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Sleeping Heroes

Sleeping Heroes Database

This database of Civil War soldiers with Kansas connections was originally compiled by researcher John Jackson and students in Glasco. Additional entries were submitted by Kansas students. 

Surname: Given Name:
Use Soundex? [Soundex finds names that sound similar, although not spelled the same, as for example Turner, Terner, and Trimmer, or Watson and Whitson.]
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Buried: County
State of Service:

See John Jackson's photographs of Civil War veterans' gravesites in Kansas cemeteries.

History of project

In 2006 students at Glasco Grade School in Cloud County initiated this project with a grant from Save Our History. What they learned surprised them and their town of 500 citizens. Their findings included connections to “Andersonville prison and the Kansas legislature, farmers, and even the stone mason who built the first of Glasco’s important buildings.”  Students researched each of the 87 veterans buried in the Glasco cemetery, wrote reports, and gave presentations. Some even discovered that the buried veteran was an ancestor.