  Ed and me best.  fine day in morning.  Wind rose about noon.  went to Nixens camp.  played fiddle for stag dance in dug out.  21  terrible windy and cold.  Stayed all night.  I slept with boss Jim White.

DEC.  THURSDAY 26.  1872.

Came home from Nixens camp.  nearly froze to death.  staid in camp a[ll].  d[ay].   Texan Jim came here crazy with tooth ache.  Jim and me went to Yahoos to hear boys sing.  Bat didnt come.


DEC.  FRIDAY 27.  1872.

In camp a[ll].  d[ay].  Snowed all day, not very cold.  I killed grouse with needle gun.  Jim went to Yahoos to play cards.  Bat did not come.

DEC.  SATURDAY 28.  1872.

Ed, Abe and me went to Yahoos, got Abes gun, went to main Kiwa to hunt turkey.  Saw fellow with cap made of hyde off antelope head, with horns and ears on.  22  Saw 4 antelope and lots of turkeys but killed none.  Bat did not come.  thawing today.

DEC.  SUNDAY 29.  1872.

beautiful warm day.  Ed and me shot at mark two hundred yds.  I made 2 best shots.  piled hydes, made dug out.  I killed buffalo cow on run.  Ed and me skinned her.  Nixens teams came.

DEC.  MONDAY 30.  1872.

In camp a[ll] d[ay], damp drizzly day, fixed up old wagon and greased it.  Ed, and Abe, went to Nixens camp.  Dutch Fred here.  fixed box to put things in.

DEC.  TUESDAY 31.  1872.

got balls and pwd from Yahoos to load revolver.  fixed over shoes.  In dug out.  warm day.  loaded 30 hams and the tongues on The’s wagon.  Nixens teams and the Yahoos loaded up and went to Big Johns.

I rode Frank  23  about 6 miles out on prairie to look for my mittens.  didnt find them.  Jim Barber and Wright Moore skinned 3 grey wolves here this eve.

JAN.  WEDNESDAY 1.  1873.

Abe, Ed, Jim & me started for Dodge City, got lost on prairie, made bed down in the snow.  no fire nor supper.  Snowed and sleeted all day and part of night.

JAN.  THURSDAY 2.  1873.

got up this morning found ourselves snowed under, and surrounded by wolves.  I shot at them.  very cold day.  Stoped at Mulberry.  24  watered horses.  I killed rabbit with needle gun.  got to


Hunts ranche.  got supper on their stove.  had heap fun with clown Keiser.  25

JAN.  FRIDAY 3.  1873.

crossed river got to Dodge City.  coldnt sell meat.  drove to Nixens ranche.  went down to town to dance hall, heard nice music.

JAN.  SATURDAY 4.  1873.

terrible cold and windy.  got breakfast and supper at hotel.  wrote letter to The 26  and to Seth.  got suit clothes at Collars.  at dance hall at night.

JAN.  SUNDAY 5.  1873.

Sold meat and tongue today.  I sold 845 lbs one cent per pound.  let Jim have 3 hams (145 lbs)  got breakfast and dinner at hotel.  got can of oysters and glass cider.  at dance hall [at night].

JAN.  MONDAY 6.  1873.

Settled up  got two sacks oats.  Started for Sedgewick.  drove 3 miles past first tank.  nice warm day.

JAN.  TUESDAY 7.  1873.

nice morning, turned cold and windy and aft  very cold at night, got supper at hotel at supply yard.  Boss Cryly 27  made us moove teams.  Wind settled at sundown.  Spent eve in Browns dug out.  Slept out.

JAN.  WEDNESDAY 8.  1873.

Cold day, but pleasant for traveling.  passed tank, and Larnard [Larned] City.  got half gal whisky $2.50.  A fair senorita asked me to invest a note with her in Larnard.  Passed Pawnee Rock.  Got insight of [Great] Bend.  shot telegraph pole with pistol.  hit [it] twice going along.  camped on prairie.

JAN.  THURSDAY 9.  1873.

Cold but still day.  passed Great Bend.  stoped and got bread, butter, crackers and cheese.  Saw Lokren, passed old Fort Zara and passed Elenwood.  got filberts and ginger snaps.  Shot three shots at telegraph pole and hit.  camped on prairie.


JAN.  FRIDAY 10.  1873.

passed through Raymond and Peace.  28  stoped in Peace  got molasses.  water horses  drove about 6 miles.  camped in sod house, not finished.  very cold day.  found great deal of snow.

JAN.  SATURDAY 11.  1873.

nice day.  passed Nickerson station, and Hutchison.  got some glue in Hutchison.  came about 5 miles this side Hutchison, camped at Mr. Dodge’s haystack, got breakfast with him 10 cts per meal.

JAN.  SUNDAY 12.  1873.

got breakfast at Dodge’s.  damp misty morning.  thawed all night.  got to Sedgewick about 3 o clock.  fed horses, got to Ab’s 29  changed clothes, got to Mastersons about 9 o clock, got supper.  Masterson played violin.

JAN.  MONDAY 13.  1873.

Beautiful warm day.  at Mastersons, went to Saseen’s 30  to see if could get job of chopping.  Steve and Cook 31 and Burens [?] here.

JAN.  TUESDAY 14.  1873.

Staid about house most all day.  The salted meat.  The, Ed, Jim and me went to The’s claim.  went to Slocum’s 32  at night.  Downing started home.  pleasant day.  at night thundering and lightning, turned cold.

JAN.  WEDNESDAY 15.  1873.

At house all day.  very cold and windy.  Slocum, Deale 33  and Sassen here.  The went to Cooks.  at night  wrote to Seth.  Mr. Masterson played some on my fiddle.

JAN.  THURSDAY 16.  1873.

Cold day, though thawed some.  The, Slocum Ed, and me went to Wichita.  Ed and me got dinner at restaurant 75 cts.  mailed letter to Seth.  Deale brought letter from home.


JAN.  FRIDAY 17.  1873.

At Mastersons most a[ll]. d[ay].  The, Jim, George 34  and me went to Slocum and Lemon’s.  Ed and his mother spent eve at Mehews.  had spelling.  Mr. Masterson and me played violin together.  fixed and started Mastersons clock.

JAN.  SATURDAY 18.  1873.

cold day, wrote letter to Elen Lawton.  Sent it to Sedgewick by The.  Scraped my fiddle and glued it together again.  Cook & Hedrick hre.  Mr. Masterson helped fix violin.

JAN.  SUNDAY 19.  1873.

the old folks went to Cooks.  Staid all day.  Sue Mehew here, a[ll]. d[ay].  Ed and me went to Deales  eat dinner there,  The, me, Ed, Nellie and Minnie 35  went to Sasseens, and spent evening.  geschrieben zu mein liebchen [wrote to my darling], L [or T?].

JAN.  MONDAY 20.  1873.

at Mastersons.  Went to John Brown house.  hunting.  Slocum and Deele here.  played ball.  wrote some more to mein liebchen [my darling] L.  beautiful warm day.  took clamps off violin.  Mr. Masterson and me played together, on violins.

JAN.  TUESDAY 21.  1873.

Beautiful day, at home  played ball most all day.  Steve Mehew went to Sedgewick.  Mr. Masterson and me played on violins together, learned two tunes tonight.

JAN.  WEDNESDAY 22.  1873.

Windy in mor.  went in to Butler county to Whitewater creek aft. wood.  began sleeting and snowing.  very blustry day.  got back about two o clock.  Ed and me went to Steve Mehews at night, cold.

JAN.  THURSDAY 23.  1873.

terrible cold and windy all day.  wrote letter of Mr Simonson, made fiddle bridge.  wrote letter to Seth.

JAN.  FRIDAY 24.  1873.

pleasant day.  Steve here, played ball awhile.  went to Steves, The, Ed, and me.  at night learned to play Geary Owen 36  and Durangs horn pipe.


JAN.  SATURDAY 25.  1873.

at Mastersons ad[all day].  cold day.  Steve and The bäse ware und die frau [were angry about (over) the woman].  went to spelling school at night.  cold night.

JAN.  SUNDAY 26.  1873.

at Mastersons ad[all day].  nice day.  played violin at night and some today time.

JAN.  MONDAY 27.  1873.

Ed, The, Jim, Slocum and me went to the timber.  most terrible stormy day.  wind and snow aweful.  aweful cold night.  played vio at night.

JAN.  TUESDAY 28.  1873.

at house all day.  cold and still.  Slocum and Lemmon here.  Ich habe die haar meiner süete fraueline küssen [I kissed the hair of my sweet girl (friend)].  Sassene here at night played vio.

JAN.  WEDNESDAY 29.  1873.

terrible cold day.  at house all day.  Deale here and fruit agent.  Mr. Masterson and me played violins.  in aft awful windy and cold.

JAN.  THURSDAY 30.  1873.

Theod, Slocum and me went  Wichita on horse back.  Ich hab fünf tsents rusk gekauft [I bought five cents worth of lamp black].  I tried to make bargain to chop for old miser, he offered $1.50 per cord.  $4 per week for board.  The and Slocum [word illegible] was at Valley Center.

Jan.  Friday  31.  1873.

Went with The up to Slocums in morning. Sharp north wind this morning.    Mrs. Mehew here,  all day.

  Feb.  Saturday 1.  1873.

Terrible cold and windy. The went with me to Slocums, I took Frank and went to Sedgwick got letter for The from Charley Littlepage. got letter for Deal. The, Jim, and Nellie at Slocums when came back.   Eat dinner there.   played vio.

Feb.  Sunday 2.  1873.

Went to Deal's got razor sharped. Mr. & Mrs. M[asterson] came there while I was there to spend day. I came back  shaved washed &ct.    Jim and me parched corn.    cold south wind.


Feb.  Monday 3.  1873.

Went down to Mehews got bottle filled with ink. the old folks gone to Wichita. The went to Fausdicks and Fassetts,37 to make a trade. Jim and old man gone to Rogger's. pleasant day though strong south wind. wrote some to Loney's [?]. Slocum and family here at night.

Feb.  Tuesday 4.  1873.

I rode Frank to Sedgewick got no mail. wrote letter to Seth. borrowed 10 cts of Slocum to mail letter. got paper for Sasseen, took paper to him and eat dinner at Sasseen's. The, hat ein brief gegriegt von [got a letter from] Nellie.    fine day warm.

Feb.  Wednesday 5.  1873.

The and me came to Wichita, rode Frank turn about. Stoped at Fishers to chop. got good sup, The went in, hooked some grub.

Feb.  Thursday 6.  1873.

Went down to river. made some gluts.38made 79 posts, awful rough timber. finished reading Sunday school book through. one armed man staid here last night   ma conpineta [my girl friend].

Feb.  Friday 7.  1873.

cool day though pleasant.  made 105 posts today.  Sasseen came at night.  river up high.  Stranger staid all night, I slept with him.  Was sick in night, eat too much "sup."   Sung and played vio.

Feb.  Saturday 8.  1873.

The and me made posts untill noon.  made 41. took dinner in bush.  folks gone to Wichita to church.  geht ins hause gehen, milch getrunk [went into the house—drank milk].  Came to Mas-tersons in aft, rode with Noble.39  Ed got letter for me from Elen T.  The got his oxen tonight.

Feb.  Sunday 9.  1873.

Strong south wind this morning, though not cold.  Steve called to get school book.  Deal and his fraue [wife] here.  Slocum here awhile.  Sasseen and fraue [wife] here to dinner.  Ed, Min and Nellie gone to church.  The traded for ox team, traded Frank.  I wrote to Scott.


Feb.   Monday 10.  1873.

Cloudy. The and I started aft dinner to Fishers with Sasseen two yoke oxen, got there 9 o clock at night  raining some. Slept on floor.    pistol went off in hands acc[identally] today.

