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Korean War Anniversary

Korean War anniversary button.These materials were distributed by the Veterans of Foreign Wars to commemorate the "Forgotten War."

In the aftermath of World War II, Korea was split along the 38th parallel. North Korea formed a communist government with the backing of the Soviet Union, while South Korea formed a democratic government with the backing of the United States.

Korean War anniversary sticker.North Korea invaded the South, effectively overrunning it on June 25, 1950. President Harry Truman sent American troops into South Korea, and eventually the war was declared a "police action" by the United Nations. But after recovering South Korea and pushing North to the Chinese border, the People's Republic of China aided North Korea and pushed U.N. forces back to the 38th parallel by the end of 1950. The situation remained tense along the 38th parallel until an armistice was signed on July 27, 1953. No treaty of peace has ever been signed.

Now, decades since the Korean War was fought, efforts are being made to gain recognition for those who served in this "Forgotten War."  The 50th anniversary was marked throughout the United States with ceremonies and commemorative materials.

In May 2001, a memorial to Kansans who served in Korea was dedicated in Wichita. The promotional materials pictured here were distributed by the Veterans of Foreign Wars to raise awareness of the anniversary. Among the items distributed were a window sticker (left) and buttons (right).

The Kansas Museum of History's collection of Korean War artifacts also includes uniforms, badges, and a footlocker used by Kansans during the conflict.

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