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Menninger Foundation Archives

Subordinate Collections

Karl Menninger and Anna Freud


The collection contains over 2500 cubic feet of records tracing the history of Menninger in Topeka, Kansas, and their research in the field of mental health. Menninger developed innovative approaches for treating mentally ill patients, was one of the leaders in training psychiatrists and helping veterans' hospitals and law enforcement agencies incorporate information about mental illness into staff training.

Institutional records date from the 1920s but are strongest for the years 1940-1999, with a large quantity of the records being from the 1970s through the 1990s. The Historic Psychiatry Collection includes documents pertaining to mental health and psychiatry dating back to1774. The archives also contains the papers of Menninger family members, including Charles F. and Flo Menninger, their sons Karl and William, and their grandsons Roy and Walter. There is a large quantity of  photographs and audiovisual materials. Other State Archives collections and Kansas Museum of History artifacts complement the Foundation Archives.

In the summer of 2004, Audrey McKanna, the Lela Barnes Archival Intern, created preliminary finding aids for KSHS, building on the work previously done by Menninger archivists Bea Horne, Kelly Burket, Mark West, and Connie Menninger. More detailed arrangement and description of the Menninger Foundation Archives was completed in 2013 by Kate Alexander, Marcella D. Wiget, and Robert L. Knecht thanks to a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission.

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The Menninger Clinic partnered with the Baylor College of Medicine and The Methodist Hospital in 2002 and the clinic moved to Houston, Texas, taking the patient records with them. People who need access to records of Menninger patients should contact the Menninger Clinic Medical Records Department in Texas at 713-275-5063. In 2004, the Mennninger Foundation transferred title to their institutional archives to the Kansas Historical Society. Since documents revealing the identities of individual patients might still be included in the records at KSHS, the reference staff will ask you to read and sign our researcher agreement before using the Menninger collection.

Menninger Family Archives

  • Menninger Family [MF]
  • Catharine “Cay” Wright Menninger [CWM]
  • Charles Fredrick Menninger [CFM]
  • Edwin A. Menninger [EAM]
  • Florence “Flo” Vesta Menninger [FM]
  • Jeanetta Lyle Menninger [JLM]
  • Karl A. Menninger [KAM]
  • Philip Menninger [PM]
  • Roy W. Menninger [RWM]
  • William C. Menninger [WCM]
  • William Walter Menninger [WWM]

Menninger Foundation Corporate Archives

Organizational Affiliates of the Menninger Foundation

  • American Psychiatric Society
  • American Psychoanalytic Society
  • Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry
  • Kansas Psychiatric Society
  • Kansas Psychological Association
  • Topeka Institute for Psychoanalysis
  • Topeka Psychoanalytic Society
  • [Miscellaneous organizations]

Individual Affiliates of the Menninger Foundation
Includes Menninger Foundation staff, students, trustees, and extra-Menninger professional colleagues not able to be affiliated with a singular department or function of the Foundation.

  • Alfred Paul Bay
  • Barbara Elizabeth Bliss Peterson
  • Bernard Hall
  • David Neiswanger
  • Dean Collins
  • Edward Greenwood
  • Gardner Murphy
  • Hans Falck
  • Herbert Klemmer
  • Irving Sheffel
  • Ishak Ramzy
  • James Cotter Hirschberg
  • James C. Folsom
  • James F. Pratt
  • John A. Segerson
  • John Crabb
  • John R. Stone
  • John S. Homlish, Jr.
  • Leonard J. Duhl
  • Lois Barclay Murphy
  • Lolafaye Coyne
  • Louis Cholden
  • Margaret Mead
  • Marion Kenworthy
  • Mary S. Cerney
  • Mildred Law
  • Nathaniel Uhr
  • Otto Fleischmann
  • Paul W. Pruyser
  • Peter Fleming
  • Robert E. Switzer
  • Robert P. Woods
  • Samuel Zelman
  • Stuart Averill
  • Thomas Dolgoff
  • William Simpson
  • [Set of miscellaneous staff biographies]
  • [Miscellaneous manuscripts by staff, patients, students, and other individual affiliates]

Manuscripts of Menninger Affiliates
Authors include Menninger Foundation staff not supplemented by personal papers collections in (J), affiliates, and patients.