Feb.  Tuesday 11.  1873.

Theodore and me got breakfast with Fishers, made posts. 70 in forenoon, 55 in aft.  making 125 in all.  cool north winds, though not disagreeable.  mailed letter to Scott  Sent by Fisher, Sasseen carried out logs for Fisher.40

Feb.  Wednesday 12.  1873.

Clear cool, in mor. though beautiful day.  made 106 posts.  Theod and me worked some horrible tough timber.  The helped Sasseen cut load stovewood.   Sasseen went to town.

Feb.  Thursday 13.  1873.

cloudy tho pleasant.  made 94 posts & cut load wood for Theod in afternoon & loafed ballance of day.  Sasseen hauled posts; got 15 cts of Fisher.  Theod, me and Sasseen, went to Wichita, to meeting, heard nice music on organ.  habe die haar küssen Lorrey [kissed Lorrey's hair].

Feb.  Friday 14.  1873.

The, me and Sasseen loaded up wood, and came to Mastersons.  I drove two yoke of oxen over to The's place, unloaded wood got some hay, went to school meeting to Mehews.  wrote note to Louis Fisher.    paid Slocum 10 cts.

Feb.  Saturday 15.  1873.

George went to Sedgewick got letter from Seth,  rained last night for first [time] since been in Kansas.  rained most a[ll]. d[ay]. cold & drizzly.  went to The's place with him to get jag of hay. Geschrie-ben mehr [wrote (some) more to] L.

Feb.  Sunday 16.  1873.

at house most ad [all day].  Slocum and familie here.  Sasseen came at night.  The, me, Ed and Jim went over there. I mehr geschrieben zu [I wrote to] Inez.  borrowed $2 of Steve Mehew to go to Dodge.  wrote to Seth.    nice day.

Feb.  Monday 17.  1873.

Ed, Jim, me and The went to timber, got aweful big log.  The took two yoke oxen.    nice day though windy.


Feb.  Tuesday 18.  1873.

Ed, me & Mr. Masterson went to Sedgewick.  Ed & me went to Newton on foot.41 Got 2 lbs balonys 50 cts.  crackers 35 cts.  got on board car 5167 [or 5177] Engine 32 (the Kansas) beat our way to Dodge City.   started at 10 20 p. m.

Feb.  Wednesday 19.  1873.

Windy though not very cold.  Arrived at Dodge about 12 M.  got letter from Eliza Lawton [?] found Levy,42 he got us some grub.  down in town, got pen holder for 10 cts  3 pens for 10 cts. Wrote and mailed letter to Seth, heard some splendid music. violin & bass viol and Italian played harp.    staid very late.

Feb.  Thursday 20.  1873.

aweful cold and windy.  Some snow, cut some wood.  Ed and me went to town.  I wrote letter to Elen L.  Ed and me down to town at night, at dance house.  Jim Barber and I came home early. fair weather at night.   Splendid music.

Feb.  Friday 21.  1873.

N[ixon]'s Teams started to camp this morning.  Nice morning tho turned cloudy at night.  I wrote and mailed letter to Theod, two fancys up to ranche today.  Nell Saintclair and Nell Pool.43  Ed, me and Levy went down to town twice.  Ed down town at night  I did not go.   awful cold.

Feb.  Saturday 22.  1873.

Snowed about two inches of snow last night.  Still Snowing.  Snowed off and on all day. I went down to town.  Saw them dancing some.  was left alone at ranche part of day. Jim Sheppard and George came, them and Ed went down to town.  I put silver mounted guard on my revolver.  me and Levy nicht gehen in stadt [aren't going into town].

Feb.  Sunday 23.  1873.

cold and cloudy. Cripple Collar and his woman came aft milch [milk] while we were at breakfast.  Jim & George here to breakfast, went down town did not stay long.  Came back to ranche.  Staid alone most of day.   hat syrup gemachen von zugar [made syrup


from sugar].  Jim and George staid all night.  got poetry out of Waverly Mag   Grants death.

Feb.  Monday 24.  1873.

at ranche most all day alone.  learned to play Geary Owen on the accordian by note.  an old man from Michigan came to ranche to learn news about his son who was lost.  Supposed to be frozen to death.  Levy came.  we three went down to town, called at Sher­mans 44 heard die fraulins mach gantz slicht aussprechin die Lill and die Nell [the girls speak quite openly about Lill and Nell] 45  Ed in town at night.   Nixons outfit came in.    all in town at night.

Feb.  Tuesday 25.  1873.

Snowed some in night.  this morning cloudy and frosty.  raind and sleeted all day.  at ranche most all day.  went down to town awhile.  shot Springfield needle gun at mark twice.

Feb.  Wednesday 26.  1873.

Went down town in fore noon.  mail didnt came until about night.  no letter for me.  I mailed letter to Theo.  Ed hired to Kelly 46  heard fellow play banjo and sing.  Bat paid me $3.50.  I paid Ed $1.50.    all down town at night but me.    got home.

Feb.  Thursday 27.  1873.

down at town.  got no mail today.  Kelly and Nixon caught buffalo calf.  saw them set all the dogs after it and horribly torture it.47  I bought rubber coarse comb for 75 cents.  shot 14 shooter at tele­graph pole and hit [it from] 60 yards.  beautiful day.  Bat and Ed geschlaft mit freunden litzten nacht [slept with friends last night].  At dance house at night.

Feb.  Friday 28.  1873.

got up made fires.  found old Bony aft buffalo calf.  I took my pistol and shot it to end its misery. went down town got no letter.  Bat got letter from The and Nellie.  I bought pistol belt and knife scabbord $1 10 cs.   at ranche all night.

March.  Saturday 1.  1873.

At ranche most all day.  went to town got no mail.  Saw wolf chase and saw them catch jack rabbit.    played ball.    Bat and me and


George M. and Pat Baker shot at marks.  I made best shot.  wrote some for Carlinville Dem[ocrat].   played accordian, beautiful day.

March.  Sunday 2.  1873.

beautiful day.  went to town twice.  shot at mark down there.  made best shot [at] 300 yds. Nixon and Jim hunted jack rabbits, got one.  Tom's came in.   made fiddle bow;  didnt go to town at night.

March.  Monday 3.  1873.

beautiful spring day.  went to town, no mail train on Monday.  came back to ranche, took a walk out north; to look at country.  had thought of going out to camp but changed notion.  went down town at night.  Rigney, Barber and [Dave] Dudly48 left today.  in town at night.

March.  Tuesday 4.  1873.

beautiful day.  down in town  Bill Brooks got shot at with needle gun the ball passing through two barrels of watter lodging in outside iron hoop.  Jerdon shot at him.49  I was down town most all day.  Pat and Bat went to hunt the horses.  Soldier got beat over the head with boot and $5 taken from him in town.

March.  Wednesday 5.   1873.

Nice day.  in town most a[ll] day.  Saw Brooks and Jerden compro­mise today.50  Pat Baker and me made fiddle bow.  I made silk E string.   in town at night.    come home played vio.

March.  Thursday 6.  1873.

Started with Nixons outfit for the Cimarron.51 got to Crooked Creek and camped.    eat some hmp[?] that we found in bushes.


saw lot of poisoned wolves.  saw antelope.  very windy.  Nixon turned off Haily.    Jim White got  back.

March.  Friday 7.  1873.

got to Simiroan.  saw antelopes.  Tom killed buffalo cow, skinned her and took horns.

March.  Saturday 8.  1873.

drove up the Simmaroan about 15 miles to the springs.52  Pat killed bull.  Jim White killed two antelope and two bulls.  beautiful day.  saw lots of antelope and some deer.

March.  Sunday 9.  1873.

Started to go back to Dodge.  nice day.  Saw good many buffalos.  Saw 5 wild horses.  saw some deers.  Jim killed buffalo cow.  Saw nice chase aft a swift did not get it.  come to puddle of watter about middle aftnoon and camped.  Tom killed a bull.  Chisler and me streched tent.

March.  Monday 10.  1873.

killed and butchered 5 buffalos.  started for Crooked creek.  not certain about country.  turned and drove for the Arkansaw.  crossed sand hills and crossed river.  I got stalled in river in the quick sand.  Chisler helped me out.   pitched tent on other side.

March.  Tuesday 11.  1873.

Started.  Saw lots of buff.  killed and butchered 11.  got to ranche about 3 oclock.  I went down town at night.  got two letters one from The, one from Simonson.   Pat brought home quart of schnaps.

March.  Wednesday 12.  1873.

last night the vigilance committee shot McGill, a buffalo hunter for firing pistol in dance hall.53  I went down town saw him.  went down town.  pegged the hydes. cut up and salted the meat, did not go to town at night.  boys all went.  mailed letter to Seth and one to Chicago.


March.  Thursday 13.  1873.

Tom Sherman shot [Charles?] Burns last night.54  Nice day.  teams all went out but mine.  Tom sold little mules and bought team of horses.  I got letter from E. Lawton.  I took pitcher of milk to Lill Thompson at night.  heard nice music at Kelly's.  Italians played harp and vio.   wrote to Simonson.    Decker came in.

March.  Friday 14.  1873.

Terrible windy and warm.  I went down town got letter from The.  mailed letter to him and one to Simonson.  got 25 cents of Levy to get stamps.  helped Weber to unload car load of coal.  got drink of schnaps.  brought home the new team.  Decker started out.

March.  Saturday 15.  1873.

went down town.    cold and windy in morning but turned very pleasant.   got no letter.   Ed gave me glass of beer.   Shot army rifle at mark 350 yds.   Made good shot.   me and Nixon at ranche
alone at night.    made scabbord for knife today.

March.  Sunday 16.  1873.

me and Weber started to go to rattlesnake,55    got on wrong track went most to East Kiowa.   turned to come back to Dodge.   stoped at O'brians ranche.56   concluded to try it again.   slept in wagon.  terrible windy and cold night.    didnt sleep much.

March.  Monday 17.  1873.

went back to old Supply road57 and took another start but not being rightly directed did not go far enough so turned and came back to Dodge.  nice day.  went down town at night. saw one of the fairs with Zouave suit on.


 March.  Tuesday 18.  1873.

Salted meat and tongues for Rath,58 in car, in forenoon,  got dinner at restaurant.  Weber paid my dinner.  got veil weins [much wine] at Raths at noon, got schnaps at night.  Load hydes for la comp in aft. noon.  at dance house at night.  at both dance halls, nice day.

March.  Wednesday 19.  1873.

helped bail and load hydes for Rath all day  recd. $2.00.  got dinner and supper at restaurant. paid C. W. Weber $1.00 dollar that had borrowed.  Hat veil wein getrunk [drank much wine]. Nixons outfit came in and Ed Jones and Tom Decker.  Mrs. Nixon came home.    got letter from The; very windy.

March.  Thursday 20.  1873.

bailed & loaded hydes.  piled some.  loaded some bones.  worked all day for Rath.  hauled two loads corn from car.  hat veil wein getrunk.  nice day.  Recd. $5.00 of Rath.  in dance house at night.  splendid music.    got sup at restaurant.   nice day.

March. Friday 21.  1873.

Salted meat for Rath untill noon then went with Nixons outfit to the Sawlog.59  played on Ed Jones vio.  nice day.  $2.50 still com­ing to me.  Charley owes me 25 cts.  hat ein glass wein [had a glass of wine].   Ed Jones gave me powd to load revolver.

March.  Saturday 22.  1873.

got up early in morning.  crossed Buckner and Dry creeks, got to Pawnee.60  drove up it.  saw but little game.  passed one small outfit on Pawnee.  camped about middle aft noon.  beautiful day. Warped Eds vio bow and played on his vio at night.

March.  Sunday 23.  1873.

