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Seaton Family

The Seaton media group now owns newspapers in five states plus radio stations.  The Seaton family involvement in newspapers begins in the early 19th century before they came to Kansas. In 1915 Fay Seaton, who had been an administrative assistant to U. S. Senator Joseph Bristow, bought the Manhattan Mercury. Through mergers and acquisitions Seaton expanded his business.

His sons, Fred and Richard, also became involved in newspapers with Fred moving to Nebraska and, through a number of interesting twists and turns, eventually becoming U. S. Secretary of the Interior.  Richard stayed in Kansas and headed the family media operations in Coffeyville and later had wider responsibilities.

Two of Richard’s sons, Edward and Dave, published Seaton papers; Edward the Manhattan Mercury and David settled into Winfield.  Both brothers are Harvard educated and have been involved in an amazing number of civic, educational and professional activities, even for newspapermen.  Edward’s son Ned is general manager of the Manhattan Mercury.  Dave’s son David Allen is working in the Winfield Publishing Company, and is publisher of the Arkansas City Traveler.

Entry: Seaton Family

Author: G. Joseph Pierron

Author information: Judge Pierron serves on the Kansas Court of Appeals and has an interest in Kansas history.

Date Created: May 2012

Date Modified: May 2012

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