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Hancock (12th Street) Historic District

Picture of property roughly along W. 12th St., from Oread Ave. to Mississippi St.
Lawrence (Douglas County)
Listed in National Register 2004-07-21

Architect: William Griffith
Category: domestic; single dwelling
Thematic Nomination: Historic Resources of Lawrence (2001)

Haskell Institute

Picture of property 23rd and Barker Avenue
Lawrence (Douglas County)
Listed in National Register 1966-10-15

National Historic Landmark, 7/4/1961

Architect: unknown
Category: school

Founded in 1884, Haskell Institute was one of the first large off-reservation boarding schools for Indian students established by the Federal government. With the exception of the Haskell Institute Cemetery, no structures remain from the earliest period of building and development extending from 1884 to 1894. There are five buildings, which date from the secondary period of expansion, between 1895 and 1915. The third period of development at the Institute extended from the 1920s until the mid 1930s. There are six structures, which date from this period and are thematically related to the school's historical development. Today, Haskell continues to serve the educational needs of American Indian and Alaska Native people from across the United States.

Henry, William, House

Picture of property 344 N 1925 Rd
Lecompton (Douglas County)
Listed in National Register 2019-09-30

Architect: Unknown
Category: domestic

The William Henry Residence, located at 344 N 1925 Road in Lecompton, Douglas County, Kansas, is eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places under Criterion C for architecture. Constructed in 1873, the building is an excellent local example of the National Folkstyle of architecture, which is classified as a Late 19th Century Style occurring between 1850-1930. The residence retains a high level of integrity on the exterior and interior, which portrays its original design and construction. Its period of significance begins in 1872-1890 to account for the early historic alterations that occurred. The building is well maintained and continues to portray its National Folkstyle design.

Holy Family Catholic Church

Picture of property 911 East Ninth Street
Eudora (Douglas County)
Listed in National Register 2020-10-02

Architect: Not listed
Category: religious facility

The Holy Family Catholic Church is an example of early religious architecture in Douglas County, Kansas and Gothic Revival style. Not only is Holy Family Church one of the oldest structures in the Eudora community, church records show it is the oldest Catholic church still standing in the state of Kansas and in use. This building is also associated with the settlement of Eudora, which was a farming community that began as a German town settlement. The church reflects the community through their continual donated labor and funds by church and community members.

House Building

Picture of property 729-731 Massachusetts
Lawrence (Douglas County)
Listed in State Register 2000-12-09

Architect: Josiah Miller
Category: restaurant; specialty store; post office; meeting hall

House, Edward, House

Picture of property 1646 Massachusetts Street
Lawrence (Douglas County)
Listed in National Register 2007-04-18

Architect: Not listed
Category: single dwelling

The Edward House House (c. 1894) is significant as an example of balloon-frame Free Classic Queen Anne residential architecture. The Queen Anne style became the dominant residential style in America from 1880 until 1910. Known for its asymmetry and rich surface textures, the style provided an opportunity for both high-style designers and vernacular builders to incorporate some or all elements of the Queen Anne in residential architecture. Queen Anne features on this house include a steep hipped roof with lower cross gables, tall narrow windows, and decorative eave brackets.

John Kelly Stone Building

Picture of property 777 N 1750 Rd
Lawrence (Douglas County)
Listed in State Register 2021-11-13

Architect: Not listed
Category: agricultural outbuilding; commerce

The John Kelly Stone building is located on a historic farmstead with several buildings, and historic Oregon-California trail ruts. It is a single-story limestone masonry structure with a side-gable roof. There is an attached wood-framed addition. The building was in severe disrepair as of 2013, and it went under a large reconstruction project. The building was taken down and reconstructed stone by stone with a historically compatible mortar with the help of expert stone masons and architecture students. Overall, the building is in good condition and retains its integrity and character-defining features like the native limestone and open roofing system.

Johnson Block Historic District

Picture of property East side of 800 block of Arkansas St. and West side of 800 Block of Missouri St.
Lawrence (Douglas County)
Listed in National Register 2019-03-14

Architect: Various
Category: domestic; secondary structure; single dwelling

The Johnson Block Historic District is a residential district in Lawrence located eleven blocks east of downtown and three blocks north of the University of Kansas. The district encompasses the east side of the 800 block of Arkansas and the west side of the 800 block of Missouri, including an alley between the two streets. It is a mix of residential property types outlined in Section F of the Multiple Property Document Form “Historic Resources of Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas.” The residences were built during the “A Quiet University Town, 1900-1945” period described in the MPDF. Located in Lane Place Addition, the residential development initiated by Victor Johnson, a prominent Lawrence businessman, is an example of the southern and western expansion of Lawrence.

Kansas Homestead of Thomas McQuill(i)an

Picture of property 1320 N 150 Rd
Baldwin City (Douglas County)
Listed in National Register 2021-06-28

Category: domestic; single dwelling
Thematic Nomination: Historic Agriculture Related Resources of Kansas

Kibbee Farmstead

Picture of property 1500 Haskell Avenue
Lawrence (Douglas County)
Listed in National Register 2013-04-16

Architect: unknown
Category: agricultural outbuilding; animal facility; single dwelling; storage
Thematic Nomination: Historic Agriculture Related Resources of Kansas

Walter and Fannie Kibbee developed a small 15-acre farmstead on the outskirts of Lawrence in the early 20th century. They raised small numbers of cattle, milk cows, poultry, and swine, produced butter and eggs for sale, and farmed a few acres in alfalfa and other crops. They sold the farm in 1920 to Conrad and Bertha Altenbernd, who farmed the property until 1947. The property was annexed by the City of Lawrence in 1959. Today, the collection of six farm buildings is now within the city limits amongst mid-20th century development. The buildings include a Dutch Colonial Revival-style residence, gable-roof barn, chicken house, outhouse, garage, and shed. The farmstead displays an abundant use of concrete, a popular building material on Kansas farmsteads in the 1910s. It was nominated as part of the Agriculture-Related Resources of Kansas multiple property nomination for its local significance in the areas of agriculture and architecture.

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