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World War II Selective Service Index

The Kansas Adjutant General Selective Service Board records contain lists of more than 227,000 men and women who registered in Kansas between September 16, 1940 and June 30, 1946. The lists include the name of the person, the county where s/he registered, branch of service, whether enlisted (E) or drafted (I), the date, the service/serial number and order number if "registered." These lists rarely contain any additional information about the person. For more information, try the WWII databases on the National Archives Access to Archival Databases (AAD) website.

Surname: Given Name:
Use Soundex? [Soundex finds names that sound similar, although not spelled the same, as for example Turner, Terner, and Trimmer, or Watson and Whitson.]
Branch of Service
Home County: Service Number:
Year of Enlistment/Induction:

Try a variety of search options and guesswork to maximize your search results. The data is voluminous, and every effort for accuracy has been made. However, errors could occur, either from the data input or the original list itself. Therefore, if you are having difficulting locating a soldier, you should try entering just a portion of a last name/surname (ex: "davi" will pull up "Davis", "Davies", "Davidson" etc.), different spellings of last names/surnames, entering only the first name, or widening the search to the entire county and browsing, etc. Keep in mind that in the original records, some individuals share the same service number!

This index was made possible by volunteers Irene Stillie, Darrell Schmitz, Paula Quinley, Jordan Huzarevich, John Liezert, Jack and Jody Hankammer, David Murtie, Caitlin Campbell and Pedro Juarez.