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The Kansas Historical Society offers two complexes in Topeka for meetings and events: Kansas State Capitol in downtown Topeka and the Historical Society headquarters in west Topeka.

Kansas Historical Society headquarters

The Historical Society's location at 6425 SW 6th Avenue is surrounded by 80 acres of Kansas grasses and woodlands, the beautiful complex setting is both contemporary and historic. This historic setting provides the perfect place for your memorable occasions. The 1847 Potawatomi Mission and the 1920s Stach School are located here along with two modern buildings.


  • Beautiful 80 acre grounds
  • Easy access to Interstate 70
  • Adjacent, free parking
  • 2.5 mile trail surrounds complex
  • Admission to the Museum gallery is included if you request
  • Picnic tables and playground equipment onsite
  • Driving and parking directions

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Kansas State Capitol in downtown Topeka