Turned terrible windy and cold awhile aft went to bed.  stock all got loose.  Spring seat blew off wagon onto my head.  blew off Whites hat found it one half mile away this morning.  drove up Pawnee.  turned to go back to D[odge]. C[ity].  found piece of izinglass.  Decker didnt turn.  cold all day.  pitched tent and camped at Beards & Moores camp.


March.  Monday 24.  1873.

pulled up and drove to head of Buckner and took out.  fed team & got dinner and came to Dodge.  nice day untill about middle aft when it turned fearful windy and cold and began snowing.  White killed antelope.  killed 4 buffalo.  went down town.  got hair cut 75 cts.   wretched cold.

March.  Tuesday 25.  1873.

Cold day though moderated some.  in town, got letter from The with one enclosed from Seth. got $12 00 from White and put $3 00 more with it.  Sent to Seth fifteen dollars   paid expressage one dol­lar.    wrote to The, Ed showed me letter from Nellie.

March.  Wednesday 26.  1873.

Loaded up and came to the horse shoe bend [of] "Crooked creek." 61  Cold  windy day.  most of the boys getrunken war [were drunk].  arrived at Crooked creek about two hours by sun.  Ed gave me the magazine today.

March.  Thursday 27.  1873.

cold windy day.  drove down the creek about 10 miles then turned and went across to head of Bear creek.62  killed two buffalo cows and one calf and bull.  lost Blucher & Runner [?].  turnd back to Crooked creek.    struck it below the Manerby.    camped, very windy.

March.  Friday 28.  1873.

drove back to Horse Shoe bend or Walker timber and cut some pols and camped.  pleasant day though windy.  Tom and Jim went across to look for pups but didnt find them.

March.  Saturday 29.  1873.

finished cutting and loading poles and came back to Nixon ranche.  went down town.  no letters. in town at night.  beauty day all day.  very warm.  Levy hat der ochs schüssen dieser abend [shot the ox this evening].

March.  Sunday 30.  1873.

Worked for Rath.  folded hydes and unloaded car loads of oats.  Engaged weeks board at hotel, beginning at noon.  pleasant day.  Billy, Louis, Nelson and me worked.


March.  Monday 31.  1873.

folded hydes for Rath all day.  folded and piled.  very windy.  warm at night and windy.  Came to ranche at night and wrote letter to Seth.   George Mitchel also writing.

April.  Tuesday 1.  1873.

me and the Sweed [Andrew Johnson] unloaded and weighed car load of corn and potatoes.  worked all day at unloading car and putting corn away in back room.  Windy day.  got letter from Seth.  states Mothers [Mother has?] started to Kan.

April.  Wednesday 2.  1873.

worked for Rath.   Haly and me bailed hides.  George Mitchel and Bat and the Sweed hauled and put in car in afternoon.  I got pair of boots of Rath this morning $7.50 got pr sock with them.  hat ein hemd geborgen von [borrowed a shirt from] George.  Kelly and Rhine had row tonight.    Columbus [Crouse or Kruse] left today.

April.  Thursday 3.  1873.

Kelly got head put on him last night and Jim Redman today.  Haly, Andrew and me bailed hides today. George and Bat hauled.  Haly and I got quart of sherry $1.00.  gave Johne's w[ife] an apfel, heutenacht [apple this evening].  warm day.  left shirt at dug out to get washed.  at dance hall at n[ight].

April.  Friday 4.  1873.

very warm spring day, though in aft noon terrible windy.  Haly and me bailed hides.  other boys hauled.    at dance hall [at night].

April.  Saturday 5.  1873.

nice day.  bailed and shifted hides all day.  Haly, Andrew and me.  the boys hauling.  not many hides taken in today.  got shirt of Hank at night.  price $2.25 cts.  called at D[ance]. H[all].  Ed got letter from Nellie.

April.  Sunday 6.  1873.

Windy and cold.  rained some during the night.  rained some in morning and snowed.  covered up hides and helped haul 4 loads of bails to cars until Bat and George came, when all worked, cold and windy all day.

April.  Monday 7.  1873.

Very cold and windy all day.  George and I worked till noon for Rath.  at noon George began working at restaurant.  snowing some today.   Rath went east and also Nixon.


April.  Tuesday 8.  1873.

got breakfast at hotel.   in town most all day.   got in with fellow with ox team to go hunting.   Bob Wright63 settled Rath account with me.   paid $10 50 cash.   got military dress coat, $1 50.   paid board bill.   $7 25.   got valice today 75 cts exp[ress].

April. Wednesday 9.  1873.

pleasant day  got gun of Jim White to go hunting with [J. A. or Samuel?] Carr and James.  got of Hank Cable 200 rnds ammuni­tion $9.00 and one steel $1 75 got bill of same $10 75.  drove out to Saw Log and camped with Barber and Rigny, Dudly and Butterfield.

April.  Thursday 10.  1873.

drove toward the head of Saw Log.  then turned toward the river.  Struck river about 4 miles below first station.  drove up river about two miles above station and camped at dug out in river bank.  killed one cow.

April.  Friday 11.  1873.

drove up river, most to Huntington, went out to the lake.  Saw no game, turned for Dodge. Stoped and eat snack where we camped.  Cleaned out gun and pistol.  beautiful day.  killed duck but could not get it.  drove within 4 mi of Point of Rock 64and camped, with fellow from Huntington.

April.  Saturday 12.  1873.

drove in to town got dinner at Nixons.  got letter from The stating mothers arrived at Sidgewick. wrote to The.  nice day though windy.  Jim White came in from Crooked creek this eve.  got sup at ranche.

April.  Sunday 13.  1873.

got breakfast at ranche and went down town.  got dinner at hotel and went to worke for Rath in aft noon.  about 5 oclock there came a terrible wind storm  continued untill late in night.  had to quit work.  got nichol of Ed.  mailed letter to The.  Bat worked.  borrowed Andrews coat.


april.  Monday 14.  1873.

Wind still blowing and very cold today.  bailed hides for Rath after finishing car load of hides began yesterday.  very windy all day and cold.  Emigrant train camped in town to night bound for Colerido [?].   Bart65 didnt work.

april.  Tuesday 15.  1873.

got breakfast at ranche.  went down town.  aweful cold and windy.  got letter from Seth, Bat took [Raymond] Ritter pris­oner.66  I went on train got his valice.  did not work.  got two meals at hotel.    wrote to Seth at night.

April.  Wednesday 16.  1873.

Snowing this morning and cold all day.  wind died about night.  mailed letter to Seth.  Staid at ranche most a[ll] d[ay].  Rath came today.  played vio at ranche today and tonight.  Levy and Chislr came in from plowing today.  got 25 cts fm Ed to get stamps.

April.  Thursday 17.  1873.

Cold in morning and clear.  went down town.  did not work.  went out with Ed, Bart, Scotty, Charles, Hunt, Ed House and Kelly to kill some buffalo. got 5.  Kelly fell off his horse  got badly hurt.  Sent for doctor.67  Sold hides, Ed owes me two dollars.    got book and pencil 75 cts.    at hall at night.

April.  Friday 18.  1873.

Beautiful still day.  at ranche most all day.  took shot gun went up the river to kill some ducks. killed sea gull, but no ducks.  went to town at night.  gave Bat $1.00.  Kelly very bad tonight. made will.

April.  Saturday 19.  1873.

beautiful day.  Jim White, Bart, and me went out to kill meat for restaurant.  got 11 buff.  Didnt go to town at night.  Mrs. [N. B. (Sally)] George fixed salve and tied my finger up.   rising pained


me very much.  mrs. N[ixon].   hat mir candy gegeben [gave me candy].

April.  Sunday 20.  1873.

nice day.  went down town.  got no mail.  at ranche most all day.  went up river bottom to Col. [Isaac] Young claim to tell the man to bring plow down.  went aft cows at night.  Ed here tonight to stay all night.

April.  Monday 21.  1873.

found old six [?] blade knife this eve.  Went up the river above Point of Rock.  got two loads poles.  very warm day.  Saw old Indian camp and lodges.  lost my revolver.  Charley Trask went to look for it.    boys found it in the load.    Sick at night.

April.  Tuesday 22.  1873.

turned real cold awhile before morning. very windy this morning.  saw company of infantry soldiers go by & 6 six mule teams and an ambulance. I did not go to town today.  Snowed some. traded my ripping knifes to C. Trask for dirk knife.  made handle and put on dirk.

April.  Wednesday 23.  1873.

At ranche all day.  cold and snowing a[ll]. d[ay].  Emigrant train of 13 wagons passed going to Colerado.  copyd Gary Owen and Sailors Hornpipe.   played vio at night.   Jim Lochren here.

April.  Thursday 24.  1873.

Still cold, though moderated some.  Chisler and Sam [Wilson?] quit this morning.  Jim put in my care.68  Boys all down town.  two fellows came up here for fear of being shot.  all the boys went to town tonight except N. B. George.69 made out bill of goods for Lochren this eve.

April.  Friday 25.  1873.

fixed place in stable for curry comb and brush.  rode Michigan Jim first time this morning.  took grey horse down town.  got Kellys pony and drove up the stock.  nice day.  Nixon started at 11 o clock for Lawrence, Kan.

April.  Saturday 26.  1873.

Helped to get the boys ready and started on their trip to Camp Supply.   helped load teams with  corn.   came back to ranche.


Cleaned horse and rode him out for exercise.  cleaned up Win­chester rifle and shot at carcas. went up the slew tried to kill duck.  Ed here most all day.

April.  Sunday 27.  1873.

at ranche all day.  Ed here most ad [all day].  Sam Willson here.  played vio.  rode Jim out.  nice day. wrote to Barbara, enclosed picture.  Mrs. Nixon went to Sunday school.  Seen one of the fairs came out on the hill70 and set down, read letter.

April.  Monday 28.  1873.

helped Levy to plant potatoes.  nice warm day.  Ed came up at night.  did not go home.  Showed me letter which he got from his father.  Emigrant train passed  14 teams.  Mrs. Bridges 71came here today.    her man gone with 55[?] soldiers to take horse thieves.

> April.  Tuesday 29.  1873.

got kicked last night while looking out for thieves.  windy all day.  planted 5 rows of potatos Levy and me.  In aft had light thunder storm.  Levy rode Jim out today.  I shot red headed black bird with C. A. pistol.  Ed here in eve.  I sent note to him at night by L.  Shgg and old man had row today.

April.  Wednesday 30.  1873.

cool and windy in mor and cloudy.  Levy and me cut buff hides in strips and tied up poles to make fence.  Fred took Mrs. Bridges and Mrs. N[ixon]. to the Fort.  turned fearful windy and cold toward night.  Jim ran away with me today.  Sam Wilson here.  Gesprachen mit Mrs. G. in hause alein [Talked with Mrs. G(eorge) alone in the house].

May.  Thursday 1.  1873.

most terrible windy all night and rained most all night.  in morning very cold and windy all day. some rain.  Went down to the office in morning but got no mail.  Sam W. here most a[ll]. d[ay]. he shot Winchester at ducks; Mrs. N[ixon] got letter from Tom [Nixon] today, I wrote for book to N. Y. tonight.

May. Friday 2.  1873.

nice day.  dug post holes and tied poles to posts with wire.  Levy set posts and helped put up pols.  mailed letter to New York.  Craw­ford gave me two rnds of cartridges for my revolver.   I went down


town with Col. Young's team to p. o.  got no mail.  made dog kennel.

May.  Saturday 3.  1873.

Levy and me finished putting up poles.  two poles around.  planted some cucumbers. beautiful day.  got musick book.  Craw­ford gave it to me.  the key notes. went aft cows at night. went to the post office but got no mail; at night cloudy and sprinkling some at dark.

