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Chip Lagerbom

Author, explorer.

Chip Lagerbom, a graduate of Lyons High School, lived in a tent in the Trans Antarctic Mountains during the summer of 1990-1991, going as far south as anyone can go on earth.

When Lagerbom graduated from Lyons High School and enrolled at Kansas State University he didn’t have a major, a plan, or any idea that he would some day travel to the Artic. Lagerbom chose a major of history, which led him to his graduate studies at University of Maine. There he participated in an archeology program and was given the chance of a lifetime. He signed up with the University of Maine’s glacial geology team as a field assistant.

He soon found himself in the Dry Valleys of Antarctica digging pits from which geologists would collect rock and soil samples. While there Lagerbom was unable to bathe, faced temperatures that were constantly below freezing, and saw some of the last land on earth to be untouched by people. He signed up for a second tour in 1992 and in 1995 wrote a book about polar explorers Henry Bowers.

Since his journeys to the Antarctic Lagerbom has kept an avid interest on the topic. He currently is teaching in a Maine school.

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