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Reflections - Winter 2016

Reflections Winter 2016Volume 10, Issue 1

The Kansas Historical Society touches different regions of the state through its programs. This issue of Reflections explores the south central counties of Barber, Comanche, Kiowa, and Pratt.

The dramatic Gypsum or Red Hills in this region is a distinctive and unique feature in Kansas. The rich iron deposits contribute to the colorful red bluffs and buttes with contrasting white gypsum layers and green cedars. Thousands of native peoples gathered here with U.S. government representatives to negotiate treaties in 1867. Farms, ranches, businesses, and industries were created in the area, sometimes drawing well-known people like the Rockefellers, Wyatt Earp, Carry Nation, and Ted Turner. Today the area continues to recognize its history and resources through museums, pageants, and scenic byways.


In this issue:

SatantaCouncil at Medicine Lodge Creek From Lawman to OutlawFrom Lawman to Outlaw
Carry NationTo Preserve the Family: Carry Nation Proving the SuperfortressProving the Superfortress in Pratt
Honoring HistoryHonoring History: Greensburg