May.  Sunday 4.  1873.

cool cloudy day drizzley rain, L. and me layed off some ground to plant cairns, planted corn in aft.  Mrs. N[ixon]. and Mrs. G[eorge]. gone to Anthony.72  played vio and accordian.  die alte hat der affiekichen eber [the old lady, however, has the giggles].  wrote to n. y. city tonight.

May.  Monday 5.  1873.

Cloudy and drizzley.  tended to horse.  Beard came out gave me some instructions.  took Jim out and rode him.  I rode him out in morning.   teams got back this eve.   I wrote to Seth, this evening.

May.  Tuesday 6.  1873.

very warm nice day.  Beard here again.  I told him that he must get the proper authority before taking priveledges with the horse.  went to town got soap and sponge. went down again to tell boys to get grain.  White brought me letter from Seth.  L. gave me trunk.

May.  Wednesday 7.  1873.

Beard came up early syed we had to fit up horse.  I locked stable on him aft breakfast and went to see Kelly.  he gave me orders not to let him have any thing to do with him.  nice day though cloudy.  Moore came to board.

May.  Thursday 8.  1873.

rained all night and all day today.  I went down town to mail letter with money to Tom [Nixon]. called at Raths.  left it with him to express.  got sheet of paper of R. and envelope and wrote to Theod.  borrowed book of Norwegean Cris on marriage and celibecy.

May.  Friday 9.  1873.

Clear and very cool in morning though turned off very pleasant and warm.   rode Jim up to Sam Wilsons doeby and came back and


washed him all over.  found Bat here and S. Wilson.  hab a weing zu Mrs. G gesprocken von die liebe [talked a little to Mrs. G(eorge) above love] played vio, fixed old [word illegible].

May.  Saturday 10.  1873.

pleasant day.  done nothing but tend to horse.  went down town got bail of hay.  got Col. Youngs team to bring it up.  went down town got clothspins and line.  at night hab ich ein brief geschreiben zu [I wrote a letter to (named crossed out)].   Sam worked.

May.  Sunday 11.  1873.

Very pleasant day.  tended horse.  rode up to Sam Wilsons camp met him coming down on his way to the Fort.  got him to bring me a sack of oats from Raths on his return.  der fraue hat mein brief gelese und mir ein gegeben wilche sie geschriebt [the woman read my letter and gave me one she had written].

May.  Monday 12  1873.

nice day though had quite a shower of rain at eve.  Mrs. G[eorge] loaned me a book to read. Claude Duval, or a midnight row at St. Jame's.  read it through today and to night.  Sam did not come to night.   Bat here today.

May.  Tuesday 13.  1873.

Nice day.  Exercised Jim in morning.  in eve rode him down to Kelly's, got glass wine.  Tom [Nixon] came on 6 o clock train  his fraue went to meet him. ... Sie hat zu Anthonys gehen all nur nacht zu bleiben [She (Mrs. George) has gone to Anthony's to spend the whole night].  book came  Modern Othello or the Guilty Wife. M. G. helped plant beans.

May.  Wednesday 14.  1873.

George Mitchel and Bat here today.  miserable cold drizzling rain all day.  tried to set out some plants.  George gave me a shirt and pair of pants.  him and Bat came to the stable late at night and bade me farewell.    George and Bat gone.

May.  Thursday 15.  1873.

Fred and me finished setting out sweet potatos and cabbage.  M. G. mit mir allein ins gartin in der morgen [M(rs.) G(eorge) was all alone with me in the garden this morning].  emmigrant train camped here tonight  I cleared out three stables and fixed it up to turn Jim in during day.


May.  Friday 16.  1873.

Tolerable fair day  finished making place for Jim and turned him loose.  Kelly and Harry and Ed House here.  Kelly staid for din­ner.  Ich hab im garten gehen, wo der M. G. war und hab sie helpfen  hab viele gesagt mit sie [I went into the garden, where M(rs.) G(eorge) was and helped her.  I talked a lot with her].  went to island got 3 trees and set out.  W. Harris73 came in.  rained at dark today.

May.  Saturday 17.  1873.

Cloudy and warm all day.  little shower at dark.  part of emmigrant train left this m.  I fixed coral. Fred went to the post aft 6 cows; Si hat mittag speise gegriegt zu Anthonys [She got lunch at Anthony's].    .    .    .    Lockren came in tonight.

May.  Sunday 18.  1873.

cloudy in morning then cleared up toward noon  Jim, Kelly, Charley and Scottie came up and went on chase.  teams came in from [Camp] Supply.  got an awful wetting heavy shower a while before night.    .   .    .

[Two pages of diary missing.]

May.  Saturday 31.  1873.

cool cloudy & windy.  rained greater portion of day.  Joe and me went to look aft cow with young calf.  I went above Col. Young's.  found her above Jim White's doby.  Spielen on der vielin [Played on the violin].  little ring had fits tonight.  Spiel kartz mit der [Played cards with]  Karl Wright.

June.  Sunday 1.  1873,

little Ring died.  warm and cloudy all day.  Teams came in.  I went down town to meet them. got sack of oats.  got glass schnaps at p. o.  tended horse.  made bed in garden.  Levy R. here.

June.  Monday 2  1873.

got shot gun tonight.  drizzling rain all day.  I took 49 sacks down to Collars.74  got 10 cts apiece in trade.  got Jim 1 pr. drawers $1.50.  the balance for myself.  Nixons outfit started out with 6 teams 14 hands besides themselves.  got for self 1 shirt $2.00, comb 40 cts.    bottle ink 50 cts.    paper and envelopes [??] cts.


June.  Tuesday 3.  1873.

got molasses.  3 pound berrys at Irvense [?].  nice day.  carried some milk down to town for Fred.  got little axe at Zimmermanns 75for $1.75.  got shovel plow at shop and made stock for it at ranche.  helped old woman to make some garden.  Joe caught young antelope.

June.  Wednesday 4.  1873.

finished shovel plow.  got pr clevis at Zimmermans for 50 cts, and Joe and me plowed the potatos.  this morning the town surrounded by soldiers trying to arrest the murderer of Taylor who was killed last night.76   Ed Jones here.

June.  Thursday 5.  1873.

beautiful day.  hitched up the mules went down town to get feed.  Soldiers again surrounded the town, put five men in jail.  viz.  [Tom] Sherman, [A. D.?] Gilkerson, Cook and the two Micks's. Jones here at eve.  got sack of oats and had it charged to Moore.  135 lbs.  got ret letter for The.

June.  Friday 6.  1873.

nice day.  warm and cloudy.  George James here, die fraue kammen in morgen [the women came this morning] awhile.  went down town to see Col. Young about claim.  Joe and me plowed corn patch and in eve I commenced digging new well, found water.

June.  Saturday 7.  1873.

finished digging well.  put in two barrells and one half bbl [as a liner for the well].  made lid.  die alte zuriike kammen zu blieben [the old woman came to stay].  got letter from The and answered it.  went to town to mail it.   Chisler came in eve.

June.  Sunday 8.  1873.

very warm and cloudy; rode Jim up to Col. Y's claim.  came back went with Bowen up to Anthonys got two of his planes.    made vio


fiddle box.  Surveying outfit came today.  camped here.  Harris and Lochren came in this eve. old woman gone to Anthonys to stay.  got hinges to fix vio box.

June.  Monday 9.  1873.

beautiful day.  Jim came near getting away from me.  der Sallie77  hat heir kommen heute [Sally came here today].  fixed lining in vio box.  hoed beans.  carpenter at work on house today.  de alte zu Anthonys bleiben [the old woman is staying at Anthony's].  [Emanuel] Dubbs here today.   Tom and one of hands came.

June.  Tuesday 10.  1873.

nice day.  went across river to see the mare, found her at ranche with a little colt.  went over in eve got her.  Jones hitched up, brought the colt over in wagon for me.  I traded my two pistols to Joe for his Smith and Wesson No. 2, and $4.00 to boot.  Ben came in with hides.

June.  Wednesday 11.  1873.

nice day.  at ranche all day.  hoed some in garden.  Shot little revolver at telegraph pole 300 yds.   C. Trask here at night.

June.  Thursday 12.  1873.

rode Jim up to Col. Youngs and down to shop.  saw Courie and Dutchy up the bottom.  had talk with them.  Ben and me plowed potatos.

June.  Friday 13.  1873.

plowed corn.  finished   went down town.    got poison and soda to poison hides.Trask proposed to me to go hunting.  shot pistol at mark.

June.  Saturday 14.  1873.

nice day.  turned over the hides and poisoned other side, and piled them up.  took old woman buggy riding to Col. Y's.  die alte [the old woman] and Tom gone to Anthonys at night.

June.  Sunday 15.  1873.

nice day untill eve when there came a hard wind storm.  went to town twice to see Charley [Trask] but failed to see him.  in eve piled the hides.  rode Jim in morning, and grazed him. rained at night.

June.  Monday 16.  1873.

tended horse.  Charley gone to help Haney find horse.  Frenchy came to get me to go and hunt for him.   offered me half.

a dodge city buffalo hunter 377

June.  Tuesday 17.  1873.

Started out.  N[ixon]s bull train pulled us across the rivr.  drove to head of Mulberry and camped.  I rode ahead and found camp­ing place.

June.  Wednesday 18.  1873.

Started early for the Simaron.  took dinner below walker timbr.  killed buff cow.  drove to Bascoms crossing of crooked creek.  camped.

June.  Thursday 19.  1873.

drove to sand hills of Simaron.  made camp in canyon.  killed old bull.

June.  Friday 20.  1873.

hunted.  killed only four bulls.  nice day.  saw plenty of buff but were wild.    came mid aft.

June.  Saturday 21.  1873.

hunted out west in the flat.  killed 10 buff.  Charley killed two of them. very nice day.  C. and me hat gin getrunk [C(harley) and I drank gin] at night.

June.  Sunday 22.  1873.

moved camp to the lake on old Basquin [Fort Dodge-Fort Bascom] trail.  killed 10 buff  six cows and four bulls.  Saw another camp below us at the lake   nice day.    reloaded some cartridges at eve.

June.  Monday 23.  1873.

very warm & clear day.  did not hunt.  went back to other camp to get the hides that were left, and to get peg timber.  killed but 4 bulls.  a large Mexican outfit passed our camp this eve.  at night Charley and I went to Harris's and Lochrens’ camp.  came near looseing the way.

June.  Tuesday 24.  1873.

hunted north east.   got 17 buffalo,  10 in one stand and 7 in another.  killed another bull and some one else skinned him.  cloudy and thundering but not much rain.

June.  Wednesday 25.  1873.

went to Harris's camp and ground knives.  took the swedge to them.  killed 7 old bulls today. nice day though windy.  looked like rain at night.

378  Kansas Historical Quarterly

June.  Thursday 26.  1873.

killed 7 buffalos  4 bulls & 3 cows.  killed one of them aft dark.  nice day.  went to Harris's camp in morning to get swedge.  found it broke.    came home and reloaded some.

June.  Friday 27.  1873.

hunted in the sand hills today.  killed 9 buffalo  two in one place and 7 in another.  went to the springs near the Cimaron 78and got good cool drink.  pleasant day.  Charley went to Harriss this eve.

June.  Saturday 28.  1873.

Saw scarcely any buff.  did not hunt.  killed one spike.  killed a large black and white snipe. cooked and eat it.  at night went to Harris camp, he had 4 letters for me  2 from The one from Seth and one from George Mitchel.  got lost and slept on the sand hills as came back.

June.  Sunday 29.  1873.

Started for town.  drove to hollow within 6 miles of Crooked creek and camped at puddle of watter.  during the day I rode part of the time with Golaway.  looks very much like rain in morning but blowed over.

June.  Monday 30.  1873.

drove on to Crooked creek.  stoped and got our breakfast.  water soaked up during the night where we were camped at night.  drove to within 4 mils of Mulberry [creek],   camped.

