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KSHS Staff Directory -- Education and Museum

Atwood, Evelyn  Museum Teacher 
Bell, Sarah  Director 
Brennan, Joy  Program Coordinator 
Brentano, Joe  Capitol Visitor Center Coordinator 
Dollar, Harrison  Capitol Tour Guide 
Duncan, Rebecca  Museum Teacher 
Elder, Robert  Museum Registrar 
Forsberg, Nate  Exhibit Director 
Guy, Penny  Capitol Tour Guide 
Herr, Lois  Education Coordinator 
Hodge, Norman  Capitol Tour Guide 
Johnson, Trae  Education Assistant 
Moore-Meinzer, Roberta  Museum Teacher 
Pheigaru, Ashley  Education and Museum Administration Assistant 
Smith, Patti  Capitol Tour Guide 
Wade, Darren  Capitol Visitor Center Assistant Coordinator 
Woods, Anna  Museum Curator