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Second Saturday Sessions - Grinter Place

As an educator and historian who has researched the trails, Cheri Miller of the Wyandotte County Conservation District will share a few of the fascinating tales from adventurers who made Kansas their home. Discover crops Eastern Kansas was known for, which are making a return. Hear the true story of the many changes in farming from a 4th generation producer in Wyandotte County.  Mark Meinke will also speak at the event. He has been an active grower just as his father, grandfather and great-great father before him.  His family has seen the time of boom, dust and regrowth in Wyandotte County.  Mark will share stories and answer your questions about farming and agriculture in the area. A few artifacts from the National Agricultural Center and Hall of Fame will be shown. 

Second Saturdays are free to the public. Refreshments will be served (recipes from the Grinter Place Cookbook) and Grinter Place Cookbooks will be available for purchase.