July.  Tuesday 1.  1873.

got nearly drowned aft. came thunderstorm.  drove to Charleys crossing.  rode Jim over the river.   Nixons outfit crossed to night.

July.  Wednesday 2.  1873.

Staid all night at the stable  tended Jim.  Charly came over.  I got pr shoes.  wrote to George Mitchel and to Seth and The.  Haney came over with the teams.

July.  Thursday 3.  1873.

nice day.  tended Jim.  Haney passed here going aft his pony.  Charly and I went down town in dance house at night. got quart of whiskey at Raths.    Tom discharged Fred.

a dodge city buffalo hunter  379

July.  Friday 4.  1873.

mailed letter to The with $5.00 in it.  nice day.  in town most all day.  Haney and Charly had a fight.  Settled with Mrs. G.  got pr of pants and overalls.

Went down town at night.  at dance house.  got little looking glass 50 cts.

July.  Saturday 5.  1873.

nice day.  went in to Col. Youngs.  wrote letter to The.  took gun down town   got it recited [resighted].    paid $3.00.

July.  Sunday 6.  1873.

worked for Myers in fore noon, 1 25.  settled in bill of goods for hunting.  gun got out of fix  took it down to shop and fixed it myself.  Nigger broke needle of my gun; got one dol of Dudley to pay for fixing it.

July.  Monday 7.  1873.

crossed rivr.  camped at Jones.  stuck nail in my knee last night.  pained me so did not sleep at all.  got pen of Jones this noon.  drove to big hollow between Mulberry [creek] and Kiowa [creek] and camped.  stoped at [Emanuel] Dubbs  got some salve of Sallie [George].   Saw remains of Jester.79

July.  Tuesday 8.  1873.

rained in night.  got wet.  went and slept with Jim [White].  leg pained me very much.  drove to N[ixon']s old camp on Kiowa [creek].  stoped and got dinner and dried blankets.  in aft drove to [Mike] Obrians camp near mouth of Bluff creek.

July.  Wednesday 9.  1873„

drove below mouth of main Kiowa, on Bluff creek and camped.  Dudly hunted in aft   killed 3 buffalo.   rained in the night.

July.  Thursday 10.  1873.

Dudly hunted.  killed 6 buffalo.  3 bulls and 3 cows.  N[ixon']s teams passed.    rained in night.

July.  Friday 11.  1873.

drove about 10 miles east  killed but 1 cow.   my leg pained me so very bad had to come in to camp.    rained in the night.


July.  Saturday 12.  1873.

beautiful day.  leg pained me so very bad had to stay in camp.  I slept none last night.  Dudly killed two old bulls before break­fast  I pegged their hids.  killed 6 buffalo today.  Jim got some drug to put on my leg.

July.  Sunday 13.  1873.

I staid in camp.  my leg pained me all night and all day.  boys killed 4 buffalos.  came in early. very warm and windy.  Jim went down to Obrians to get some lineament for me at eve.

July.  Monday 14.  1873.

Jim got some sugar of lead at Obrians.    leg some better to day.  made me a bunk of hollow cottonwood snags.    boys killed 6 six buffalo bulls today.    nice day though windy.

July.  Tuesday 15.  1873.

staid in camp.   nice day.  shot mocking bird with my pistol.  leg some better. boys killed 5 buffalo bulls; I and Jim pegged them out.

July.  Wednesday 16.  1873.

I went out and helped skin buffalo today.    got 9 bulls.   leg great deal better.    fired swedge at eve and helped Jim peg and pile the hides.

July.  Thursday 17.  1873.

very warm and cloudy.   killed but 3 old bulls.   Obrian called and got some flour.

July.  Friday 18.  1873.

hunted over in the flat.   lost my knife.   killed 12 buffalo.   10 bulls 1 cow, and one calf.   nice day very warm.

July.  Saturday 19.  1873.

hunted north east.   got 12 bulls.

July.  Sunday 20.  1873.

hunted.  got 8 buffalo  4 bulls and 4 cows.  nice day. Obrians men here to supper and Jare Johnson.

July.  Monday 21.  1873.

Tom Nixon and Obrian here in morning.  I wrote letter to The before breakfast.  Nixons bull train came along.  we sent 54 hides to town by him.  Seen Bat  sent letter by him.  I killed 8 buff and Dudly 3.


July.  Tuesday 22.  1873.

killed 10 buffalo   6 cows and 4 bulls.    I killed 3  Dudly one.    nice day.  came in mid afternoon.  no buff in sight.  I killed two more at dusk.

July.  Wednesday 23.  1873.

Dudly hunted.  killed 3 buffalo  two cows 1 bull.  headed off Jim Whites train.  got some flour. moved Jim and Ed Masterson and their outfit from the train down to our camp.

July.  Thursday 24.  1873.

I killed one old bull before breakfast.  Dudly hunted.  killed 11 buffalo.  Ed and Jim helped us skin them.  N. B. George stayed all night with us on acct of Jim White.  Labeau and one of his men here at eve.

July.  Friday 25.  1873.

killed 9 buffalo.  Dudly hunted.  all bulls but one.  Ed and Jim out with us.

July.  Saturday 26.  1873.

I killed two old bulls before breakfast.  Dudly killed one cow and one bull aft breakfast.  came in.  did not hunt.  dug a well found heap good watter.

July.  Sunday 27.  1873.

nice day untill about night.  there came a most terrible wind and rain storm.  blew our hides a half mile away and blew my bunk down.  Loaded Dudly up with 44 or 50 hides.  he started to Dodge.  some of freighting outfit here.

July.  Monday 28.  1873.

gethered up hides that were scattered.  fixed up my bunk again.  nice day though cloudy.  Jim B[arber].  and Ed went to other camp inaft.

July.  Tuesday 29.  1873.

cloudy all day.  no buff in sight.  Ed and Jim Barber went in aft noon and killed young spike. two boys from other camp came and got some flour.

July.  Wednesday 30.  1873.

nice day. very warm  Jim M[asterson]. and me went over the hill to try to get some buffalo for meat.  did not get any.  came back by other camp.  Ed and Jim came thru got some flour and turnips [?].


July.  Thursday 31.  1873.

in camp.  teams did not come untill night.  Lochren and Harris passed here.  Webbs outfit camped with us over night.  got some grub of him.  Bat and Dudly came in at night.  Bat brought me postal card from Seth.

August.  Friday 1.  1873.

Dudly and I went out on a scout to find buff.  went to Nuska-tunga.80 found Johnsons camp. went down creek and across to the Cimaron.  Dudly shot two grey wolves at once [with one shot].   Jim White and Obrian went off in opposite course.

August.  Saturday 2.  1873.

rained some in the night.  camp at a dismal looking place.  saw quite a number of buffalo.  Came back to camp.   arrived at 2 oclock.   the other parties came in soon after.

August.  Sunday 3.  1873.

Jim White killed a buffalo bull near our camp.  gave it to us.  him and Obrian pulled out.  we, Jim Barber and me, skinned him.  I sent to town for mail by Jim Lane.

August.  Monday 4.  1873.

Mastersons and us moved camp to the springs on Cimaron below mouth of Bluff creek.  I killed two chickens, dressed them  had them for supper.

August.  Tuesday 5.  1873.

went out south 5 miles  did not see any buffalo.  came in to camp.  Bat shot and hit kiote on run. I got some ripe grapes around spring.  got hackberry stick   split it and made gun stick.   made one for Bat.

August.  Wednesday 6.  1873.

made mistake.  moved camp on Sunday.  Tuesday went beyond salt plains and most of Buffalo creek.  got but one buff.  fixed gun spring weaker and easy on trigger.  I killed (Wed) 9 buffalo 8 cows and one bull.  Dudly, Bat and I all went to same herd.  I killed 2 others none.

August.  Thursday 7.  1873.

went way ovr into the Nation 81          Saw but few buffalo.  did not hunt.   returned to camp   went over the river turned the hides over.  M[asterson] boys got 8 hides  5 cows 3 bulls, looked very much like rain at eve but did not rain.

 a dodge city buffalo hunter  383

August.  Friday 8.  1873.

did not go out to hunt.  I killed 5 bulls and 1 spike that came in sight of camp.   killed rattlesnake.    nice day.

August.  Saturday 9.  1873.

killed 7 buffalo today.  I killed 6 of them.  6 bulls and one cow.  Jim Lane came back from town.  brought me two letters, one from Seth and one from The.

August.  Sunday 10.  1873.

Went over to other camp.  took letter and sent to town by Wm. Harris to The.  I went out in eve and killed 8 buffalo.  Shot the head off a jack rabit.  had it for sup.  gethered some grapes and stewed in syrup.    heap good sup.

August.  Monday 11.  1873.

did not hunt, went over and piled up the hides.  concluded to move camp.  I sowed and made new back to my vest.  wrote letter to Wm. Barnett.    nice day.    Jim Lochren here.

August.  Tuesday 12.  1873.

loaded up 55 hides.  Started for Dodge, drove to slew opposite Bluff creek.  halted and got dinner  then drove across mouth of main Kiowa to a little spring creek and camped.

AUGUST.  Wednesday 13.  1873.

drove to crossing of west branch [of] Kiowa [creek].  stoped.  spread out hides to dry.  got dinner.  a beautiful spring here.  drove to big hollow and camped.  I killed old buffalo bull  took out tenderloin.

August.  Thursday 14.    1873.

drove to Mike Obrians ranche.  found Jim White and outfit there.  got dinner there.  Jim pulled us across river.  came to Dodge.  unloaded hides.   got 75 cts and 1 50 in trade.   got sup at Kelleys.

August.  Friday 15.  1873.

got. breakfast at Kelleys restaurant.  got new hat at Myers $4.00 came out to Ns ranche to get mare shod.  Jim B. got him hat $4.05 and shoes $2.50.  loaded up buckboard drove to Obrians. crossed river at Fort.  met Bat going to town bet[ween] Fort and town.


August.  Saturday 16.  1873.

Obrian, Jim White and us started for Ninnesquaw.82  drove to big hollow.  got dinner  then drove to hollow about 6 miles beyond big hollow and camped on old East Kiowa trail.

August.  Sunday 17.  1873.

Saw good many buffalo above head of East Kiowa.  drove across to head of Mule creek.  passed Labeau in afternoon  went out to hunt.  went to head of Medicine.83  saw but few buff  did not hunt.    shot at antelope.

August.  Monday 18.  1873.

Jim and I staid in camp and made pegs.  Dudly went out horse back to find white buff [word illegible].  rained at night.  I killed buff bull on Thompson creek.

August.  Tuesday 19.  1873.

started again for Ninneskaw.  drove across main and north Medi­cine and crossed Thompson creek and camped at springs east of Thompson.  killed some buff for meat.  saw man from Sun City, said buff were plenty.

August.  Wednesday 20.  1873.

started for Sun City.  crossed Spring creek and Soldier and Tur­key [creeks].84 arrived at Sun City a little aft noon  turned back and started up Turkey.  found first settlement at mouth of Spring creek.

August.  Thursday 21.  1873.

left camp on Turkey creek.  drove past head of Turkey across country  started for Rattlesnake. camped at noon at lake south of sand hills.  I fixed my belt to hold 45 cartridges with some buck skin Billy Tyler85 gave me.  found Deckers camp at lake.  Decker came in after night from town.

August.  Friday 22.  1873.

White and Obrian started back for big hollow.  we pulled up foot of sand hills about 3 miles above Deckers and camped.  killed 8 buffalo.    me 4 and Dudly 4.    nice day.


August.  Saturday 23.  1873.

went away over east beyond breaks of Turkey and killed two cows.  (Dudly) came back to camp. Scarcely any buff in country.  saw outfit of Ks teams going east to Chikaska86 to camp.    nice day.

August.  Sunday 24.  1873.

