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Mary Stauffer Brownback

Born: Kansas City, Kansas. Married: Sam Brownback, August 1982.

The daughter of John H. and Ruth (Granger) Stauffer, Mary Stauffer was born in Kansas City, Kansas. She received a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Kansas, lettering in tennis for four years. She earned a law degree from the University of Kansas.

She married Sam Brownback in August 1982. The have five children, including two who were adopted: Abby Andy, Liz, Mark, and Jenna.

She served as a law clerk for Kansas Supreme Court Justice David Prager and later worked as a vice president in a trust department. When he was elected to be the 46th governor of Kansas, she became First Lady. She began serving in that capacity in 2011, focusing her efforts on reading and literacy for students. She sponsored the Kansas Book Festival, recognizing Kansas authors, and launched summer reading programs to recognize student achievements in reading.

Entry: Brownback, Mary Stauffer

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