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Kansapedia Topic: Architects

Barber, George Franklin
Braecklein, John George
Brinkman, Henry W.
Brostrom, Ernest O.
Carr, Erasmus T.
Curtiss, Louis S.
Davis, Seymour
Feth, William and Feth, Myron
Garlinghouse Company
Goff, Bruce Alonzo
Hadley, Herman, McClure
Haskell, John G.
Holland, James C.
Kansas State Capitol - Architecture
Kessler, George
Mann, Arthur and Robert
Marsh, James Barney
Peters, Nelle
Proudfoot, Willis & Bird, George
Radotinksy, Joseph
Rivard, Elizabeth Evans
Rivard, Elizabeth Evans
Ropes, George C.
Schmidt, Lorentz
Schuler, Don Buel
Squires, Charles
Squires, Frank C.
Washburn, George P.
Wight and Wight
Williamson, Thomas