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National and State Registers of Historic Places

Great Bend AAF Hangar

Picture of property 9047 N 6th St
Great Bend (Barton County)
Listed in National Register Oct 5, 2015

Architect: US Army Corps of Engineers
Category: military facility
Thematic Nomination: World War II-Era Aviation-Related Resources of Kansas

The Great Bend Army Air Field (AAF) hangar is directly associated with the federal government’s wartime aviation operations from 1939 to 1945. Constructed in 1942-1943, the concrete, wood, and metal squadron hangar was designed by the Army Corps of Engineers for the maintenance and modification of aircraft as part of a national defense strategy that placed air fields in south central and southwest Kansas. The well-preserved hangar is the oldest remaining resource from Great Bend’s World War II air field and is therefore nominated as part of the World War II-Era Aviation-Related Facilities of Kansas multiple property nomination.

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