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World War II Army Casualties

In 1946, the U.S. War Department published a list of dead and missing Army troops from each state, including Kansas. This database, based on the published list, contains more than 4500 names of Kansans who died while serving in the United States Army, including the Army Air Forces, between May 27, 1941, and January 31, 1946.

Surname: Given (First) Name:
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County of Residence:

Source: United States. Adjutant-General's Office. World War II honor list of dead and missing for the State of Kansas. Washington, D.C.: The War Dept., 1946. [Call number: K/940.95/Un3]

"Prepared by the Adjutant General for the War Department Bureau of Public Relations," this listing includes the name, grade (rank), and serial number of all U.S. Army personnel who were killed or died, or who became and remained missing, while in line-of-duty status between the declaration of national emergency in May of 1941 and the cut-off date of the listing. This was planned to be a preliminary listing, but no final list was published.

The list does not include Red Cross or other civilian personnel, nor does it include Navy or Marine Corps members.