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National and State Registers of Historic Places

Indian Mound

Picture of property 6 miles SW of Lakin, north side of N River Road
Lakin vicinity (Kearny County)
Listed in National Register Jul 17, 2013

Architect: N/A
Category: transportation
Thematic Nomination: Historic Resources of the Santa Fe Trail (Amended 2013)

Even before the Santa Fe Trail was established in 1821, this naturally-occurring rock formation was used as a way-finder by early traders and American Indians for nearby Chouteau's Island. The mound was visible for many miles and, in later years, could easily be seen from Lakin located four miles northeast. After the establishment of trade with Santa Fe, this mound was used to also denote the location of the Upper Arkansas River crossings; thus, this location marked the last major opportunity for travelers to choose between the Mountain or Cimarron routes of the Santa Fe Trail. The earliest written references to this "mound" can be found in the 1825 notes of surveyors George C. Sibley and Joseph C. Brown. The origin of the name "Indian Mound," however, is not known. It was nominated for its national significance in the areas of transportation and commerce.

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