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Old West Lawmen

Dodge City lawmenKansas cowtowns quickly established a reputation for violence and for attracting the seedier elements of society. Saloons, dance houses, and brothels appeared in numbers unmatched by other Kansas frontier communities. It was the peace officers' job to keep order in these towns. Although many were honorable and heroic individuals, some found themselves on both sides of the law at different times in their lives. Learn more about some of these Kansas lawmen.

Brooks, William L. "Billy"

Brown, Henry

Earp, Wyatt

Hickok, James B. "Wild Bill"

Masterson, Edward J.

Masterson, William B. "Bat"

Mather, David "Mysterious Dave"

Meagher, Mike and John

Smith, Thomas J. "Bear River"

Sughrue, Patrick F. and Michael

Tilghman, William M.

Entry: Old West Lawmen

Author: Kansas Historical Society

Author information: The Kansas Historical Society is a state agency charged with actively safeguarding and sharing the state's history.

Date Created: July 2010

Date Modified: July 2017

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