Staid in camp.  Jim went down to lake.  I killed big rattlesnake very near our camp fire.  made me a straw tick and filled it.  loaded up at noon and started for Kiowa [creek].  drove to Thompson creek, where a Navahoe Indian is camped and camped for night.

August.  Monday 25.  1873.

drove to Medicine, and stoped for dinner then drove across to where we camped on Mule c----k. 87   got two hides that Jim White left, then across to our old winter camp on Kiowa [creek].  found Masterson boys camped here.    Dudly killed 2 buff.

August.  Tuesday 26.  1873.

went out to hunt.  buffalo so scarce and wild came back to camp.  I washed some shirts.  dug out spring, and killed two old bulls that were passing.  Charley Wright and Levy came in and camped for the night.

August.  Wednesday 27.  1873.

went most down to Mike Obrians old camp hunting.  I killed 6 buff and Dudly 2.    nice day.

August.  Thursday 28.  1873.

loaded up all the plunder and moved to Obrians old camp at mouth of main Kiowa [creek].    I killed 5 buffalo on the way.

August.  Friday 29.  1873.

Started over east to hunt.  went up on high hill.  crossed over Bluff creek at our old camp.  I killed 9 buff  5 bulls and 4 cows.  went on high peak west of Bluff creek.   got in very late.

August.  Saturday 30.  1873.

went way over west to hunt.    I killed one spike.  saw no more buffalo.  came back to camp. moulded 200 balls and reloaded 110 cartridges.


August.  Sunday 31.  1873.

hunted about 12 miles east.   killed 15 buffalo  I killed 12 of them Dudley 3.

Sept.  Monday 1.  1873.

rained last night.  went over east to get some buff that I killed yesterday.  wolves had torn some of them.  Dud killed two spikes and I one bull.

Sept.  Tuesday 2.  1873.

Did not hunt.  an outfit of 5 teams stopped here for dinner.  we went aft dinner to a pond up main Kiowa [creek] to ketch fish.  made some hooks.  caught 28 fish. Jim and I went in swimming. very deep.   I killed cow for tallow.   got in late.

Sept.  Wednesday 3.  1873.

Staid in camp.  I washed and sowed up my overalls.  reloaded some cartridges.   loaded up hides and plunder and crossed creek.

Sept.  Thursday 4.  1873.

started to Dodge.  drove to west (or) main branch Kiowa [creek].  got there at noon.  stopped for the night.  found Jim White and Obrian here building a ranche.  Levy and C. Wright here.  Jim B[arber]. and me went fishing.   got mess and gave to J. White.

Sept.  Friday 5.  1873.

cold and rainy.  Drove to Mike Obrians ranche.  camped opposite, on the Mulberry.    got in with another outfit.

Sept.  Saturday 6.  1873.

rained most all night.  got up.  got breakfast.  drove to post88  and crossed river.  drove to Dodge. sold hides for .80 and 1.50 to Myers.  got burnsides shaved off.  had some melon to eat at Myers.

Sept.  Sunday 7.  1873.

in town most all day.  went to the race.  race to be run over again.  got pr boots $6.00.    socks 40 cts.    box cartridges 75 cts.

Sept.  Monday 8.  1873.

went up and run horse race.  Strafford won by 6 feet.  I hired to Nixon to work in [blacksmith] shop at $30 00 per month and board.   in town at night.   wrote to The.    at dance hall at night.


SEPT.  Tuesday 9.  1873.

Settled with Dudly and Jim.  got $30 00 in cash.  got pr pants & vest and shirt $13.50.  paid Rath $10 00.  went to work for Nixon in shop.   began at noon   made linch pins and nails.

Sept.  Wednesday 10.  1873.

Heinrich [Henry Kramer] shod one span horses all round and set 3 shoes for Decker.  I made two hooks to put in back hand, and made gate hinge.  Jim White Bat and Ed and Levy here.  got new razor $2.25.   pd Levy 25 cts.

Sept.  Thursday 11.  1873.

nice day though windy.  Heinrich shod horses.  I mad[e] hook and put on log chain.    fixed up tools.

Sept.  Friday 12.  1873.

very windy.  fit up some tools.  I made wagon rod and wedged bollers in wagon wheels for some Texans.  fixed some hinges for Walk.  Ed James here.  got 3 letters last night.  Wm. B. str. 21s. at dance h.

Sept.  Saturday 13.  1873.

worked some on Moores wagon, and some wagons for Texas outfit.  worked some on Warrens wagon.  Ed James helped me carry bunk down & played some on his fiddle last night.

Sept.  Sunday 14.  1873.

fixed gun hammer for Wright Moore. went up to ranche got valice.  paid Mrs. N[ixon] 50 cts for Sunday school library.  came down town  got shave  left razor to get put in order  pd 50 cts.  got brush and bol 70 cts.   windy.

Sept.  Monday 15.  1873.

Heinrich and me mad[e] steel bridle bit for race horse.  made some new tools.  I made two new heading tools.  I welded tongue rod and put tap on for a hntr.  Henry shod one mule.  hat tovat milons [had two watermelons].    very warm.

Sept.  Tuesday 16.  1873.

I made clevis and lap ring, and clip for Ed Jones pa[r]tner.  made picket pin for Texan.  Tom at shop.  old Charley got bucket of beer and brought to shop.  bull train came  got postal card from Seth and answered it.


Sept.  Wednesday 17.  1873.

I mended brace on spring seat and mended a spring for another man.  out $1.00.  Henry shod some horses.  took in $10 00.  went to dance house at night.    warm day.

Sept.  Thursday 18.  1873.

made some locks for coupling rods to bull train.  made some staples for walls.

Sept.  Friday 19.  1873.

Bat and the boys came in.  Chisler also.  I made some corner straps to go on coal box for wells. welded tongue rod and made spring key.   Henry shod old Jim.

Sept.  Saturday 20.  1873.

worked on bull train in fore noon.  In aft went to see big horse race.  Tom won the race.  set wagon tires at eve.  went to dance house at night.    big time there.

Sept.  Sunday 21.  1873.

worked a little on bull train.  Cloudy and looked like rain.  Charley Trask and the Texiean ran a race.  I was one of the outcome judges.  I lost the drinks on betting length of a stick of timbir on cars.  throwed race.

Sept.  Monday 22.  1873.

I worked on bull train most all day.  fixed neckyoke and singletree for Walts.  settled board bill at Kelleys and began to board at Peters.  sup first meal.

Sept.  Tuesday 23.  1873.

worked some on bull train.  made 3 clevis's.  made some hooks.  gave Joe 50 cts to go and get us a melon.  bull train started.  took bed to Peters.   got wort at Raths $1 25.

Sept.  Wednesday 24.  1873.

made cleviss.  rapaired log chains.  put lock chain on Larrys wagon.

Sept.  Thursday 25.  1873.

fixed log chains.  made 11 bolts and cut them.  made 80 staple keys and fit up lot of ox shoes.   Henry done some shoeing.

Sept.  Friday 26.  1873.

large Mexican train came in  camped near shop.  done some work for them.  black smith from Colerado here.  I talked of buying his tools.   Jim White came in with outfit.   I loaned him $1.00.


Sept.  Saturday 27.  1873.

worked on Mexican oufit most all day.  I fixed wagon for a Colerado man.  had several drinks of him.  ziemlich trunk war [was rather drunk].   took in over $26 00 this week.   shod two horses for Jim

Sept.  Sunday 28.  1873.

miserable cold & rainy day.  in shop made ring and broke it Spielen [played] on der harmonica at Peters.  done a little work on sicle drives for A[ndrew] Johnson.

Sept.  Monday 29.  1873.

made some linch pins for the Mexicans and a bolt.  made two bolts for sickle driver for Frenchy. made 4 new cleviss.  Mexican train left.   took lounge down to Peters Yashettes [Peter Tashetta].

Sept.  Tuesday 30.  1873.

done work on hack for Italian Frank.  I made bar to go across store door at Raths.  made clevis and two corks.  Frank brought us a big melon.  J. White and Decker started for Texas today. Obrian out bed.

Sept.  Wednesday 1.  1873.

made new clips hooks, and open links.  fixed double tree and neck yoke for walls.  bought new blanket at raths $6 00.  last night.  der bill hat Steala vom government letzt nacht [Bill proposed to Stella last night].

Oct.  Thursday 2.  1873.

made single tree hooks and lep links, mad[e] bolster for walls.  Ironed tongue for Burguard. Henry shod horses.  Ed Jones in town.  treated me.

Oct.  Friday 3.  1873.

put bolster on Wall's wagon.  made some lap rings.  put two rivets in harness for buff hunter. made staple keys.   Henry worked most of day on stove grate for Bent House.

Oct.  Saturday 4.  1873.

made staple keys.  stay chain hooks and strap to go on double tree for [Peter] Tashetta.  made for myself a cast steel busking pin. went up to ranche last night.  got shot gun for Jones.  washed shirt.


Oct.  Sunday 5.  1873.

very windy most of day.  Charles Jones and Werner came back from [Camp] Supply.  also Colrado outfit.  Pete and me played muggings.  wrote to The.  at dance house last night.  Supply soldiers here.   had splendid music.

Oct.  Monday 6.  1873.

I welded two clevises for Walls.  made 6½ in bolts for Jones and set 4 tires.  N. B. G[eorge]., Levy and C. W. and Dudly and Bar­bour came in and Plummer.

Oct.  Tuesday 7.  1873.

I made two new clevis.  made some lap links.  worked on big dirk for Williams.  Nixons bull outfit got in.  Plumber [Plummer] gave me the fiddle for Ed Jones.

Oct.  Wednesday 8.  1873.

worked on bull train most all day.  Henry done some shoeing for Bill Harris and Moore. beautiful day, very warm.  took old violin to pieces at night.

Oct.  Thursday 9.  1873.

I worked on bull train most all day.  traded trunks with N. B.  him on a drunk.   bought of Zimmerman one pocket knife for $1 00.

Oct.  Friday 10.  1873.

worked on bull train.  made some bolts for Larry and some bow staples.   fixed couppling rods.

Oct.  Saturday 11.  1873.

done little work on Nixons bull train and also on Larrys.  made 13 bolts for Garey.  Henry done shoeing for Jim Lane and Billy Woods.   Tom started for supply.   got of Raths, clothes for $9.00.

OCT.   SUNDAY12.   1873.
went up to ranche.    took old Jim.    went up Col. Youngs,    got minerule  for  Nixon.   came  back    glued  fiddle  together.  went down and saw them working on bridge.  Spiel dormenos [Play dominoes] at night.

Oct.   Monday 13.  1873.

made a clip swedge and made and ironed two single trees.  done some work on wagon tongue.  got 1 50 for it.    vixen day.

 Oct.  Tuesday 14.  1873.

made clips and lap links.    made two bolts for Frenchy.


Oct.  Wednesday 15.  1873.

made lap links and clevis's.  done some work on wagons.  fixed damp in stove for Wall.  got my fiddle.   paid $1.00 for painting it.  got $2.00 of Levy.

Oct.  Thursday 16.  1873.

Henry done a little shoeing.  I made some box links.  put up new bellows pole that Montgomery gave me.  got strings E & A 60 cts.  went up to ranche got Toms bow.   strung up fiddle.

Oct.  Friday 17.  1873.

Henry done some shoeing for Dutch Albert.  put old axletree in wagon for buffalo hunters.  I welded tongue rod.  I went to the dept [depot] at night.  went in cars. had a chat with Joe Tucker, he on his way to Grenada.    let Mike use my fid.

Oct.  Saturday 18.  1873.

fixed some straps for Rath.  done no other custom work.  Heny made pr pincers.  I got letter from William Bernitta.  spiel domi­noes for drink got stuck.

