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History and Environmental Fairs


Spinning yarn the pioneer way

American Indian flute maker










Demonstrating the art of flint knappingHow did the Plains Indians make use of the buffalo?









Topeka Public Library staff introduce Maggie, the ratLearning about cowboy equipment









Insect or bug? The excitement of entomologyInvestigating a crawdad










Bernie the burro from the Wild Horse Program

Keeping Kansas air pure








Comparing types of light bulbsLearning about alternative electricity










Skins and hides

Mustang enjoying the event








carding wool

Snakes and other critters







Enjoying the outdoors

Trying their hand at composting











Candlemaking at 2008 History & Environmental FairMapping activity








Learning about tornadoes

Showing one of the many types of snakes found in Kansas







Carrying water with a yoke and buckets

Retiring the electric light bulb









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