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Hays Baxter White

Politician. Republican. Born: September 21, 1855, Fairfield, Iowa. Died: September 29, 1930. Served in U.S. House of Representatives, 6th District: March 4, 1919, to March 3, 1929.

Born near Fairfield, Iowa, on September 21, 1855, Hays White was raised on a farm and attended the rural schools of his native Jefferson County, as well as one term at Fairfield's Atchison Academy. White engaged in agriculture before removing to a farm near Mankato in Jewell County, Kansas, with his young wife, Diana Parsons White, in March 1876. To supplement their income from agriculture and stock raising, White taught at a rural school near Mankato and was subsequently a member of the state house of representatives (1888-1890) and the state senate (1900-1904), mayor of Mankato in 1914 and 1915, and a member of the state tax commission in 1915-1918. Throughout this period and his decade in Congress, White actively pursued his interests in agriculture, particularly cattle breeding. Elected as a Republican to the Sixty-sixth Congress in 1918, White was reelected four times and chose not to seek the party's nomination in 1928 (served, March 4, 1919-March 3, 1929). The former congressman then returned to Mankato where he died on September 29, 1930.

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