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National and State Registers of Historic Places

Cottonwood Falls Grade School

Picture of property 401 Maple Street
Cottonwood Falls (Chase County)
Listed in National Register 2021-06-28

Architect: J. D. Walters
Category: school; education related
Thematic Nomination: Historic Public Schools of Kansas

The Cottonwood Falls Grade School served as an elementary school for the town of Cottonwood Falls (population 900) for more than a century, from 1904-2010. The original building, completed in 1904, was an L-shaped massive limestone structure on the south side of the building. In 1915, an L-shaped addition was added to the north. In 1963, a large addition was built on the west for a gymnasium/auditorium, concessions area, cafeteria/kitchen, restrooms, classroom, and music room. The 1963 addition was connected to the original building via two covered walkways. In the 1990s, an elevator was added to the 1915 part of the building. A small addition was added to the building’s west end to provide ADA accessibility to the original building and the 1963 gymnasium addition, and a new kindergarten room.

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