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State government publications

Bookmobile delivering books to sailorsThe Kansas Historical Society has been a permanent repository for state publications since 1876 and possesses the most extensive collection of Kansas government documents in the United States. The Historical Society attempts to secure permanent copies of all Kansas state agency publications. These publications include agricultural, climatic, demographic, economic, geological, environmental, and historical information. This collection reflects the strong historical commitment and legal requirement of the society to preserve Kansas’ history and state publications.

Access is by using the traditional card catalog for most publications or ATLAS, our online catalog, for titles cataloged after 1994. Selected historical state publication titles are being digitized and added to Kansas Memory.

Particular strengths of the Historical Society's collection include a complete run of the laws of Kansas including the territorial period and reports of the Office of the Kansas Adjutant General. There are extensive collections on the many state agencies and universities. The publications of our state universities reflect the history and development of our schools of higher learning.

The collection includes extensive publications of the Kansas Board of Agriculture and the Kansas Department of Public Instruction. The annual reports and other publications of the agencies are used to document the development of our state’s agricultural economy and our support of quality education to our citizens. The reports of the State Mine Inspector highlight our often-overlooked history of coal, zinc, and lead mining and their importance to the economic vitality of the state. Publications from the state’s regents universities are also collected. University yearbooks are collected by private donation to enhance the university collections.

A random sampling of titles:

Kansas. Adjutant General. Kansas Casualties in the World War, 1917-1919, Regular Army, National Guard, National Army, Enlisted Reserve Corp.

Kansas. Animal Health Department., Livestock Brand Division. Livestock Brand Book of the State of Kansas, 1970-current vol.

Fort Hays Kansas State College The Western Normal Leader, v. 1-6, Mar. 18, 1908--May 1913

Kansas. Dept. of Public Instruction. Textbook screening committee. Textbooks Suitable for Use in Kansas Schools ... Approved by the Committee, 1958-1968.

Kansas Penitentiary. General Rules and Regulations of the State Penitentary, Kansas. 1889.

Clapsaddle, David K. Larned State Hospital, the First Fifty Years. 1983.

Kansas. Board of Health. Swat the Fly.