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Kansas Historical Quarterly - Errata - Volume 1

1931-32 (Vol. 1)
Transcribed by lhn;
digitized with permission of the Kansas Historical Society.

Page 28, first paragraph, read "Joseph M. Cole."
Page 29, third line from bottom, read "Thomas Jenner," not "Dr."
Page 29, bottom of page, read "Joseph M. Cole."
Page 32, footnote 2, Thomas Jenner and Dr. Jacob F. Jenner were residents of Indianola at the same time, and both were interested in the success of the Free State cause.
Page 90, third line from bottom of page, Johnston Lykins was second mayor of Kansas City, Mo.
Page 106, footnote 3, read "Joseph Eggleston Johnston."
Page 153, footnote 1, fifth line from bottom, read "Waterville Telegraph."
Page 212, line 17, read "successes" instead of "successors."
Page 300, third line from bottom, read "August 21, 1863."