Oct.  Sunday 19.  1873.

met with Joe Tucker and his brother again.  we went up and seen horse race bet[ween] Ed Jons and Colerado man,  Jack Mcdonald treated.   beautiful day.

Oct.  Monday 20.  1873.

Joe Tucker came to shop and bid me good bye.  beautiful day.  I made and put in new axletree for cattle drover.  Henry done shoeing.   mule train got in today.

Oct.  Tuesday 21.  1873.

I made twenty six rings and 26 staples for Moze Waters livery stable.  done some work for Warren.    beautiful day.

Oct.  Wednesday 22.  1873.

cold and windy.  Henry and I made staple keys.  put handle in frying pan for cattle man 25 cts. no custom work in  only for Warren.

Oct.  Thursday 23.  1873.

put 6 new shoes on for Moze Watters and 8 for John Moore.  I mended slider iron and put strap on bottom of coupling pole.  very cold.   7 more for Moore.   4 clevis 50 cts each.


Oct.  Friday 24.  1873.

I made iron pump handle.  made toe cork.  Bat and Abe Mehew came today.  I sent $10.00 to Theodore and a letter.  set tires and done shoeing for Harris.

Oct.  Saturday 25.  1873.

I done some work on Anthonys buggy.  made two chips and re­paired shovel for bridge contractor.  Tom came in.  Henry shod horses all day.

Oct.  Sunday 26.  1873.

I made two hooks and staples for cook.  50 cts.  went up to ranche with Tom  eat dinner there. work in dug out last night.  wrote to Gooch[?].

Oct.  Monday 27.  1873.

done work on bull train most all day.  contractor got his shovel er böse meis von die price [he was angry about the price].

Oct.  Tuesday 28.  1873.

done work on bull trains.  Larrys and Toms.  beautiful day.  bought valice of drunkard    gave 50 cts.

Oct.  Wednesday 29.  1873.

done some work for Larry.  made two carriage singletrees.  done some work for Scheidler. loaned my fiddle to George Jones.  went to dance house at night, awhile.   nice day.

Oct.  Thursday 30.  1873.

not much custom work.  I made a new halltree for Walls.  my box came from Ill.   Bruen brought it over.   recd $2 50 cash.

Oct.  Friday 31.  1873.

done some work on Anthonys hack.  put new thimble on axle-trees for Walls.  went to dance house.  bought of rath shoes and socks $4 20.

Nov.  Saturday 1.  1873.

done work for the mule teams.  Dud, Barbr, Wright and Levy came in.  came near being shooting scrape at dance house.   had splendid dance.

Nov.  Sunday 2.  1873.

I fixed my fiddle bow.  beautiful day.  sold wolf pelt for one dollar.


Nov.  Monday 3.  1873.

I done some work on carriage.  made bridle bit.  fixed spring seat for Wells.  went to dance house.  got my fiddle at night.  en­gaged board at Olds.

Nov.  Tuesday 4.  1873.

done some work on spring seat.  began this morning to board at Olds.  beautiful warm day.  went polls and voted.89  got two E strings    one to send to Ed Jones.

Nov.  Wednesday 5.  1873.

I worked all day on Collars hack.  went up to ranche to get some hard timber.  saw Fred.  he told me he saw The.  nice day tho cold in morning.

Nov.  Thursday 6.  1873.

worked on Collars hack most all day.  cold and drizzely in morning.  went to Peters at night.  got my gun and left it at Zimmermans.  nice eve.

Nov.  Friday 7.  1873.

worked on hack most all day.  went up to ranche at night.  came down town mit die fraue alein. zu der ball [alone with the woman to the dance].

Nov.  Saturday 8.  1873.

beautiful warm day.  not much custom work in.  made slide for Woodruff [Troppell?] and made some small lap links and a clevis.  Tom took my gun and went out hunting antelopes.

Nov.  Sunday 9.  1873.

beautiful day.  played vio most all day.  went to dance house at night.  played on Netties large ger.[?] accordian.  got some pills and took up to Tom.    Maggie Patten there.

Nov.  Monday 10.  1873.

very warm.  done work on [word illegible] and Woodruffs wagons.  Frency came   I mad[e] [words illegible].

Nov.  Tuesday 11.  1873.

Tom commenced work in shop [words illegible].  I sent my trunk valice and fiddle to The.    this morning.

89.  This was Ford county's first regular election.


Nov.  Wednesday 12.  1873.

I worked in shop.  made new axletree for Little Albert.  cold in morning.    C Trask came   slept in dug out.

Nov.  Thursday 13.  1873.

done work for Little Albert and for John Hunt.  nice day.  Sam Wilson here.

Nov.  Friday 14.  1873.

done work for bull trains.  nice day.  Charley gave me a Cheyenne ring today.   I gave him my knife.

Nov.  Saturday 15.  1873.

Went up to ranche and settled with Tom at night.  came to town.  got coat and cakes.  got on freight.  got caught.  paid $7.00 to go to Newton.

Nov.  Sunday 16.  1873.

arrived at Great Bend at day break.  took nap.  got apples and book and paper.  left at 2½  o'clock.  got to Newton at 8 o'clock p. m.  put up man at restaurant.

Nov.  Monday 17.  1873.

left Newton for home at 9 o'clock a. m.    got home about noon.

Nov.  Tuesday 18.  1873.

The and I worked some at stable.  nice day.  Mrs. Masterson here a[ll]. d[ay].

Nov.  Wednesday 19.  1873.

fixed stable today instead of yesterday.   Deale here.

Nov.  Thursday 20.  1873.

played vio.  Mother at Stevens, yesterday.  The and I went to Mastersons at night.

Nov.  Friday 21.  1873.

The went to Elderado with meat.  I choped some wood and smoked meat.

Nov.  Saturday 22.  1873.

Started to go to town with Lemon.  rainy all day.  did not go.

Nov.  Sunday 23.  1873.

at home all day.  cold and windy.  Nellie, Minnie and Tom [Masterson] here a[Il]. d[ay].


Nov.  Monday 24.  1873.

went to town with Lemon.     got my things      got sieve tree, vio. strings and rosin.

Nov.  Tuesday 25.  1873.

fixed up [word illegible]    nice warm day.    Mother to Deals.   to town.    mooved chickens today.   Jim Hoss here   The came tonight.

III.  Postscript

Henry Raymond eventually settled in Sedgwick county where he married Sarah Armstrong in 1874. The marriage produced eight children three of whom were still living at the time this diary was edited. After several years farming in the Sunny Dale com­munity the Raymonds moved to Oklahoma where Mr. Raymond died, at Homestead, October 16, 1936. He is buried in Maple Grove cemetery, Sunny Dale, Kan.


