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Kansas State Capitol - Historic tours

Kansas State Capitol rotunda, Topeka

Tour reservations are not required for groups of 10 or fewer. Reservations historic tours are encouraged for larger groups, especially between January and May. Tour is free, size is limited due to space regulations. Tours are provided by the Kansas Historical Society. A range of tour themes is available. ADA accessible. Please notify us prior to your visit if you or a member of your party requires accommodation for special needs or disabilities. To schedule, call 785-296-3966.

First floor

First floor highlights include murals by David H. Overmyer, plus the ornate stenciling in the rotunda, and a view up toward the inner dome.

Second floor

Features on this floor include murals by John Steuart Curry, the well known Tragic Prelude and Kansas Pastoral. Murals by Lumen Martin Winter are located in the rotunda, as are the four statues by Peter Felten, Jr. The ceremonial governor's office is one of the highlights of the tour.

Third floor

The spectacular Senate Chamber in the east wing and Representative Hall in the west wing are important tour stops. The ornate Old Kansas Supreme Court in the south wing and State Library of Kansas in the north wing are equally impressive.

Fourth floor

The east and west wing galleries offer a great view of the two beautiful spaces.

Fifth floor

The dome murals by Abner Crossman can be viewed from fifth floor.