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Sallie Bluejacket

Sallie BluejacketSarah “Sallie” Bluejacket was born January 7, 1844, in Johnson County, Kansas Territory, to Charles Kal-we and Julia Ann Wah-nah-ta-the-qua Daugherty Bluejacket. Her father was a Shawnee chief, Baptist minister, and an interpreter. Sallie attended school at what is now Shawnee Indian Mission State Historic Site in Fairway.

Sallie was among the female students who were taught to sew, wash, and cook. Male students were taught skills to work a shop and on the farm.

She married Jonathan Gore on November 10, 1858. A lawyer, Gore served as Johnson County attorney. The family continued to live in Johnson County where they raised eight children. Around 1900 they moved to Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, now Oklahoma.

She died April 22, 1924, in Nowata, Oklahoma.


Sallie Bluejacket trading card

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