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National and State Registers of Historic Places

Walters, Daniel and Maude, House

Picture of property 100 S Delaware Avenue
Manhattan (Riley County)
Listed in National Register Oct 17, 2012

Architect: Walters, Daniel (presumed)
Category: single dwelling
Thematic Nomination: Late 19th Century and Early 20th Century Residential Resources in Manhattan, KS

Completed in 1928, most likely from a design by the original owner, architect Daniel Walters, the dwelling reflects the continued popularity of the Craftsman style well into the late 1920s. The house represents the work of a skilled architect who modified a standard Craftsman bungalow by incorporating key features of the Tudor Revival style. At the time of its completion, Walters owned and operated Walters Sand Company and it is likely he oversaw the construction of the house. Additionally, three of Walters' brothers owned and operated various construction-related companies in Manhattan - Frank had a plumbing contracting company, Karl ran a lumber business, and B.K. operated a paving business - and it is likely they completed work on the house. The house and associated garage were built at what was then the west edge of the city limits, and illustrate the pattern of expansion of residential construction increasingly distant from downtown that took place in the 1920s as a result of economic and population growth, as well as widespread use of the automobile. It was nominated as part of the "Late Nineteenth Century and Early Twentieth Century Residential Resources in Manhattan, Kansas" multiple property nomination for its local significance in the areas of community planning and development and architecture.

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