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Hugh Beaumont

Barbara Billingsley and Hugh Beaumont as June and Ward CleaverBorn: February 16, 1909, Lawrence, Kansas. Died: May 14, 1982, Munich, Germany.

Eugene Hugh Beaumont was born February 16, 1909, in Lawrence, Kansas. Beaumont attended the University of Chattanooga to play football before he left to attend the University of Southern California. Beaumont began performing in 1931 in theatres, nightclubs, and on the radio before he began acting in the 1940s. Best known for his role as Ward Cleaver on Leave It to Beaver, Beaumont played in many different television series until he suffered a stroke in 1972. Beaumont also directed several episodes in Leave It to Beaver. Beaumont married Kathryn Adams Doty in 1942 and divorced in 1974, together they had three children. Beaumont was visiting his son in Munich, Germany, when he suffered a heart attack and died May 14, 1982.

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