  • Article and Reprint Collections
  • Carney, James
  • Deshong, Barbara Rice
  • Doehrman, Margery Jean Gross
  • Dorsey, John
  • Ekstein, Rudolph
  • Falck, Hans
  • Fellows, Ralph M.
  • Finniger, Paul
  • Fishbein, Morris
  • Frazier, Harriet C.
  • Freeman, Lucy
  • Gish, Lowell
  • Guggenheim, Paul
  • Halleck, Seymour
  • Herman, Louis
  • Ingram, Alice Rover
  • Kahn, Betty
  • Key, William
  • Menninger-Lenchenthal, Ehrich
  • Moriarty, Alice
  • Mowrer, Hobart
  • Plano, Ella
  • Reider, Norman
  • Schneck, Jerome
  • Stillwell, Daisy
  • Stone, Leo
  • Taylor, James B.
  • Toussieng, Povl
  •  Wallerstein, Robert

Menninger Historic Psychiatry Collections

Papers of individuals influential to the development of psychiatric practice
Links are to collections available on Kansas Memory.

General Collections
Includes historic newspaper excerpts ca.1800 and miscellaneous manuscript material.

Individual Collections

Related Collections

Menninger Clinic publications and photograph collections.

  Index to Abbreviations found in Menninger Archives finding aids
AAMFT American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
AAPSW American Association of Psychiatric Social Workers
ADARP Alcohol and Drug Abuse Recovery Program
AFTA American Family Therapy Academy
APsaA American Psychoanalytic Association
AT Activity/Adjunctive Therapy
ATP Adolescent Transitional Program
BH Bernard Hall
BMC Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic
CABS Center for Applied Behavioral Sciences
CAP Center for Applied Psychophysiology
CASE Crisis Admissions and Special Evaluations
CHARLEE [Program] Children Have All Rights Legal, Educational, Emotional
CFM Charles F. Menninger
CFMMH Charles F. Menninger Memorial Hospital
CMG Clinical Management Group
CP Clinical Patients
CPT Current Procedural Technology
CSO Community Service Office
CWM Catherine W. Menninger
DAP Department of Adult Psychiatry
DSO Development Services Office
EAM Edwin A. Menninger
ECT Electroconvulsive Therapy
EDTRP Eating Disorder Trauma Recovery Program
EDU Eating Disorder Unit
EES Elmer Ernest Southard
EO Emil Oberholzer
FM Florence Menninger
FW Frankwood Williams
HIM Health Information Management
HO Hospitals
HOPE Health Opportunities and Psychological Enhancement
IMH Industrial Mental Health
INT Interest
IPsaA International Psychoanalytic Association
IR Institutional Records
JCF James C. Folsom
JLM Jeanetta L. Menninger
KAM Karl A. Menninger
KMSP Karl Menninger School of Psychiatry (also MSP)
LAW Mildred Law
M Miscellaneous
MC Manuscript Collection
MF Menninger Family
MFSPA Menninger Foundation School of Psychiatric Aides
MHS Mental Health Sciences
MLA Miscellaneous
MS Manuscripts and Speeches
MSP Menninger School of Psychiatry
NR Nina Ridenour
OD Original Documents
OGA Office of Government Affairs
OR Organizations
P&T Pharmacy and Therapeutics
PCEC Patient Care Evaluation Committee
PEM Professional Education Meetings
PER Personal Papers
PHS Partial Hospitalization Services
PIC Professionals In Crisis
PRO Professional Papers
PM Phillip Menninger
PSDTC Pre-School Day Treatment Center
PSO Professional Staff Organization
PWP Paul W. Pruyser
RWM Roy W. Menninger
SDTU Short-term Diagnostic and Treatment Unit
SET Self-Harm Evaluation Treatment Unit
TIP Topeka Institute for Psychoanalysis
TPS Topeka Psychiatric Society
TRP Trauma Recovery Program
TSH Topeka State Hospital
TMF The Menninger Foundation
WCM William C. Menninger
WWM W. Walter Menninger