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6. Thomas C. Nixon, whose ranch lay about one-fourth mile west of Dodge City.  Twice assistant marshal of the town, he was shot and killed while in office by his predecessor, “Mysterious” Dave Mather, July 21, 1884.—Henry H. Raymond, “Incidents of Frontier Life,” Valley Center Index, July 23, 1964, hereafter cited as Raymond, “Frontier Life”; Miller and Snell, op. cit., pp. 459-465.
7. Henry’s older brother, Seth L. Raymond, who was probably still at home near Carlinville, Ill.—Mrs. Jessie Raymond Blake to Joseph W. Snell, August 24, 1964.
8. Henry’s nickname for his oldest brother, Theodore D. Raymond.—Ibid.
9. Raymond probably meant Dulcinea and was referring to a “dance hall girl.”
10. Theodore’s wagon had broken through the ice and bogged down in the Arkansas river on his return to Dodge City.  Having heard that Henry was at Nixon’s, Theodore abandoned the wagon and hurried to greet his brother whom he had not seen for three years.  Later the two retrieved the vehicle.—Raymond, “Frontier Life.”
11. Possibly Alexander C. Myers of the firm Leonard & Myers, Dodge City.
12. Probably a camp on Kiowa creek which crossed the northeast corner of Clark county.
13. William B. “Bat” Masterson whom Raymond variously refers to as Bat or Bart, both of which are accepted diminutive forms of Bartholomew.  In 1962 Raymond’s daughter, Mrs. Blake, told W. E. Koop that “Bat’s folks always called him Bat at home, and that his middle name was actually Bartholomew.  .  .  .”  Partial confirmation of this appears in Andreas’ History of Kansas, where in a biography of Thomas Masterson reference is made to a son, Bartholomew, who was then marshal of Trinidad, Colo.  This was, of course, Bat.  At least one newspaper article, in the Kansas City (Mo.) Star, December 10, 1897, named him Bartholomew.
     Certainly Bat did not earn his nickname, as legend has stated, from his habit of batting opponents over the head with his cane, since the incident which caused him to use a supporting staff occurred three and one-half years after Raymond’s use of “Bat” in his diary.
     If Bat’s middle name were Bartholomew originally he changed it some time before August 3, 1907, when he signed his will as William Barclay Masterson.  This is the only known use of his full name in his own handwriting.—Waldo E. Koop to Joseph W. Snell, March 14, 1962; A. T. Andreas and W. G. Cutler, History of the State of Kansas (Chicago, 1883), p.1419; Miller and Snell, op. cit., p. 322; certified copy of Bat’s will supplied by the clerk of the surrogate’s court, New York county, New York, March 20, 1964.
14. A. B. Mahew (or Mayhew) was a Sedgwick county neighbor of the Raymonds and Mastersons.—“Kansas State Census,” 1875, Sedgwick county, Grant township, p. 34.
15. Edward John Masterson, oldest of the Masterson children.  As marshal of Dodge City he was killed in the line of duty, April 9, 1878.—Miller and Snell, op cit., pp. 299-306.
16. Steve Mahew, son of Abe Mahew, and James P. Masterson, third in age of the brothers.
17. Buffalo hides were nailed to the ground with wooden pegs for drying.—Raymond, “Frontier Life.”
18. Probably James Rignyer.—“Organizational Census,” Ford county, 1872, copy in archives division, Kansas State Historical Society.
19. “Sitting on the ground was a ‘Brave,’ his back against a log on which sat another while at his back still another was standing; the two latter carefully searching their companion’s heads for what we sometimes hear called, ‘Jerusalem Creepers; and judging from the frequency of the hand to the mouth, they must have found a rich harvest.  I don’t know whether they eat them for the nourishment they furnish or whether it is just simply to rid themselves of the pests.”—Raymond, “Frontier Life.”
20.  Josiah Wright Mooar, a well-known frontiersman.
21.  “We were invited to Nixon’s camp.  They were to have a pie and cake like they do ‘back in the states’ and a dance at night.  Of course, there were no girls there.  so half of the men had to take the role of the gentler sex in the quadrille.”—Raymond, “Frontier Life.”
22.  An unidentified man who “was dressed almost, if not entirely, with the furs of wild animals; a coat of antelope skin and on his head was the skin of a buck antelope with the antlers on, the nose coming down over his forehead making an apt portraiture of the ‘Evil One.’”—Raymond, “Frontier Life.”
23.  Theodore Raymond’s horse.
24.  Mulberry creek flows east across the bottom third of Ford county and enters the Arkansas river near the present town of Ford.
25. A deserter from the U. S. Army named William Johnson.  Raymond described him as “a regular clown.”  He was nicknamed Keiser.—Henry H. Raymond, “Notes on Diary of H. H. Raymond of 1873,” copy in manuscript division, Kansas State Historical Society, hereafter cited as Raymond, “Notes.”
26. Theodore had gone back to Sedgwick county to manage his claim.  Henry was to drive his team home.--Henry H. Raymond to J. Evetts Haley, December 6, 1934, copy in manuscript division, Kansas State Historical Society.
27. Probably J. D. “Pete” Criley, in charge of Santa Fe construction west of Newton.—James Marshall, Santa Fe, The Railroad That Built an Empire (New York, 1945), p. 57.
28. Peace was renamed Sterling in 1876.  It is 10 miles south of Lyons, the county seat of Rice county.
29. Abe Mahew’s farm in Grant township.
30. The Randolph Sasseen family lived on an 80-acre farm just west of the Masterson place.—Edwards, op cit., p. 19.
31. Probably John K. Cook whose farm lay just north of the Sasseen and Masterson farms.—Ibid.
32. The W. P. Slocum family of Grant township.—“Kansas State Census,” 1875, Sedgwick county, Grant township, p.5.
33. The J. W. Deal family lived one-half mile east and one-fourth mile south of the Mastersons.—Edwards, op cit., p. 29.
34. George Masterson, the youngest of the brothers, was 12 years old at this time.—Miller and Snell, op. cit., p. 290.
35.; Nellie and Minnie Masterson, the sisters, who were ages 15 and 10 in 1872.—Ibid.
36. “Garry Owen” was the “theme song” of the Seventh United States cavalry, then, as now, a very famous army unit.—Edgar I. Stewart, Custer’s Luck (Norman, 1955), p. 63.
37. The Leroy Fosdick and Louis Fassett families of Grant township.—"United States Census," 1880, Kansas, Sedgwick county, Grant township, pp. 4, 13.
38. Wooden wedges.
39. Lewis C. Noble of Grant township.—Edwards, op. cit., p. 19; "Kansas State Census," 1875,  Sedgwick county, Grant township, p. 9.
40. In 1929 Raymond wrote that Sasseen "acquired the name of 'Beaver' by his per­sistent effort in dragging out driftwood and logs from the Little river."—Wichita Morning Eagle, January 17, 1929.
41.  Raymond later said of his decision to return to Dodge City: "[I] tried to get work [in Sedgwick county], but found it slow business. I soon made known my decision to return to Dodge where money was plenty. Ed said if I went back he was going too_at which his mother began to cry. But I could not think of staying there without earning something."—Raymond, "Notes."
42.  Levi Richardson whom Raymond in 1936 called "a big mouth fool ... he was no gunman , . . [he] had no sense at all." Richardson was killed by "Cockeyed" Frank Loving in a gun fight around a Long Branch saloon billiard table, April 5, 1879.— Raymond, "Notes"; Miller and Snell, op. cit., pp. 33-35.
43.  Nell St. Clair and Nell Pool were well-known frontier dance hall girls.
44.  Tom Sherman's dance hall.
45.  Probably Lil Thompson and either Nell Pool or Nell St. Clair, all dance hall girls.
46.  James H. "Dog" Kelley who was a partner in the Beatty & Kelley restaurant.  He was one of the early mayors of Dodge City.  Raymond later described him as a "good hearted Irishman, but when full of booze he got on the warpath and made trouble for himself. —Raymond, "Notes."
47.  Kelley was a lover of hunting and racing dogs and always had several at his home in Dodge City, hence his nickname.
48.  Dudley was killed by Indians near the Canadian river in June, 1874. "A fine fellow" was Raymond's estimation of him.—Wichita Eagle, June 25, 1874; Raymond, "Notes."
49.  Billy Brooks was an ex-marshal of Newton and former policeman of Ellsworth. He appeared in Dodge City sometime late in 1872. According to a later statement by Raymond, Jake(?) Jordan was intent on killing Brooks for the latter"s murder of a friend. Jordan, lying in wait, raised his rifle "holding it against the door-facing and was about to pull the trigger when some one stepped out of a building between him and Brooks. He then raised the gun as he did not want to shoot another party; but Brooks, ever on the lookout caught the motion of that gun barrel. He suddenly threw himself to a setting posture on the ground behind two bbls. of water, trying at the same time to draw one of his guns. Somehow the gun hung and he failed to pull it from the scabbard. Jordan fired at the barrels and the bullet lodged against the last iron hoop next to Brooks. Brooks sprang to his feet before Jordan could reload and some-one helped to hide him."—Miller and Snell, op.  cit., pp. 51-53; Raymond, "Notes."
50.  Jordan had left town following the previous day's shooting but someone arranged a compromise between the two. "It happened . . . that Jordan came riding in unh­armed.  Rode up to the hitching-rack just a few feet from where I was standing," Raymond recalled. "I heard him say 'Boys, you’ve got me into it!”  Just then from a nearby building came Bill Brooks in white starched shirt, and with no gun on him. I never saw him thus before.  He approached Jordan with a broad smile offering a friendly hand-shake. Jordan gave his hand, but there was no friendly smile on his face. Jordan says, 'What we’ve got to say we don't need to say to this crowd.    Let's go inside!'"
Brooks was hanged as a horse thief in Sumner county, July 29, 1874.—Raymond, "Notes"; Miller and Snell, op. cit., pp. 53-57.
51.  The Cimarron river in southwest Kansas.
52.  Probably in present Morton county.
53.  According to Ma]. Richard 1. Dodge, then commandant of Fort Dodge, the vigilance committee was composed of the worst characters in the young town. Raymond agreed, saying later that the "so-called" committee wanted to dispose of certain persons, such as McGill, so they could divide the plunder." Newspaper reports of the killing, however, indicated McGill was a bad character who had murdered a 16-year-old boy on New Year's day.—-Richard I. Dodge to Gov. Thomas A. Osborn, July 5, 1873, "Governors' Correspon­dence,” archives division, Kansas State Historical Society; Raymond, "Notes"; Marion County Record, Marion, March 29, 1873.
54.  Raymond had heard Sherman's shots. "I hastily rose and ran down town," he later wrote. "Just as I neared the edge of the little town I could see some fellows gathering and, as I drew closer, could discern a man down and moving his legs & arms. Possibly he may have had consciousness enough to feel that he was fleeing from his pursuer with whom I almost collided. This was Tom Sherman, a big lubberly fellow, who ran with a limp. He had a large calibre revolver in his hand which he was emptying into the boy that was down, . . . Tom, panting for breath, said to those gathering, 'I'd better shoot him again, hadn't I boys?' He stepped at once to where he lay struggling; stood over him hold­ing the big revolver in both hands, aimed at his forehead and fired. The bullet went a little high and scattered his brains in his hair. . . . All I could learn was that Sherman had killed a friend of Burns and thought it would be safer to have him out of the way." —Raymond, "Notes."
55.  Rattlesnake creek which flows in a northeasterly direction through parts of Ford, Kiowa, Edwards, Stafford, and Rice counties.
56.  Mike O'Brien, who at one time owned a ranch south of Dodge City and perhaps another west of Medicine Lodge.—Raymond, "Frontier Life"; Miller and Snell, op. cit., pp. 446, 447.
57.  The military road from Fort Dodge to Camp Supply in present Oklahoma.
58.  Charles Rath, an early merchant of Dodge City, did business in partnership with Robert M. Wright under the name of Charles Rath &Co.
59.  Saw Log creek flows from Ford county, north of Dodge City, into the Pawnee river near the Hodgeman-Pawnee county line.
60.  Pawnee river, an east flowing stream, empties into the Arkansas river at Larned.
61.  Crooked creek is a tributary of the Cimarron and flows southward from Gray, across the southwest corner of Ford county and through Meade county.
62.  In Clark county, flowing south through Ashland.
63. Robert M. Wright, partner of Charles Rath, was later mayor of Dodge City. His Dodge City, The Cowboy Capital (Wichita, 1912) is one of the prime source books on early Ford county history.
64. There were at least three "Point of Rocks" landmarks on the Santa Fe trail; two were in Kansas. The most prominent in the state was on the Cimarron river in Morton county but here Raymond was referring to the Point of Rocks on the Arkansas river west of Dodge City.
65.  Bat Masterson.   See Footnote 14.
66.  Ritter was a Santa Fe railroad contractor from whom Bat and Ed Masterson had subcontracted some grading between Dodge and Fort Dodge. Legend has it that Ritter refused to pay up and that Bat eventually collected their money at the point of a gun. Raymond's diary partially confirms this story.
67.  Later Raymond explained that Kelley had been drinking quite heavily on the hunt. While in a drunken state he mounted his horse, Calamity, and rode off with his dogs after buffalo. "It was not long until we saw some one on horse back on a ridge about a mile away who seemed to be motioning," Raymond later wrote. "We all looked awhile and saw him take off his hat and wave. Bat took Dutch Albert's pony and rode over to see what was wrong. He came back saying that Kelley’s horse had stepped in a Prairie-dog hole and Jim was badly hurt. We took the wagon and loaded him in. Bat went ahead on horseback and got a spring-wagon & came to meet us. He was badly hurt and thought the end was near.    Made his will—he owned considerable property."—Raymond, "Notes."
68. Michigan Jim, a race horse owned by Tom Nixon and Dog Kelley.   Later Raymond said he was paid $40 a month to care for the animal.—Ibid.
69. N. B. George was a former Nevada mining partner of Nixon's.—Ibid.
70. Probably Boot Hill which was near Nixon's ranch.
71. Mrs. Ada Bridges.    Her husband, Jack, was deputy United States marshal for the area.—Miller and Snell, op. cit., pp. 42-51.
72. Perhaps Raymond meant A. J. Anthony's home.    One of the first settlers, he was also one of Ford county's first commissioners.
73. William  H.  Harris, later partner with  Chalkley M. Beeson in the Long Branch saloon and the COD ranch, and vice-president of the Bank of Dodge City.
74. Morris Collar's dry goods store on Front street between George M. Hoover's whole­sale liquor store and F. C. Zimmermann’s hardware.
75. F. C. Zimmermann, dealer in hardware and fire arms.
76. William Taylor, a Negro, was killed by John Scott and William Hicks. Since the newly organized county had no effective police as yet, Maj. Richard I. Dodge requested and received permission from the governor to arrest the killers. Raymond later wrote: "A bunch of drunken toughs hired the driver of this man's [Taylor's] team to take them and some of the girls of the town to drive them to Fort Dodge to a dance. He had made two or three trips, and they wanted him to go again. He objected and when they insisted he went to the owner, a restaurant keeper, who came on the scene and said they should not go again. It was then 2 A. M.  He said the team should not make another trip whereupon one of the toughs put a gun to one of the mule's head and shot it. The owner made such a remonstrance at this that they turned their guns on him and riddled him with bullets while he begged for his life saying that he was a law-abiding citizen. This man had been a private cook for the colonel [Maj. Dodge] at Ft. Dodge. This is why Uncle Sam took a hand,"—Newton Kansan, June 12, 19, 1873; Governors' Correspondence," archives division, Kansas State Historical Society; Henry H. Raymond to J. Evetts Haley, December 6, 1934, copy in manuscript division, Kansas State Historical Society.
77.  Sally (Mrs. N. B.) George.
78.  Possibly Middle Springs of the Cimarron, near Point of Rocks in Morton county.
79.  Alexander Jester, a Sedgwick county resident, had killed a young man, and was caught and convicted but escaped. He next was reported in southwest Kansas where an attempt was made to murder a sick man for his team. The intended victim escaped and found help at the ranch of Mike O'Brien. An informal posse set out which claimed to have found and killed Jester, though years later he turned up in Wichita.—Newton Kansan, March 6,  1873;  Topeka Commonwealth, March 8,  1873;  Miller and  Snell,  op.  cit.,  pp. 446, 447.
80. Nescatunga creek, a Comanche county tributary of the Salt Fork of the Arkansas.
81. Present Oklahoma.
82. Ninnescah river, south central Kansas.
83. Medicine Lodge river, Barber county.
84. Tributaries of the Medicine Lodge river.
85. Billy Tyler was killed in the second battle of Adobe Walls, June 27, 1874.
86. Chikaskia  river in Harper and Sumner counties.
87. A tributary of the Salt Fork which flows south from Kiowa county through Co­manche and Barber counties.
88. The army post, Fort Dodge.