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Tip 1: Gathering information

Family history tip oneGather information from family members

  • Ask for names, dates, places, and family stories
  • Take complete notes
  • Shoot photographs
  • Record audio
  • Ask to make copies of photographs and records
  • Offer to share your findings

Transfer information to pedigree and family history forms

  • Print online forms
  • Use online services like Ancestry (available in the Historical Society's research room)
  • Use other types of genealogy applications

Analyze forms

  • Note areas with information gaps or conflicts
  • Note areas with conflicting data
  • Select a few people to research in more depth
  • Start with obituaries in Kansas newspapers

Plan a research trip to the Kansas Historical Society's State Archives in Topeka.

Tip 2: Searching Census

Tip 3: Searching vital records

Tip 4: Newspapers

Tip 5: Were they really orphans?

Tip 6: Kansas Plat Atlas