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Creator: davis
Material Type(s): Government Record
Beginning Date: 1923
Ending Date: 1925

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ID Title Creator Date Material Type & Level Online?
193457 Anonymous and Crank Letters Governor's Office. Main Office 1905B-1927B Government record (Series) No
194090 Applications For Requisitions - Series I & II Governor's Office. Pardon and Extradition Attorney 1874-1953 Government record (Series) No
195556 Appointment Files Governor's Office. Main Office 1900-1937 Government record (Series) No
193802 Citizenship pardons Governor's Office. Pardon and Extradition Attorney 1876-1960 Government record (Series) No
193810 Conditional Pardons - Paroled Prisoners Governor's Office. Pardon Attorney 1924-1958 Government record (Series) No
193429 Correspondence Files Governor's Office. Davis, J M Administration 1923-1925 Government record (Series) No
196609 Criminal Justice Records- KSP Reports Of Prisioners Received Governor's Office. Main Office 1897-1923 Government record (Series) No
193806 Executive Clemency and Parole Requests Governor's Office. Main Office 1921-1925 Government record (Series) No
193767 Executive Clemency Lists Governor's Office. Main Office 1920-1941 Government record (Series) No
191789 Extraditions Governor's Office. Pardon and Extradition Attorney 1877-1994 Government record (Series) No
193809 Final Discharge Of Paroled Prisoners Governor's Office. Main Office 1905-1924 Government record (Series) No
214539 Governor Jonathan Davis to Paul Sifton Davis, Jonathan McMillan, 1837-1893 February 8, 1923 Government record (Item) View
207826 Governor Jonathan Mcmillan Davis to Butler County Pomona Grange Davis, Jonathan McMillan, 1871-1943 December 1, 1923 Government record (Item) View
193801 Jail and State Reformatory Pardons and Commutations Governor's Office. Pardon and Extradition Attorney 1897-1925 Government record (Series) No
193455 Justice Of The Peace Appointments Governor's Office. Main Office 1882B-1949 Government record (Series) No
193454 Justice of the Peace Resignations Governor's Office. Main Office 1919-1948 Government record (Series) No
196610 KSP Reports of Prisoners Discharged Governor's Office. Main Office 1896-1923 Government record (Series) No
193452 Miscellaneous Appointments Governor's Office. Main Office 1923-1947 Government record (Series) No
193453 Miscellaneous Resignations Governor's Office. Main Office 1915-1934 Government record (Series) No
193470 Miscellaneous Volumes Governor's Office. Main Office 1885-1929C Government record (Series) No
193659 Pardon and parole files Governor's Office. Pardon and Extradition Attorney 1863 - 1983 Government record (Series) No
193658 Pardon And Parole Files - Criminally Insane Ward Governor's Office. Pardon Attorney 1919-1939 Government record (Series) No
196304 Pardon And Parole Files For Female Inmates Governor's Office. Main Office 1921-1962 Government record (Series) No
193804 Paroles and Commutations - Industrial Farm for Women Governor's Office. Main Office 1925-1929 Government record (Series) No
193808 Paroles and Commutations - Kansas State Penitentiary Governor's Office. Main Office 1918-1950 Government record (Series) No
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