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Reflections - Winter 2015

Reflections, Winter 2015Volume 9, Issue 1

The Kansas Historical Society’s programs touch every corner of the state. This issue of Reflections, a member benefit of the Kansas Historical Foundation, focuses on Ellis County. Read Reflections, Winter 2015 (PDF).

  • Reminders of the ancient sea that once covered the area through post rock.
  • Once prime hunting ground for Plains Indians.
  • Westward expansion after the discovery of gold in Colorado.
  • Overland trails crossed the area.
  • Military posts were established to guard workers on the rail lines.
  • Railroads brought immigrants to farm the rich lands.


In this issue:

Marble from excavation at Fort HaysClues to Civilian
Life at Fort Hays
Volga German familyPreserving Traditions:
Germans from Russia
Fort Flecther Stone Arch BridgeStructured History Walter P. Chrysler Boyhood homeYouthful Inspirations:
Walter Chrysler in Kansas

Scenes from Ellis County

Leona Pfeifer on German dialects Leona Pfeifer on wedding traditions

Recipes from Ellis County


Recipe - Grebbel

Sour Soup

Sour Soup

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