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Title: Affidavits as to proof of half-breed status
Date: 1833-12-23
Volume: 32 Page: 46 (Microfilm reel MS-99)
Author(s): David G. Bates, Affiant; D. L. Harris, Affiant; John Turney, J.P.; J. W. Shuil; Nehemiah Bates, J.P.; W. B. Green, Clerk of Daviess County, Illinois;
Contents: Contains affadavits from various people affirming claim of Betsy Farrar. No letter to William Clark in connnection with these affadavits exists in this volume. All affiants affirm the right to land of Betsy Farrar.
Description: Copy of documents. 3 p.

Title: Letter
Date: 1834-01-07
Volume: 32 Page: 35 (Microfilm reel MS-99)
Author(s): William Clark, S.I.A.St.L.;
Recipient(s): M. William Price;
Contents: S.I.A.St.L. (William Clark) To M. William Price. Letter contains a lack of knowledge as to when claims to land will be considered & verified or when titles will be issued. This probably will happen in a timely fashion, but specifics are unknown.
Description: Copy of letter. 1p.

Title: Petition of a half-breed claiming land
Date: 1834-01-10
Volume: 32 Page: 38 (Microfilm reel MS-99)
Author(s): Christopher Antio (signed document of proof conerning himself); Isaac R Campbell (document author); John Wagginer Jr. (witness to documents); Wesley Williams, J.P. (witness to documents); William Clark, S.I.A.St.L.;
Recipient(s): Mr. Isaac R Campbell;
Contents: S.I.A. St.L. (William Clark) To Mr. Isaac R Campbell. Informs recipient that the name "Christoher Antio" is not on the list of half breeds of the Fox & Sac nations whose claims have been substantiated. However someone with a similar name has reached this office. Perhaps the difference in pronouncing and writing the name is at fault here. Please transmit any further proof to this office.
Description: Copy of letters & documents. 4p.
Comments: This letter was Wm. Clark's answer to a letter written Dec. 20, 1833 from Campbell; Also included in the 4 pages, 38-41, are documents of proof concerning Christopher Antio.
Title: Letter
Date: 1834-02-25
Volume: 32 Page: 53 (Microfilm reel MS-99)
Author(s): William Clark, S.I.A.St.L.;
Recipient(s): Rev. C.F. Quickenborne;
Contents: S.I.A.St.L. (William Clark) To Rev.C.Quickenborne, State of Missouri, County of St. Charles. Verifies that the name of Elisabeth (Hunt) appears on several papers re: eligibility for land grant; advises claimant or guardian should appear in person; states surveying is complete, but distribution decisions have not yet been made.
Description: Copy of letter. 2p.
Comments: See letter to Clark from Quickenborne dated 2/21/1834 and affadavit with referral date of 2/2/1834 signed by F. Lesieur, J.P., Etienne Bienvenir, Affiant, & Patrice Roy, Affiant
Title: Letter
Date: 1834-03-04
Volume: 32 Page: 68 (Microfilm reel MS-99)
Author(s): J. Brisbois, Crawford County, MI Terr. Court Clerk; Jean B. Mayrand; Joseph Rolette, J.P.;
Recipient(s): William Clark, S.I.A.St.L.;
Contents: Joseph Rolette, J.P. & Jean B. Mayrand To S.I.A.St.L. (William Clark). Letter contains testimony to the parentage of Pierre Antaya, Jr. , to further the legitamcy of his claim to land, as a half breed, provided under the Treaty of 1824.
Description: Copy of letter. 2p.

Title: Letter
Date: 1834-03-22
Volume: 32 Page: 64 (Microfilm reel MS-99)
Author(s): H.L. Housman, Prairie du Chien;
Recipient(s): William Clark, S.I.A.St.L.;
Contents: H. L. Dousman, Prairie du Chien To S.I.A.St.L. (William Clark). Letter asking Wm. Clark to make proper disposition of claims and affadavits for Pierre Antaya and Louis Desonier.
Description: Copy of letter. 1p.
Comments: See letter from Geo Maguire(for William Clark) to H.L. Housman dated 4/2/1834
Title: Letter
Date: 1834-04-30
Volume: 32 Page: 70 (Microfilm reel MS-99)
Author(s): Chrysostoin Antoyer, half breed; Dennis Courtois, deposer; Elizabeth Antoyer (Cardinal) half breed; Euphroisine Antoyer (Powers) half breed; Francoise Hebert (Menard) half breed; Isaac Antoyer, half breed; Isadore Antoyer, half breed; James H. Lockwood, Justice of the Peace, Crawford County, Territory of Michigan; Louis Desonier, half breed; Louise Hebert (Brousseau) half breed; Louise Queri, deposer; Margaret Antoyer (Sarivierre) half breed; Margaret Hebert (Price) half breed; Marie Louis Giard (Chiennert) half breed; Mary Antoyer (Sapointe) half breed; Mary Giard (Bell) half breed; Mary Johnson, half breed; Michael Dubois, deposer; Perish Antoyer, half breed; Pierre Landron, half breed; Roselli Johnson, half breed; Theotiste Antoyer (Provost) half breed;
Recipient(s): William Clark, S.I.A.St.L.;
Contents: James H. Lockwood, J.P. To S.I.A.St.L. (William Clark). Contains testimony of Dennis Courtois, Louise Queri, and Michael Dubois concerning the parentage and legitimacy of land claims for various half breeds under the Treaty of 1824
Description: Copy of letter. 3p.
Comments: Note: Author of letter and list of half breeds appear under the "author" section of the database. Also note the spelling of "Antoyer" was spelled in various ways in other letters. eg. Antoya
Title: Letter from Indian Agent, Rock Island (Jos. M. Street) To S.I.A.St.L. (Genl. William Clark)
Date: 1836-06-07
Volume: G Page: 7 (Microfilm reel MF-3166)
Author(s): Jos. M Street (Indian Agent, Rock Island);
Recipient(s): Genl. William Clark (S.I.A.St.L.);
Contents: Discusses the problem of squatters trying to claim Indian land & property. Expresses the opinion that until the government does something about it, the squatters are going to remain.
Description: Copy of letter. 1p.

Title: Letter from (anonymous), Kickapoo Village To S.I.A.St.L. (Genl. William Clark)
Date: 1836-08-27
Volume: G Page: 32 (Microfilm reel MF-3166)
Author(s): [Unknown or uncertain];
Recipient(s): William Clark (S.I.A.St.L.);
Contents: Brief letter states that the claim of Francois Lesieune for 5 horses alleged to have been stolen from him....
Description: Copy of letter. 1p.
Comments: In other handwriting one is referred to the Book of Indian Claims, page 58. (No author was listed for this letter, but Kickapoo Village was the place from which it was written)
Title: Letter from Major Morgan To Indian Agent for the Delawares (R. W. Cummins)
Date: 1836-12-06
Volume: G Page: 34 (Microfilm reel MF-3166)
Author(s): Major A. G. Morgan;
Recipient(s): R. W. Cummins (Agent for the Delawares);
Contents: Morgan attempts to correct Cummins' impression that he, Morgan, was interfering with Delaware Chiefs. Morgan mentions Capt. Swannack whom (he says) told him that the chiefs wanted to go with him to Washington. Swannack also told Morgan that Gen. Clark had promised the chiefs he would enable them to settle their claims.
Description: Copy of letter. 1p.
Comments: (see letter from Cummins to C. A. Harris, Comm. Ind. Affs., dated 12/23/1836)
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