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About the State Records Board

The State Records Board (SRB) has jurisdiction over executive-branch state agencies and county offices.  The board makes decisions on requests of state and county agencies and offices for the destruction or other disposition of records.  The board also ensures that records of enduring value with no operational or administrative need to remain at the state office of origin are transferred to the State Archives.

State agencies and local government offices seeking approval from the SRB for records disposition requests, new retention and disposition schedules, revisions to existing schedules, or other related matters may submit this information, in the format recommended by Historical Society staff, at least one month (30 days) before the Board meeting at which the requests will be considered.

Agency staff attend the meeting at which their schedule is being considered to answer questions about specific record series or other inquiries from board members. In addition, K.S.A. 75-3503 authorizes an agency submitting a records schedule entry or entries to the State Records Board to designate two individuals to act as ex officio members of the board; the ex-officio members can vote when the board considers their agency's proposed schedule. The board approves the schedule as presented, with modifications, or tables a specific schedule entry pending the gathering of additional information.

The SRB authorizes Records Management staff at the Kansas State Historical Society to make the certain limited technical changes to records retention schedules without further review and approval by the SRB. These changes include but are not limited to

  • superseding to the general schedule agency-specific entries matching the intent of a general schedule entry;
  • making obsolete schedule entries for records no longer created or maintained by an agency;
  • revising records series titles or agency organizational information, such as after an agency has reorganized;
  • making copy editing changes, such as to fix typoes.

For a listing of State Records Board procedures and for all non-substantive, technical changes public records staff can help agencies make without additional approval from the SRB, please review this document.