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Neil Frank

Neil FrankNeil Frank was born in the 1930s and attended high school in Wellington, Kansas. After graduation Frank went to Southwestern College to play basketball. Frank had hopes of one day becoming a basketball coach, but those dreams changed after he joined the Air Force in 1953. Frank attended St. Louis University for a year studying meteorology and afterwards was deployed to Okinawa, where his interest in weather developed into a profession. After leaving the Air Force, Frank attended Florida State University where he received his masters and doctorate degree in meteorology. After graduation Frank began work at the National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami, Florida. In 1974 Frank became the director of NHC and in 1987 he retired after 25 years. The same year Frank moved to Houston, Texas, and accepted a job as a meteorologist for KHOU-TV. In 1997 he became the chief meteorologist, and in 2007 he retired. Frank has received many awards for his work in meteorology including the Belo William H. Seay Award in 2004, and the Charles L. Mitchell Award in 2010 from the American Meteorological Society.

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