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Reflections - Summer 2011

Reflections Summer 2011Reflections is published quarterly by the Kansas Historical Society.

In this issue:

“Your Affectionate Husband and Father:” Letters from John Brown - Five of abolitionist John Brown’s sons moved to Kansas Territory in 1855, their pleas prompted him to move to the area 

In Search of Wild Bill Hickok - This precious collection holds the stories and images of the family including the most famous member, James Butler Hickok, known as “Wild Bill.”

The Kansas Weather - the state's weather is featured in one of the sections of our new special exhibit, learn more about the flood of 1903

Our regular features are Meet Our Staff, Save Our History, Real People. Real Stories. - Vera Miles, It Happened First in Kansas, Online Collections, and our Calendar of Events.

Reflections is available online in a PDF format.

Summer 2011

Reflections is a benefit of membership in the Kansas Historical Foundation.