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Lincoln in Kansas - Introduction

Lincoln in Kansas logoAbraham Lincoln visited Kansas only once, but left a strong impression.  His visit in 1859 brought national attention to Kansas.  Events of his presidency would affect the state.

"If I went West, I think I would go to Kansas."
--Abraham Lincoln, March 17, 1860

These were turbulent years for the nation. All eyes were on Kansas, where anti- and proslavery forces engaged in battles that preceded and, some say, initiated the Civil War. Visit our online exhibit, Willing to Die for Freedom, for background on this time of crisis.

Lincoln in Kansas is an online exhibit developed by the Kansas Museum of History.

This exhibit is divided into five sections plus a quiz. Click on the first link below to embark on your exhibit tour, or visit them in any order.

  1. The Back Story - The Lincoln Douglas debates
  2. I Think I Would Go to Kansas - Lincoln's 1859 Kansas trip
  3. Rail Splitter of the West - Presidential campaigns
  4. The War President - Civil War years
  5. He Is In Glory - The assassination and its aftermath
  6. How Well Do You Know Abraham Lincoln? - Take our fun quiz