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United Building

Picture of property 300 North Cedar Street
Abilene (Dickinson County)
Listed in National Register 2001-05-25

Architect: Joe Murray
Category: business

U.S. Post Office

Picture of property 17 East Main Street
Herington (Dickinson County)
Listed in National Register 1989-10-17

Architect: Louis Simon, G.W. Stone, H. Louis Freund (artist)
Category: post office
Thematic Nomination: Kansas Post Offices with Artwork

Versteeg-Swisher House

Picture of property 506 South Campbell
Abilene (Dickinson County)
Listed in National Register 2005-03-23

Architect: Not listed
Category: single dwelling

Vine Street Historic District

Picture of property 301-415 N Vine Street & 808-810 NW 3rd Street
Abilene (Dickinson County)
Listed in National Register 2018-07-02

Architect: Unknown
Category: single dwelling

The Vine Street Historic District is located on the west bank of Mud Creek, six blocks west of the heart of downtown Abilene and perched on the northwest corner of the original 80-acre town site. The 11-acre district, which consists of 19 houses and their various outbuildings, is significant as a representation of a broad cross-section of the community that developed during key periods of Abilene's history, circa 1880 to circa 1920. Styles represented include Colonial Revival, Italianate, Prairie, Queen Anne, Craftsman, Italian Renaissance, and Folk. The Vine Street Historic District is a well-preserved product of the enterprise and enthusiasm that birthed Abilene.

Wheatland Farm Historic District

Picture of property 2291 2100 Ave.
Chapman vicinity (Dickinson County)
Listed in National Register 2004-01-28

Architect: William H. Hollinger
Category: single dwelling

William Henry & Minnie Liggett Residence

Picture of property 519 N D Street
Herington (Dickinson County)
Listed in State Register 2021-05-10

Architect: George F. Barber
Category: domestic; single dwelling

The William Henry Liggett residence, located in Herington, Dickinson County is locally significant as an excellent example of a Victorian Painted Lady in Dickinson County, Kansas. The home has been a fixture in the community since it was constructed in 1908. The original owner and builder, William Henry Liggett was a prominent businessman in Herington. He owned and operated the largest horse and mule barn from Herington, Kansas to the Colorado border. He also owned and operated the Liggett Hotel in Herington, Kansas.

Wilson Pratt Truss Bridge

Picture of property 2.9 miles W of Rain Rd on 3200 Ave
Chapman Vicinity (Dickinson County)
Listed in National Register 2009-01-22

Architect: Canton Bridge Company, Canton, Ohio
Category: road-related
Thematic Nomination: Metal Truss Bridges in Kansas

Built in 1904 by the Canton Bridge Company of Ohio, the Wilson Pratt Truss Bridge is the oldest bridge in Dickinson County. With its pin-connected structure, timber deck and abutments, and concrete-filled sheet metal piers, this structure represents a common bridge solution applied to a relatively long span. By the early 20th century the range of choices for bridge designs and companies was vast. Many of the larger bridge companies, such as the Canton Bridge Company, sold metal truss bridges through mail order catalogues. County commissioners - who often carried the burden of selecting bridge locations - could simply specify the span and clearance needs and then choose the lowest bidder from the numerous competing companies. The structure is nominated as part of the "Metal Truss Bridges of Kansas" Multiple Property Submission as an example of a Pratt truss bridge and for its association with early 20th century transportation.

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