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Read Kansas! Intermediate Lessons

I - 3 Famous KansansMost of the Kansas social studies standards for the intermediate grades are located in the fourth grade curriculum. The Read Kansas! lessons developed for this level include many of those Kansas history standards, reading standards, and writing standards. The online lesson also shows the conversion to Kansas College and Career Ready Standards for Reading, Writing, and Language.

Fourth grade teachers will find these lessons a valuable source for teaching Kansas history in combination with reading.  However, that doesn't mean that other grade levels will not be able to make use of these lessons. Read Kansas! lessons are appropriate for introducing Kansas to students at a variety of levels from independent reading, to those whose primary language is not English, or to remedial readers.  They are also great for a Kansas Day activity.

Fourth Grade Lessons

Number     Lesson

I-1   Getting to Know Government

I-6 Trade and Migration on the Overland TrailsI-2   Kansas Land

I-3   Famous Kansans

I-4   Explorers in Kansas

I-5   Connecting Kansas: Past and Present

I-6   Trade and Migration on the Overland Trails

I-7   Experiencing the Trails

I-8   Immigrants to Kansas: Why Did They Come?

I-9   Immigrant Contributions

I-10 Why is the State Called Kansas?

I-11 Home on the Range  

I-12 Piecing Together the Story of Glenn Cunningham: A Kansas Champion