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Creator: coffey county
Material Type(s): Government Record
Descriptive Level(s): Series

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ID Title Creator Date Material Type & Level Online?
59251 Will Record-Case Files Coffey County. Probate Court 1870-1917 Government record (Series) No
59250 Will Record Coffey County. Probate Court 1861-1919 Government record (Series) No
59231 Vital Statistics Registers Coffey County. County Clerk 1886-1910 Government record (Series) No
190919 Tax Assessment Rolls Coffey County. County Treasurer 1862B-1866 Government record (Series) No
194848 Survey Plats: Burlington Industrial Park No. 1, Storage Building Project No. 844 Coffey County. County Engineer 1982-1984 Government record (Series) No
190903 Stray Book Coffey County. County Clerk 1859-1870 Government record (Series) No
190918 Records Of School District No 27 Coffey County. Supt Of Public Instruction 1897-1953 Government record (Series) No
190906 Record Of Official Acts Coffey County. Supt Of Public Instruction 1881-1898 Government record (Series) No
59257 Public Instruction Scholastic Census Records Coffey County. Register of Deeds 1880-1987 Government record (Series) No
59249 Probate Court Case Files-Closed Guardianship Coffey County. Probate Court 1873-1917 Government record (Series) No
59248 Probate Court Case Files-Administration of Estates Coffey County. Probate Court 1859-1902 Government record (Series) No
190905 Police Court Docket Coffey County. Police Court 1892-1905 Government record (Series) No
59172 Ordinance Book Coffey County. City Clerk 1886-1892 Government record (Series) No
59245 Naturalization Record-Petition & Record Coffey County. Probate Court 1907-1929 Government record (Series) No
59243 Naturalization Record - Index Coffey County. Probate Court Dates not given Government record (Series) No
59246 Naturalization Record -Declaration of Intention Coffey County. Probate Court 1904-1906 Government record (Series) No
59256 Miscellaneous Records Coffey County. Register of Deeds 1886-1917 Government record (Series) No
59255 Miscellaneous Public Instruction Records Coffey County. Register of Deeds 1956-1960 Government record (Series) No
59236 Miscellaneous District and Probate Court Records Coffey County. District Court 1915-1937 Government record (Series) No
59254 Military Discharge Records Coffey County. Register of Deeds 1869-1885 Government record (Series) No
190904 Medical Examinations Coffey County. Medical Examination Board 1879-1880 Government record (Series) No
193936 Mechanic Liens Coffey County. County Clerk 1870-1903 Government record (Series) No
59241 Marriage Record Coffey County. Probate Court 1858-1926 Government record (Series) No
190911 Justices Docket Criminal Cases Coffey County. Justice of the Peace 1888B-1928B Government record (Series) No
190910 Justices Docket Civil Cases Coffey County. Justice of the Peace 1868B-1928B Government record (Series) No
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