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Bedell Billings, Grace, Home

Picture of property 602 N Custer St
Delphos (Ottawa County)
Listed in State Register May 14, 2022

Architect: George Billings
Area of Significance: domestic
Architectural Style(s): Late 19th and 20th Century Revivals

The Billings home was built in 1880 by Billings’ husband, George Billings. The home is associated with Grace Bedell Billings is notable for having written President Abraham Lincoln as a little girl to ask him to grow his infamous beard so that he may win the 1860 Presidential Election. Her thought process was that women would think he was attractive and therefore would tease their democratic husbands into voting for Lincoln. The property in Delphos is not where the letter was written but instead is nominated because Billings lived in the home from 1880 until her death in 1936.

Minneapolis Archeological Site

Picture of property Address Restricted
Minneapolis (Ottawa County)
Listed in National Register Jun 2, 1972

Architect: Not listed
Area of Significance: archaeological site; village site

Petroglyph Site 14OT4

Picture of property Address Restricted
Minneapolis (Ottawa County)
Listed in National Register Jul 9, 1982

Architect: Not applicable
Area of Significance: work of art
Thematic Nomination: Kansas Rock Art

This is one of 30 American Indian rock art sites located in the state of Kansas. The majority of the sites are located in four counties in the central part of the state. Smaller numbers are located in southeast and southwestern Kansas. These sites have examples of anthropomorphic figures and human-like forms, animals and animal-like forms, geometric designs, straight lines, and grooves. Several styles of anthropomorphic petroglyphs have been recognized. Previous analysis of a fraction of this rock art indicates it is the product of Indian tribes inhabiting Kansas during the protohistoric and historic periods of circa AD 1541 to AD 1870.

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