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Bullfoot Creek Bridge

Picture of property 4 miles south and .9 miles east of Vesper
Vesper (Lincoln County)
Listed in National Register 1985-07-02

Architect: Not listed
Category: road-related
Thematic Nomination: Masonry Arch Bridges of Kansas

C.R. Building (Hundertmark Variety Store)

Picture of property 113 W Lincoln Ave
Lincoln (Lincoln County)
Listed in State Register 2019-11-16

Architect: Not listed
Category: commerce

The C.R. Building is a good example of a Progressive Era Commercial Style building, and represents Lincolns second phase of development in the 1910s-20s. The building, home to Hundertmarks Store, represents the steadfastness of local community leaders and businessmen who developed the City of Lincolns business district one building and business at a time.

Cross & Morgan General Store

Picture of property 406 S New York Ave
Sylvan Grove (Lincoln County)
Listed in State Register 2016-08-13

Architect: Unknown
Category: commerce

The Cross & Morgan General Store is the only extant resource from the original town of Sylvan Grove. Established in 1876, Sylvan Grove was best known for its flour mill, which was in business until 1886 when a disastrous Saline River flood destroyed it. The townspeople reestablished Sylvan Grove in its present location one quarter mile to the northeast in 1887 near the soon-to-be constructed Union Pacific Depot. For nearly ten years (circa 1877 to 1887), the Cross & Morgan General Store supported the residents of the early town.

Cummins Block Building

Picture of property 161 East Lincoln
Lincoln (Lincoln County)
Listed in National Register 2000-03-24

Architect: Not listed
Category: financial institution

Danske Evangelical Lutheran Church

Picture of property 4 miles north and 1 mile east of Sylvan Grove
Denmark vicinity (Lincoln County)
Listed in National Register 1991-09-12

Architect: Not listed
Category: religious facility

Evangelical Lutheran School

Picture of property 308 N Indiana St
Sylvan Grove (Lincoln County)
Listed in National Register 2015-10-02

Architect: C.A. Smith (Salina)
Category: church school

The Evangelical Lutheran School is located on the east edge of Sylvan Grove, directly north of the Bethlehem Lutheran Church. The two-and-a-half-story building reflects the Prairie School style of architecture and is constructed of native limestone, a common material in this area during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The school is associated with the early German Lutheran immigrants who settled in this area, following the efforts of Christ Kruse, a railroad man from Chicago known for as a community builder and founder of Lutheran churches. The 1913 school, designed by Salina architect C.A. Smith, replaced an earlier building at the same location. The parochial school operated every year except one between 1913 and 1981. At the start of the 1918-1919 school year, Lincoln County's Council of Defense closed the Evangelical Lutheran School due to anti-German hysteria during World War I.

Hildebrandt Petroglyph Site (14LC306)

Picture of property Address Restricted
Sylvan Grove (Lincoln County)
Listed in National Register 1982-07-09

Architect: Not applicable
Category: work of art
Thematic Nomination: Kansas Rock Art

This is one of 30 American Indian rock art sites located in the state of Kansas. The majority of the sites are located in four counties in the central part of the state. Smaller numbers are located in southeast and southwestern Kansas. These sites have examples of anthropomorphic figures and human-like forms, animals and animal-like forms, geometric designs, straight lines, and grooves. Several styles of anthropomorphic petroglyphs have been recognized. Previous analysis of a fraction of this rock art indicates it is the product of Indian tribes inhabiting Kansas during the protohistoric and historic periods of circa AD 1541 to AD 1870.

Jensen-Dahl House

Picture of property East Main Street
Denmark (Lincoln County)
Listed in State Register 1994-11-05

Architect: Not listed
Category: single dwelling

Kyne House

Picture of property 214 West Lincoln
Lincoln (Lincoln County)
Listed in State Register 1979-06-30

Architect: Not listed
Category: single dwelling

Lincoln Carnegie Library

Picture of property 203 South Third
Lincoln (Lincoln County)
Listed in National Register 1987-06-25

Architect: Smith, Charles A. (Salina)
Category: library
Thematic Nomination: Carnegie Libraries of Kansas

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